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Fantasy Kolan and The Guild Wars OOC

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Welcome to Kolan and the Guild Wars!




A Freckled Encounter

I apologize for my business over and after the holidays
now its time for some news and more!

The quest book point system has been updated!
Due to the fact each guild has only completed a single quest when i updated it I Changed the points to match.
This does put wolf guild at a further lead but There's always time to pull ahead raven guild!

The reason behind this updated system was that each rank only had about 50 points between them and I felt like it was a little off and just didn't seem quite right. It made it a little to even between the ranks and I wanted to show a bigger difference between each of the ranks like the B and C ranks. Now each quest rank has about 100 points in between each of them.

Alright! seems like we were on a hiatus there so roll call. I'll be doing this on discord too.
@PaulHaynek @Soma Schicksal @AI10100 @Damafaud @Fenris @Meraki @Maine Coon @Tsutarji @Mr Swiftshots @shadowz1995 @xxxtentacion @Roleplay Skittle @BluDaBaDee @Bulette @ken the knight

Who's all still here? Any body who does not respond here, or in the rp within a couple weeks, is out. I'll be posting reminders until people get sick of them hahah.


You've discovered my message! Hi!
Goal 1:
Keep this rp going. haha of course!

Goal 2:
Adding more quests regularly. I want to be adding more quests to the quest book soon and even more diverse quests.
I hope to have a coding update to the book as to how I mark things complete or taken.
And suggestions for quests are always open! Please put some in help me out

Goal 3:
Regular posting by me, and no more lollygagging. I like to give everyone a chance to post but I do think I keep things held back by waiting too long or letting certain scenes drag on too long. I do want to ask you guys to tell me if things feel boring or of something goes on too long. Feedback/Criticism from everyone is more than welcome so I can keep being a good GM for this wonderful rp and you amazing rpers!

Goal 4:
Lore! I still want to put up a little timeline of the history of Nera and even add blank spots that you guys can find out about later on certain quests. Also, I want to fill in that common phrases list xd

Goal 5:
Sometime this year I want to introduce a third IC thread for more, casual rp between both guilds. At one point I debated adding a third guild but it feels too soon within the role play. For now, I want to add a cannon area for cross guild interaction

Goal 6:
With the new thread, I have been thinking of adding a little more importance to the money system and have you guys actually be able to spend the rewards you get or trade items. This is just an idea right now and hopefully, I can flesh it out to something, workable.

Currently I'll be skipping home team in raven guild ahead to their quests and the away team will be finding them selves in, unpredictable waters here soon. Expect my post in a day or so.

I will warn everyone that the next semester is coming up in less than a week for me, I will be working on weekends too and this is my final semester, ever. I don't think I'll be pursuing any other or higher degrees after this So I will be working hard to keep up with classes and the rp here along with settling a few other issues I've got Irl now. I will do my best to post often, at the very least, once a week if not in the rp then with in the other threads to continue working on the goals I've set for myself here.

I will also be posting as Dura in Wolf guild soon. I hope everyone's ready to see what next with Glorycean Army over running the guild hall. If we all can post there soon I'm sure this will become an interesting turn of events.

I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays and are as excited to see where this goes as I am!​