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Fandom Kuroko no Basket RP? (CanonxOC/Doubling)

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Hi everyone, I'm Kanna! It's been a while but I just recently watched Last Game and now I have tons of feels have an extreme craving for a KnB roleplay. This thread lists any and all types of pairings- MxM, MxF, and FxF. MxF is usually my preference but I'll do anything. ^^ This thread also lists both canonxcanon and canonxoc pairings. For canonxoc pairings, I'd be willing to double, as long as I feel I can pull off the character you'd like me to play!

We can definitely work together to think of a plot, and it can definitely be a bit AU-ish in the sense that it doesn't have to focus on basketball all the time.

Just a few rules:
- I prefer to roleplay via PM only.
- I love detailed posts, but quality > quantity.
- My posts range around 2 paragraphs per character?
- Not too strict on grammar or mistakes, as long as it's still readable!
- I try to reply everyday, but can be slow at times. Please be patient!
- I'm ditch friendly! I fully understand things happen.
- No need to be perfect with character portrayals. Let's just do our best~
- I can play NPCs/side characters if and when needed.
- Most of all, let's just have fun together!

Italics = my preferred role
Striked out = no longer searching
Red text = really craving!

Midorima x OC
Kise x OC
Momoi x Aomine
Aomine x Sakurai
Aomine x Kagami
Aomine x Kise

Wakamatsu x Sakurai
x Momoi

Momoi x Riko
Riko x Teppei

Momoi x Kuroko
Kagami x Kuroko
Aomine x Kuroko
Kagami x Kuroko x Aomine
Midorima x Takao
Hyuga x Riko

Kagami x Himuro
Himuro x Murasakibara
Hyuga x Teppei
Kise x Kuroko
Akashi x Mayuzumi
x Ogiwara

Akashi x Midorima

Please just pm me if interested and we can discuss more/work something out! Thank you all!
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Kris; 00’ Liner
I would like to do this RP with you. But I can’t really decide with Aomine x Momoi, Sakurai x Momoi, or Akashi x Mayuzumi. Though personally I think Sakurai x Momoi would be super cute, so I’d like to try it!


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Hey, so sorry for the delay!!

I'll be happy to do any of those with you (and I'd definitely love to try Sakurai x Momoi too) so send me a PM and we can discuss if you're still interested! :D


Chronically Stressed Out
Hello there!

I would be down to do a canonxoc doubling to with you! I haven't watched the anime in a while though and I haven't gotten to watch the movies either, but I'm pretty sure I can pull the characters off. :)

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