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Fantasy Kpop Vampire Prince concept anyone?

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Suitcliff Ohara

Starlight Suitcliff Ohara

To my little slice of the world we call Roleplay; Now I am sure some of you have probably seen me around a little before. I have been a part of this wonderfully charming little site for a few years now I admit. I've been at the game we call roleplay for about- I want to say somewhere around 8+ years quite possibly more. Now, on this particular time I am on the hunt for something rather- specific. Though first we of course must go over the rules and such; such fun right? haha I promise though it won't take too long ;)

1.The basic stuff applies of course; No GM, pp, etc etc; Common sense stuff if you will. Respect my rules and limits and I will do the same for you.

2. Limits; Truth is I have none, I can be very open minded about trying out anything. I have a few; ahem triggers as they call it but we can discuss this beforehand and as I said before, you respect mine and vice versa. This is suppose to be fun for /BOTH/ of us right?

3. This is less of a rule more of a fair warning; My pairing is and will probably always be Hetero; M/f. Now that's not to say I have any kind of trouble with you having any 'other' pairing; F/f, M/m, Trans, bi, whathaveyou. Just- know I am not the most experienced in most of them so it may be a bit of a learning curve. I am also VERY open to poly-ships; M/f/m, or the likes; and honestly have found these to be quite a bit of fun. Ergo, I would not be against this being an option for my pairing or yours; but let's at least keep it fair if we do go this route okay?

4. Please for the love of every saint there is- DONT ghost me; if your not interested or think we clash in the way of writing styles just tell me! Who knows, maybe we can find a new path to take, or- something; if we have to just straight up part ways I am a big girl, I can handle it......

See? That wasn't so tough was it? Though I would prefer just to make sure you /read/ these rules you tell me your favorite song from the Kpop group your requesting~

Now; onto the fun part; the actual Idea!!!!!!!

Groups I am looking for/Bias'
BTS {Jimin}
Shinee {Taemin}
Vixx {Leo}
For your Pairing I am willing to do a bit of research and try just about anyone~

Now; this is kind of more of a basic as heck concept at the moment but I am sure we can add to it and build on it as we progress in the story. Also; BIG time kudos and alot of thanks go to CardlinAudio for inspiring this. If you haven't looked at his work on youtube PLEASE check him out

The most basic way to put this is it goes one of two ways; Our two OCs or whoever it is you wish to pair with your Kpop bias are princes {Maybe Vampires/Wolves/etc} and are confident, charming, smooth talkers, most likely also possessive -cough- . Probably use to getting exactly what they want; now they either see us at a party/ball/whathaveyou or we are given to them as 'gifts' from a neighboring kingdom looking for a peace treaty or help in a war going on for them. We are- somewhat reluctant -or not- but they win us over...

Now I am fully aware this is as- basic as you can get but we can definetly build off of this and add to it- I have an OC in mind already for this and will add her soon~

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