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Nahm Namil


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Name: Nahm Namil

Nickname: Nana

Stage Name: Hero

Birthday: January 7

Age: 18

Languages: Korean

Ethnicity: Korean

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Desired Role: Singer and dancer. He has an extremely high and (In his opinion) embarrassing voice. He can't hardly stand singing and tries to keep the spotlight on his dancing. He wanted to be a backup dancer but his mother pressured him into singing as well.

Personality: His personality seems to change with the day! At one time he might be quiet and bashful acting, and at another he might be completely outgoing and bouncing off the walls! There is no controlling this kid, and no predicting what he's going to do. He loves to cause mischief with the other members and pull pranks, but then again he loves them and no one is more considerate and caring than Nana. He cries when his friends cry, and goes out of his way to comfort those who are hurt. If you need someone to talk to, he's a good person to go to. At the same time he is a lot of fun and usually willing to go get into trouble if you ask. He is also extremely bashful when it comes to flirting and being touched, and has an awful blush that is impossible to hide. He also tends to stutter when someone starts making him nervous.

Likes: Candy, coffee, anything sweet, soccer, dancing, learning new things, pranking, dressing up for concerts, meeting fans.

Dislikes: People calling him short, being stared at, singing in front of people, his voice (even speaking) because it's so high, his own laugh (squeaky), things that move quickly (Roller coasters, cars, etc.), heights, snakes, clowns.

Strengths: He is very strong and supportive emotionally, and clever at tricking people. An excellent dancer, with a wonderful personality.

Weaknesses: Stage fright when it comes to singing, not the most physically strong person, not willing to face fears.

Short Bio: Namil grew up with two loving and supportive parents. His childhood is a bit of a fairytale. Being an only child meant he always got what he wanted, and he was certainly spoiled by both parents. They allowed him to take dancing lessons at a young age and he instantly excelled. He went to a school of arts to pursue a career in dancing for an entertainment company, and ended up auditioning. However, his mother encouraged him to try out for singing as well, and he was instantly snatched up, much to his surprise. Despite this he is still shy, and often gets homesick thinking of his mom and dad whom gave him the world. However, he is determined to excel to make them proud of him, no matter what it takes.

Picture (Or description): *Realistic* 5'8
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Name: Rhydian Kwon/Kwon Soohyeon

Stage Name: Rhydian

Age: 21 (DOB: June 10th, 1997)

Gender: Male

Languages: Korean, English, some French and some Japanese

Ethnicity: Biracial (half Asian, half Caucasian)

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Desired Role: Dancer, visual

Personality: Very hard working and serious when it comes to work and might even seem a little scary when in choreographer mode - always the first person to start practicing and the last one to go home -, but a real cutie once you get to know him. Sometimes behaves like a parent on instinct because he's an older brother (he babies his little sister a lot) and can sometimes sense when someone isn't feeling well, he even says that's his superpower. Virtually nothing ever bothers him, or at least that's what he likes to believe.
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Likes: Dancing, singing, music (listens to pretty much everything, from 80's synth pop to lo-fi, from indie rock to alt rock and symphonic metal), drawing, sweets, fruity alcoholic drinks, spending quality time with his loved ones, cuddling and holding hands, animals, flowers, game shows, cartoons/anime, videogames, comics, books, movies, memes and silly jokes, make-up.

Dislikes: Spicy food, shrimp, sports that have a ball being thrown around, being ignored or underestimated, being interrupted, lies, people who can't do their part of the job, people who hide things from him, being wrong.

Strengths: Artistic skills, kindness, empathy, perfectionism, dedication.

Weaknesses: Taking things too seriously, not knowing when to let go, perfectionism, rap.

Short Bio: Rhydian's mother was born in Busan and his father was born in Ottawa. They started to live in Canada after getting married, which essentially means their children got the best of both worlds. He's always been a very artistic person, so his parents made sure he had the opportunity to work on his potential. He took up ballet, jazz and hip hop at first, and after a few years decided he wanted to be a singer as well. Rhydian fell in love with K-Pop when he was 12 and decided to audition only a few months later, but he didn't feel ready yet; he wanted to show up and offer his best, and that meant waiting and working hard until he felt confident enough to try. He ended up becoming a trainee at 17, and to this day he stll won't stop working until everything is perfect.

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Name: Ahn Katelyn

Stage Name: Kate

Age: 20

Languages: English, Korean, Chinese, (Basic) Japanese

Ethnicity: Asian American

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Desired Role: Lead Rapper, Visual

Personality: Hot-tempered, Impulsive, Funny, Overprotective, Kind

Likes: Pancakes, Traveling, Working Out, Sleeping, Rapping, Composing

Dislikes: Being in one place for too long, Drinking, Smoking

Strengths: Quick Thinking, Good Heart, Loving Spirit

Weaknesses: Impulsive, Too protective of most people, Gets mad easy

Short Bio: Growing up, Kate started out with American parents. Struggling to come to terms with her adoption, Kate would run off and hide at different people's houses. Sometimes her parents would try and find her but it was no use. She is a great kid, just scared of the fact she didnt know her real parents. Finally after a couple years she started coming to terms with it, and started rapping as a hobby at a local studio. She was 15 at the time, but she never felt so alive than when she would spit fire into the mic and she was good. Good enough to get spotted and accepted right on her first day of high school and she trained so hard. Hard enough to get her selected for a group. She is incredibly excited for this chance to see where it will take her life.

Picture (Or description):
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Name: Moon Sanghwa (Maria Moon)

Stage Name: Mari

Age: 19 (born December 7, 1998)

Languages: Korean, English

Ethnicity: Korean-American

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Desired Role: Vocalist

Personality: Sanghwa is quite reserved when it first comes to meeting her. On the other hand, when she finally warms up to others, she never shuts up. She likes to make fun of the others (in a joking way) and always tries to find silver linings, never taking things too seriously until they need to be. She does have an attitude when she's angry that can lead to trouble when she says something she doesn't mean to. She has determination and ambition to do her best, especially in the k-pop industry. She's a naturally curious person, but her curiosity leads to weird and dumb impulsive things. Sanghwa is particularly clumsy and scared easily.

Likes: singing, running, candles, animals (rabbits and cats in particular), fizzy drinks, video games, coconut, fashion, adrenaline rushes

Dislikes: bugs, people who make her feel dumb or not important, people who chew loudly, anything that is horror-themed

Strengths: Chooses to see the bright side of things and joking with others, her determination, quick thinking

Weaknesses: bottling feelings up, dancing, can get frustrated quickly, has a need to be the best when it comes to being an idol

Short Bio: Sanghwa was born in America to her Korean father and her American mother. She was the youngest of four siblings. While her father tried to incorporate aspects of Korean culture into their lifestyles, it was hard to feel close to that part of her culture while living in America. One thing that she and her siblings bonded over was k-pop, and for that reason she begged her parents to let her audition for any company she could. Her parents were rather strict (protective) with their children and it was a battle to make them agree. When their resolve finally broke, Sanghwa auditioned for a particular company when she was 14 and managed to make it in as a trainee.

Picture (Or description): *Realistic*


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  • Name: Chae Kyung-rae
    Stage Name: Rae
    Nickname(s): Rae, Rain
    Age: Eighteen
    Birthday: January 7th
    Languages: Korean, English
    Ethnicity: Korean, American
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (leans to men)
    Desired Role: Rapper, Dancer, Maknae
    Extra (Facts):
    ~ trained for four years
    ~ has anxiety (gets anxiety attacks)
    ~ role models are Bruno Mars, BTS, and Blackpink
    ~ loves playing sports (for fun)
    ~ has small hands and feet
    ~ mottos: "hakuna matata" ; "only rainbows after rain, the sun will come out again." ; life's just a journey, drop your worries."

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Yoo Jin Woo


Basic Information
Name: Yoo Jin Woo
Hangul: 유 진우
Nicknames/Alias: Jinwoo, Yoo-Woo
Korean Age:21(+)
Date of Birth: September 2nd
Ethnicity: Korean/Japanese
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Medical Conditions: Insomnia
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Blood Type: A


Appearance Information
Hair Color: Dark brown, close to black.
Hairstyle/Length: A bit longer for a male, wavy.
Eye Color: Toffee brown.
Glasses: Reading.
Skin Tone: Ivory.
Facial Structure: Jinwoo has a small heart shaped face with full lips and sharp eyes-along with a sharp jawline.
Body Structure: slim.
Height: 178 cms
Weight: 42 kg

Psychological Information
Yoo Jinwoo was an average boy growing up. He was perceived well by his peers and also adults, mostly due to him doing well in school and being rather cute. He fell in love with performing as a young boy, dancing to Super Junior, Big Bang and Shinhwa mainly before he began to write his own songs and music. [IMG='width:412px;']https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/Dewe1lHq-4nadkl5dcnZXTK3sQdWfOU4uMXI4YsZnLQShXDeJMP-kmzS6kvNlRbC4ypmaf20WxpH4wo_yZigNpxKAfHTUMUEtz1BRiUpovzD0zTA1EMdw4ee-UD1o4HsptKfCI2C[/IMG]

As time passed, and Jinwoo became an adult, the male dabbled in getting tattoos, as many young adults do. Apparently, the way it felt when an artist was etching the ink became almost therapeutic for him. And then, Jinwoo got more, enjoying his body becoming a canvas.

Jinwoo has almost always dated women, though he found that during college, dating men was just as fun. He found that guys had more in common with him and they never shied away nervously when he showed a bit more skin or in his case, a bit more ink.

Despite the looks the male receives because of his tattoos, Jinwoo is a kind and generous person. He likes to help those who need it. He’s really just a big softy with a tough outer shell. He also preferred to be in a playful setting rather than a serious one.

Jinwoo began training since he was sixteen. When he was eighteen, he had the chance to debut as a duo with another idol named Hyun Woo, though there had been an issue with Hyun Woo and when his contract was terminated, Jinwoo continued to train and hone his skills. Finally at age twenty-one, the male was able to debut and even use his own songs too!

Likes: Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Dancing, Cooking, Piano, Tattoos, Singing, Music, His freckles, Learning how to play new instruments, Jokes and Puns.
Dislikes: Being looked down on, Peppers, Spiders.
Fears: Uncertainty, Failure, The idea of not meeting expectations.
Occupation: Idol|Lead Rapper|Main Dancer|Singer
Rivals: No true rivals.

Biological Information
Birthplace: Gwangju, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
Current Location: Seocho, Seoul, South Korea
Languages: Korean, Japanese and minimal English
Mother- Yukuhara Misaki
Father-Yoo Kyung Jae
Face Claim: Kim Min Sung

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Name: Pom Min-jun

Stage Name: Minjun

Age: 20

Languages: Korean and a slight amount of English (very rusty English, mind you)

Ethnicity: South Korean

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Desired Role: Min doubles both as a dancer and a singer

Personality: Shy, withdrawn and very timid. Minjun dislikes being loud and having a lot of attention drawn towards him, though doesn't seem to mind attention when he's onstage for some reason. He's very outgoing with friends however.

Likes: Pastels, aesthetics, soft colours, horses, videogames, pepsi/lemonade, sweet food, music, singing, sleeping and relaxation

Dislikes: Needles, spiders, the ocean, closed spaces, strangers

Strengths: Has a soft voice that can reach higher pitches easily and faultlessly

Weaknesses: Very frail figure meaning he's physically weak, bad at any physical activity requiring an extended amount period of activity (10+ minutes tires him out- pushes himself during dancing practice tho), struggles with mathematics and suffers from social awkwardness with new people, also completely avoids anyone that he knows hates him/he hates and makes no attempt to recover the relationship (doesn't apply to friends)

Short Bio: Pom Min-jun is a very quiet and withdrawn character, often finding himself scampering away from places with people he doesn't know or get along well with. Min lived a very busy life in his early years having been raised in Seoul. Though a very timid character in front of people in most scenarios, for whatever reason Min is completely capable of standing on a stage to dance and sing for anyone who'd listen- an anomaly to Min to this day. Min is also a short lad, his height reaching just about 5'4.

Picture (Or description):
( One day i'll draw him but until then im literally going to use pics of blonde jaejoong ;; )
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  • Name: Daiki Hayashi

    Nickname: Dai or KiKi

    Stage Name: Daiki

    Age: 21

    Languages: Japanese, Korean.

    Ethnicity: Japanese

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Desired Role: Rapper


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Name: Lauren Hayashi

Stage Name: MOMO

Age: 19

Languages: Japanese, English, Korean (Learning)

Ethnicity: Japanese/American

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Desired Role: Dancer, Vocals, Sub-Rapper

Personality: If you don't know Lauren, she won't speak to you, but if you do, you know she is pretty much hell glazed over. She will annoy you in the sweetest ways possible and love you even more so. She is very much a pandora's box. She loves to tease and be very clingy to her older cousin Daiki aka "Baby Strawberry" who even if she annoys the total crap out of him, she really does love him. Hates to be called "Princess Peach" by Daiki

Likes: Women, Magazines, Fashion, Modeling, Dancing, Movies

Dislikes: Sweet Foods, Tomatos, Green, Yellow

Strengths: Strong voice, works out regularly, toned body

Weaknesses: Rebellious at times, tends to wander alot

Short Bio: Growing up, her father and mother worked very odd hours, so since she practically lived with her Uncle and Aunt and her cousin Daiki, who introduced her to the art of Music and J-pop. That influence didn't last long as she moved onto modeling and other odd interests like animation. She later returned to K-pop instead when she saw Daiki leave for Korea. Moving around with her parents was particularly hard because of settling down. She couldn't figure out what she wanted in life until she turned 18 and graduated from High school and got accepted to Seoul Preforming Arts University and Star Entertainment at the same time. She loved training, studying, and now, she was ready to see her Baby Strawberry because she was joining the same group as him.

Picture (Or description): *Realistic*
Name: Somun Kang-Dae

Stage Name: Sunshine

Age: 23

Languages: English, Korean

Ethnicity: South Korean

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Desired Role: Singer

Personality: Happy-go-lucky, optimistic, helpful, friendly

Likes: Fruit, Singing, Songwriting, Hanging out with friends

Dislikes: Spiders, Thunder, Failing

Strengths: Able to encourage friends, helpful, good sense of humor

Weaknesses: Gets sad easily, forgetful, short temper

Short Bio: Kang-Dae is a really sweet guy who likes to joke around and hang with friends. He grew up in Busan, South Korea and still lives there. His favorite fruit is peaches and his favorite hobbies are singing and writing songs.

Picture: korean-boy-haircut-styles-best-of-korean-boy-hairstyles-2017-the-with-hair-style-korean-boys-2...jpg


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  • Name: Chan Hua Yi

    Stage Name: Hwayi

    Age: 20

    Languages: Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese

    Ethnicity: Chinese-born Korean

    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

    Desired Role: Main rapper, sub vocals

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  • Name: Chan Hua Yi

    Stage Name: Hwayi

    Age: 21

    Languages: Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese

    Ethnicity: Chinese-born Korean

    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

    Desired Role: Main rapper, sub vocals

Hey! We've already started the RP so if you join it will take a bit of reading but I would love to have you!
Name: Choi Mayumi

Stage Name: Maya

Age: 18

Languages: Korean, Japanese, Conversational English

Ethnicity: Korean-Japanese

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Desired Role: Dancer, Visual

Personality: Failure has never been apart of Mayumi's vocabulary, from a young age she had always been a self assured girl who had always believed in herself first. She had always been the type of girl who if she had already put her mind to something she nothing else would be able to change it. She loves the spotlight and the attention that she gathers, she is a very charismatic person and is very talkative and outgoing to anyone she meets. She often makes an effort to be a strong voice in the room and often wont take no for an answer. She is very calm under pressure and tries not to let herself get upset or too worked up.

Likes: Complicated choreography, classical dance, horror movies, beaches, ballet, video games

Dislikes: Sour foods, Snakes, cooking, needles, rollercosters, hospitals, writing

Strengths: Quick learner, Makes friends easily, work focused,

Weaknesses: Accepting criticism, she feels shes not a strong enough singer, accepting when she's wrong, stubborn

Short Bio:
Mayumi was born in Osaka, Japan to Japanese mother and Korean father. Mayumi has a twin brother and since birth they there were large expectations for the pair to be successful in life. This mostly stemmed from the fact that her mother was a university professor and her father was a surgeon. Her parents hoped that their children would continue into there professions and this manifested their children being signed up for classes they believed would better prepare their children for success. At the age of 3 Mayumi had begun ballet and started taking hip hop dance classes at 10. Over the years of dancing she had fallen completely in love. She could never explain the feeling she had when she was on the stage, but all she knew was that never wanted that feeling to leave. Through her friends in her dance class she had discovered another love for K-pop and J-pop and at the age of 15 she had the wonderful idea of marrying both of her loves and become an idol.

The age of 15 wasn't the first she had thought about becoming an idol, she had first toyed with the idea when she was 12 but wanted to wait until she felt she was a strong enough dancer and better singer. When she was 15 she finally got up the courage to talk to her parents about becoming an idol and she was shot down by her parents (namely her father) the second the talk began. It basically devolved into a discussion of how she should focus more on her studies and getting into a good college then being an idol and dancing. To even further dissuade her, she was later pulled out of both her dance classes about a month later. This hurt but at the same time is made Mayumi even more stubborn about following her dream, so she practiced harder and longer when her parents weren't home. She was going to show them she could do it and wasnt going to her father's "no" as final. So one day when she was 16 she found out about a talent search that Starr Entertainment was conducting not to far from Osaka and dragged her brother with her and snuck and auditioned.

A month later she found out she had been accepted into the trainee program and she was overjoyed. However, when her parents found out she had gone behind their back they were livid and her acceptance caused an argument that night. She more upset that even after she got accepted into the trainee program her parents were still not accepting of what she wanted to do, eventually the argument got so heated that her father gave her an ultimatum and told her that she could give up this crazy fantasy of hers or she could leave within a week. Mayumi was so upset that she did what she wanted to do and called her grandparents in Korea and left after they sent her a plane ticket. Her grandparents werent too crazy about the idea but decided she had already gotten accepted so why not let her try and become a trainee.

Picture (Or description): *Realistic*

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