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The King of Kings
Hello, friend! My name is Konsui and I am writing this to hopefully find some new writing partners! I recently disappeared from the site do to a lot of stress, depression, and other things that were out of my control. With my motivation to create back in place, I am back and ready to write again! I will give a little bit of a run down on the layout I am about to write out (Mostly for my own sake) then the main search information will start!
First, I am going to introduce myself. Basic information I feel my partners should know about me.
Next, I am going to layout the basics of what I am looking for in a partner.
Than, I am going to give a brief explanation of what I am looking forward to writing.
Lastly, I will also add a couple small writing examples to give you an idea of how I write. I'll explain why shortly.
With that I am going to begin writing this all out! If you have any questions afterwards, please message me personally and I will answer everything the best I can.
||Note: Please message me personally if you are interested! I wish to hopefully edit this later and reuse it!||

Hello. My Name is...Konsui!
☽ The name is Konsui. Feel free to use any nicknames you can think of! I will accept and love them all!
☽ I am male and prefer he/him/they/them pronouns. Saying that, I tend to lean towards male roles over female!
☽ I am 23 years old.

☽ I am very laid back and very understanding to an almost unhealthy point.
☽ I live in the United States, my time zone is EST.
☽ I am a nightowl so I am roughly always on around 11:00 P.M. EST to 3:00 A.M. EST.
☽ Ghost Friendly because I know how things get sometimes and you can't help it.

☽ I mostly enjoy MxF pairing, with a few acceptations. Those will have to be talked over between my partner, however.
☽ I write to match my partner. At least...I try. I will at least always do a paragraph or two. Nothing less then that.
☽ OOC is something I enjoy a lot! I love making new friends and talking more and more about the stories as we write!
☽ I do like making character sheets with face claims. It makes it easier on my and my smol brain.

It is an Honor to Meet You!
☆ Let me know a head of time if there is a name you rather be called then your username! I tend to use names a lot!
☆ Your gender does not matter to me! You be you and you rock it!
☆ I would prefer my partner to be 18+ in age.
☆ I would like to have someone that is active around the same time I am!
☆ Ghost friendly please. My life is not perfect and sometimes I disappear and when I get back I might not have the same motivations I did when we started.
☆ Please have decent grammar and write more then a few sentences. I love detail and enjoy knowing even the smallest details.

☆ OOC is not a must, but I would love to make a new friend along our writing journey!
☆ Please enjoy yourself while we write.

Here is What I Have in Mind...
As of this moment, I am currently looking for some romantic slice of life stories with angst, drama, and a bit of violence. I am not a sweetheart, I enjoy putting my characters through pain and stress. The more angst and drama there is, the better! This may be what I am looking for, but that does not mean I am not open for suggestions and what others have in mind! I am always open minded and ready to see what you have in mind!
This thread is to find someone to create a whole new story with. If you have a pairing, plot, or anything in mind you thing will work well between us, please share it!
All the sub-genres listed are other things I am interested in as well! Please take a look there too!

Edit Sun, Dec 19, 2021:

Suddenly got an urge to do some classic zombie apocalypse. I currently don't have a set plot that I want to run with, but I have a few plot points that could be interesting.

Going to add fandoms that I am currently into here! This list will change a lot as things come and go from my interests and motivations.
MHA(Open to any plot suggestions and pairings)
Skyrim(Open to any plot suggestions and pairings)
Final Fantasy 15(Open to any plot suggestions and pairings)
Naruto(Open to any plot suggestions and pairings)
Boruto(Open to any plot suggestions and pairings)
Overwatch(Open to any plot suggestions and pairings, do also have a plot idea of my own)

This is What I Can Do...
As the door to the dorm room opened moments after these spiraling thoughts hit his head, Kalon regretted everything he had just thought. There in the doorway sat the one person he thought he had lost all ties to, Bridgette. At first, he was taken aback to see her standing in the doorway to realize she seemed to think she had the wrong room. As if life hadn’t played worse tricks on him before, Kalon was sure things would not go well in this meeting. He knew he looked worse then he had before, he wasn’t the same guy he had been.

Before he could get a word out, not even sure he was actually going to say anything at all, the softest “I’m so sorry” reached his ears. Once those words left Bridgette’s mouth, Kalon turned his full attention to her. His green eyes were large and he wasn’t sure whether to be mad or comforting in this moment. The whole situation just got more and more frustrating for Kalon as the iron smell of blood reached his nose. It was coming from Bridgette.
The time struck 9:00 A.M. and the halls seemed to empty out quickly afterwards. A few people were left walking to class in a hurry, but not Leo. As much as his grades mattered to stay on his scholarship, he didn’t think it mattered much if he was late. Once he had found a place away from everyone else, he sat down and to this point refused to move. Their professor could wait for him if they really wanted him to. There was not much in this world Leo didn’t already know. It went well with his ego and he knew that better than anyone else.

As Leo sat in the hall with his eyes closed, the sweetest smell hit his nose. The smell made him jerk up from his spot and look down the hall on either side of him. Curious and excited to see the source of the scent, Leo jumps up from his seat and jogs down the hall. Once around the corner, his blue eyes could not have landed on anything prettier than the woman he saw. Red curls bounced around her face as she glanced down at a sheet in her hand and back up at the doors she passed.

Freshman? Leo thought to himself as he smirked and headed straight for the girl producing such an intoxicating scent. “Hey, gorgeous, you lost?” He asked as he got closer and stopped just in front of her.
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The King of Kings
Bump, Just added a fandom I have recently finished the anime for and wish to write about!


The King of Kings
Bump, Fixed and cleaned up the thread a bit. Added Fandoms and a main internist section

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