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Fandom Kyoku's Private School for Stand Users (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure School RP)

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Action, Anime, Magical


bruh moment
Located in the countryside between Morioh, Japan, and Rabbit Hill, Japan, and overlooking a beautiful beach, the private school founded and funded by the Speedwagon Foundation provides… more suited education for those who seem different than others. Starting at age 5, children will attend until they have graduated around the age of 19. During this time, children will receive normal education for half of the day, while the other half consists of professionally trained staff assisting the children on how to control their special Stand abilities.
The school is funded by the Speedwagon Foundation under the Supernatural Research Department. They provide food, supplies, and pay for the employees and staff for the school upkeep. While teaching the children how to control their Stands, the Speedwagon Foundation also collects information on Stands that have arrived with the newer generations.
So far, the school has accumulated somewhere between 40-50 attendees in its first year, and school hasn't even started yet. Its first year will be in April of 2000, which is very soon.

The Speedwagon Foundation has generously provided dormitories for students to live in during their attendance in the Private School for Gifted Children. Although living in them demands rent, it is more convenient than living in Morioh or Rabbit Hill and having to ride the bus or drive to school every morning. To take residency in a dormitory, you must be 16 years or older and have some way to pay rent, whether that be from your parents or your own job.

Hello everyone, and welcome to Kyoku Kawashima's School for Gifted Children! This is a roleplay based in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Universe. Basically, players will take the role of either teachers, students, or both, and attend school in hopes to learn to use their Stands while also receiving a normal education. Here are some facts about the school:
  • Kyoku Kawashima is the principal, although Joseph Joestar was the first to propose the idea. The Speedwagon Foundation built and founded the school, and Kyoku was nominated principal by Joseph.
  • The school has something of a plaza area outside where people meet up after school and clubs meet during the weekends. Most non-school related activities are recommended to take place here.
  • There is a dress code, albeit not as strict as other schools. A simple formal outfit will do, such as a white button-up shirt and black pants.
  • From 9:30-1:00 are morning classes, 1:00-1:30 is lunch, and 1:35-4:30 are afternoon classes.
  • Morioh is like a 40 minute drive, while Rabbit Hill is around 20 minutes away.
The rules are pretty simple.
I expect no sexual or erotic scenes or anything like that. Although romance is allowed, keep in mind this is a school, and mind the (age) gap between characters. We don't want to make things weird.
No harassing other players or anything like that. In character is one thing, but I won't tolerate bullies in OOC.
Be as active as you can. I understand if something is going on in your life, so just let me know and I'll get something worked out, don't just vanish.
Don't Godmod. We all want our characters to be strong, but don't be extremely overpowered to the point no one can stand up to you.
Last but not least, I don't really have any sort of defined literacy level in mind. I advise staying above one-liners, but sometimes there's really not much else you could do. Just put as much thought as you possibly can into your posts, and I'll be happy.
I ask that nobody's characters live in Morioh, so we can all stay in sort of one area. Just Rabbit Hill and the dormitories, please!
Also, characters should stay above 14 years old.

Characters we need to start:
  • At least 2 teachers, one for normal education and one for Stand teaching.
That's pretty much it for now.

Reply to this or message me for any questions or interest. We will be using a Discord server for this. Although it's not required, it is recommended to join, as it's where we will be discussing the rp.

Unfortunate. Unfortunate. , Nori Nori


The Flowiest on site
I'd like to join the discord. I understand a school is a decent setting as it provides a structure for the narrative and somewhat forces player interaction but would we be dealing with every arc on campus?
Or would a few of us be playing enemy stand users for the rest of us to discover etc


bruh moment
I was thinking that for the first bit, we focus on student vs student conflicts as the school is just opening and people are just starting to settle in, but later on introducing outside forces would be a good thing. I'd like to stray as far away from Morioh as possible as their story is pretty much over, which is why I introduced Rabbit Hill. Most of the conflict would be on campus for now, but then again, there's always Rabbit Hill.

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