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Fantasy Knights of the Damned In-Character chat

Corrina sighs, shaking her head. “Ah, I see. Well, perhaps we should meet with the man first. See what we can do. He can hardly be competent in protecting his people if he’s drunk out of his mind. Perhaps new leadership is in order.”
Bethethel Sunbreaker

"Ok, see you in a few." Bethethel said as he waved goodbye to Roxii. She wasn't very talkative was she. But he knew she had her reasons, everyone did. "Well I have to get my blade sharpened. And see what else the have that might interest me. You coming?" Bethethel asked Lucamore as he headed towards the blackSmith.

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The man was shocked, " Listen you kids seem like you can handle yourselves, but you don't want to go up against his bodyguards they're real monsters you wouldn't stand a chance nobody here can, that's why we have no choice but to obey his rule." he said pleading them not to throw their lives away, " He's in the bar just over there, just please try and talk to him civilly and maybe he'll hear you out but I don't think the other towns folk could bare to see another couple of people get hurt for no reason." Manus' flame coat flared up slightly," Don't worry old man things won't be as one sided as you may think." Manus said with an angry snarl in his voice, as him and Corrina made their way to the bar. Upon going inside they see its a standard run down bar full of some interesting looking characters, any one of them could be the mayors bodyguards. Looking around they see an old man yelling out, "More drinks waitress and make it snappy, and remember barkeep everything is on the house bahahahaha." he bellowed out with a raspy disgusting voice, " And remember to send the prettier waitress mmhahahaha." he continued licking his old cracked lips.
Corrina curls her lip as she watches the mayor, something about what he just said obviously pissing her off. She takes a deep breath, approaching him.

“Greetings! Am I correct in assuming you’re the mayor of this lovely town?” She asks, smiling politely, and listening carefully. Any good bodyguard knows to pay attention when their master is approached. If she can see who reacts, maybe she can get a sense of who to look out for.
AnthonyWrath AnthonyWrath
Phagora nodded at the man. "Fair enough. Let me handle this, Misato- I think my demonstration would be in better taste." The demon chuckled as she opened her jaw wider... and wider... until it was literally touching the ground. With a single bite, she devoured the guardsman whole, licking her lips as she did so. Oddly, there was no discernable change to her belly, despite the massive meal she had just eaten. "Raspberries, with a hint of olive oil. The man was jealous of his betters- a most delectable sin. Let's go, Misato- I can't eat the whole town, so I'm eager to see what you are capable of."
Miwato Igasuya
The second guard seemed baffled as his friend was suddenly eaten. Miwato sighed and facepalmed his mask, before he glared at the other guard. His head just popped. Miwato then looked at Phagora and shook his head. "Everything was going perfectly. I would have the guards and villagers all gather together and eradicate them in one swipe. Well, i suppose you had another plan. Maybe i should´ve filled you in first, my bad. ", he said and shrugged. "Then lets do this the classic way. Stand close to me."

As soon as she was close enough not to get affected, Miwato snapped his finger. "Maximum Pain.", he said. A sphere started to expand from closely around him, though not close enough to affect Phagora. It started to seem to push everything around him outwards. People got pushed against walls, until after a while, the walls cracked and gave in, collapsing. LIke that, the whole town was ripped apart. The pressure and the collapsing structures killed and severly injured almost everyone, only one or two people managed to run, before they were effected. After Miwato thought he had caused enough damage, he snapped again and the sphere disappeared. Crying, screams of pain and fear were heard. The dust that all the descrution had caused was slowly disappearing. "Would you want to do the cleanup? Those that ran will surely tell the tale. No further witnesses needed."
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Salem Kos

The mayor turned his gaze to Corrina, "whaaaat you're not the usual waitress but you sure are a hell of a lot cuter than her Hahaha, but where is my drink." he was drunkenly mistaken before realizing, " Oh you must be here to join my city guard or something, why don't you and you're boyfriend sit have a drink with me. So tell me what exactly it is that you want my dear? " the mayor said with a creepy tone, when he spoke his focus was souly on Corrina, almost as if Manus didn't exist in his mind. The bar seemed very used to the mayors behavior, almost as if expected of him. So much so that nobody in the bar was seemingly paying any attention to the old drunkard.

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The village torn to shambles, most of the villagers layed battered, crushed, and bloody on the ground it was as if all life was wiped out in an instant. As the two walked through the rubble they heard a voice from above them, "You two were the ones that caused all of this damage weren't you... I'll make you pay for destroying my home you bastards!" the voice roared out with fury, the two turn around to see a man clad in all white, standing on thin air.

Michael Monsoon


"Well said young man" "Yes very much indeed." Suddenly from under the rubble, two burly men lift the debry from on top of them,"YES WE WILL ALL MAKE THEM PAY!" The two shouted with great anger in their voice before tossing the rubble hurtling towards the two.

Alexius Grand


Ivar Grand

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Corrina hums softly. “Mm. A pleasure.” She says in a dry, sarcastic tone. She leans in closer, smiling slightly. “If you do not focus your eyes on mine within the next ten seconds, I will tear them from your skull.” She says, like she’s sharing some amusing secret, chuckling as she stands back to her full height.

She crosses her arms. “So, my associate and I would like to speak to you about a trade deal. You swear fealty to our king, and you will be protected from what is to come. But frankly, I don’t expect you to accept. The well-being of your people is obviously not your primary concern.”
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An hour was perhaps too much time for the wolf-elf to complete business of her own, but she didn't expect her two accomplices to figure out what manner of equipment they would need, nor decide what to do with their current gear, in a reasonable amount of time. With the carelessness they radiated, Roxii didn't expect the duo to accomplish much on their own. Perhaps having the one to oversee the other and vice versa would aid in keeping them from wandering for more than an hour. The assassin was rather serious about her threat. If the two weren't prepared to leave at the place she left them by the time she returned, then she would without hesitation leave Anestead without them. Whether that meant embarking on the journey to the Island of Zyn alone or simply ignoring the "Call to Action" to pursue much more entertaining matters, the rogue didn't care.

The Lythari stalked down the narrow alleyway, relishing in the darkness that surrounded her. There was no one of significant importance inhabiting the cramped space. Homeless drunkards and persons hyped up on hallucinogens littered the alley, draped in ominous cloaks and lying on the mushy ground that practically blanketed their persons in mud. Despite the sun's growing warmth drying the ground, the alley was still rather wet and soft from the recent rains. She was thankful that her boots—though made of a tightly-stitched cloth to reduce noise—held against the mud and water that threatened to seep in. There wasn't much worse than damp stockings pressed against your feet inside your boots.

A brave few of these strangers reached their hands out to touch the ornate weaponry on her person. Despite not being acknowledged as a noble by the greater population, the assassin made enough of a living to afford more than most. In monetary value alone, the wolf-elf could be considered a rich noble among the people. But the rogue refused to be recognized as one of those pompous bastards. However, she also refused to be among the lowest on the street, the drunkards and the buzzards and the ones who couldn't decipher reality from hallucinations. So they were briefly met with a shove into the wall or their grubby hands being slapped away as the assassin stepped by.

Roxii quickly made it to the other end of the alley, emerging onto a cobblestone path that was nearly as populated as Dunneald Plaza. There were more nobles strolling down the paved road than the plaza, revealing that she had entered the upper distract of Anestead. A few horse-drawn carriages rolled along the road as the rich nobles inside browsed the shops from the safety of their rolling boxes. There were more shops here than Dunneald Plaza, despite the lower amount of potential customers, and the quality of the shops were more sophisticated as well. High class linens and weapons were offered here, alongside the sweet scent of pastries. But none of these shops were where the rogue wished to shop.

The blind assassin swaggered down the cobblestone street, taking careful note to ignore the disdainful and haughty glares she received from the nobles she passed. A few of them even had the gall to whisper to one another. "
Is that a half-breed?" "How dare such filth walk these streets!" "Where are the guards?!" "It's a shame that they're still alive." "I thought they were all dead or enslaved by now." Her blood boiled at the soft murmurings surrounding her, but still she walked. She wondered if they were stupid enough to think that she couldn't hear their words. Perhaps so, since they continued to spew racial slurs and demeaning terms to one another, their words dripping with a venom that only she had witnessed herself doing.

It only took a few minutes for the wolf-elf to arrive at her destination. A pulse of shadow revealed to her the slightly raised strokes of paint that spelled out "New Dawn Stables" above the door. The horse stables were located at the end of the strip, meant to be a perfect place for those with enough coin to purchase a last minute mode of transportation to wherever they desired. The horses huffed and whinnied in their stalls as the hybrid approached. They pawed the ground in irritation, itching to be free of their confinement. Roxii entered the stable and silently wondered why the stablemaster wasn't already shoving offers down her throat.

It was only silent for a few seconds when a sprightly young fellow emerged from a closet off to the side. "
Oh!" he exclaimed, wiping away any dust or dirt that may have accumulated on his tunic. The stablemaster seemed surprised to see a customer at this time, or perhaps he was just surprised to see a silent, dark cloaked figure standing in the middle of his shop. The wolf-elf, after a few moments of surveying her surroundings, averted her attention to the man. His slender fingers were the first thing she noticed about the man; they reminded her of a piano-player's fingers. They were accompanied by slender yet toned arms, a tall figure, and an oval face framed by a short bob. "What can I do you for this fine day, m'lady?"

The Lythari female walked slowly in front of the stalls, her pulses allowing her to examine the condition of the brute specimens in each stall. "
I seek to purchase a horse," she finally responded. The horses were strong and healthy. None of them reeked of disease or sickness or pregnancy. Some of them were meant for different ways of life. One of them was a warrior horse, built strong and heavy to withstand the heat of battle. Two of them were more lean, meant to work in ways of life that require endurance and agility; climbing, jumping, and the like. Another wasn't quite as strong or as lean as the others. In fact, he was smaller than the rest, but the ferocity he displayed was one that the wolf-elf couldn't ignore. This one was made to withstand long, grueling tasks out in the field or pastures while still be small enough to traverse the complexity of the forested paths. She stopped in front of the last one, decisions already accumulating in her mind. "Three of them."

The stablemaster was silent for a moment, taken aback by the request of this stranger he'd never seen before. "
I, uh, I see..." However, he didn't shoot down her request before making an offer, because while she walked and displayed the wealth that she accumulated over the years via her gear, the man was eyeing her weapons and wondering how much he could increase his prices. The skilled craftsmanship of her weapons was obvious. But what the wolf-elf didn't expect was for the man to be so stupid as to think she would give in to any price. "Well, each horse is approximately 5,000 gold, but for you, I can make you a special deal of 12,000 gold for all three!" The man grinned, thinking he had already won the deal.

Roxii turned towards the man, and only then did he realize that she did not possess her sight. "
You can't be serious," she responded. "I'm pretty sure your pricing sheet posted above the front door says each horse is only 2,000 gold. For the strong, healthy ones."

The man paused, throwing a quick glance over his shoulder to the price sheet that indeed read what his customer said. "
Well, uh–" he stammered, "Well, I'm sorry to say, but, uh my prices recently increased due to, um rising demand in the horse market. I'm sure you understand, m'lady."

The wolf-elf raised an eyebrow at the man, wondering if the man could lie any worse. "
I'm sure you can cut a young lady a deal, yes? Just for today?"

I truly apologize, m'lady, but my current price is the best you are going to get." The stablemaster smiled, one that said held no sincere apology whatsoever.

Roxii huffed quietly and, without another word, left the stable. She stood out on the street for a moment, watching the man work on cleaning the stalls of the horses. They were more restless than they were before, upset that they couldn't leave the confines just yet. But this wasn't where her mission would end. So the assassin silently slipped to the back of the stables, finding some scattered hay that had already been dried enough by the sun. She didn't think twice about the plan that popped into her head as she grabbed a rock and one of her flint-head arrows and began striking them together over the scattered hay. Within moments, a large enough spark flew onto the hay and it soon erupted into a large enough fire that the wolf-elf walked away, back to the front of the stable building. She leaned against the front as smoke began billowing underneath the back door, filling the stable. It didn't take long for the stablemaster to notice and throw open the back doors to find a raging fire out back of his shop.

And while the man was busy attempting to stomp out the growing flames as onlookers began ushering others to grab buckets of water for the poor man, the rogue slipped in and leashed three horses—the warrior horse, one of the lean horses, and the small horse. And with her three free horses, Roxii slipped out of the stable and down the cobblestone street, but not before opening the other horse stalls and ushering them to run out and down the road into the growing chaos.

Just as the hour mark hit, the wolf-elf would be seen riding into Dunneald Plaza atop a black, small, fierce Murgese, leading two other horses—a gray and white-spotted Destrier warhorse and a chestnut-colored Thoroughbred horse. Upon seeing that her accomplices were indeed ready to go at their rendezvous point
(I would assume so...), she'd toss down the reins of the two other horses to the men, beckoning them to get atop their horses. "It's going to be a long journey," Roxii would explain simply.

Before the two could finish situating themselves atop their horses, however, a few guards would run into the plaza alongside a tall, lanky, brown-haired man. He'd point towards the trio with their newly acquired horses. "
There's the thief!" the stablemaster would yell.

Roxii would turn towards the two men, smirking slightly. The closest to a smile the men have seen thus far. "
Unless you plan on spending the first night of this journey behind bars, I suggest you follow me." And with that, the Lythari would flick the reins and dig her heels into the Murgese's sides, willing the horse to run right past the armed guards and stablemaster. The guards and man would dive out of the way to avoid being trampled, and the rogue simply kept going, aiming for the exit to Anestead that faced towards the north.

Bethethel Sunbreaker
looking arpu nd the general store, Bethethel bought a few things with the money he recently earned, throwing knives, potions, and a blade sharpening. After what seemed like forever Bethethel headed back towards the meeting spot when he saw Roxii riding atop a horse, followed by two other horses, and by how she was riding he could tell she was in a rush. 'I hope she hasn't done anything reckless.' He thought to himself as she approached them. As she handed him the reign to the chestnut colored horse he could hear yelling of guards followed by a lanky man. Knowing he didn't have a choice he followed full speed ahead behind her. "Was stealing horses necessary?" Bethethel asked, not knowing about the trickery the man tried to pull.

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The mayor was taken aback for a moment, no-one had spoken to him in such a way before, "My aren't you a fiesty little treat, I don't think you realize just who you're dealing with here. I've had eyes on you and your little boy toy here from the moment you walked in, and be happy that I haven't told them to take out the two of you." he said in a half drunken threat, " but if I did that I think I'd miss the chance to play with you a bit Hahaha. " the mayor said with a creepish grin, he then walked his fingers towards Corrinas hand on the table," Hears my deal for you and your "King" I'll swear fealty or whatever it is, and give you anything you need, a little shortage on some things won't do these people too much damage." he said in a disregarding tone," In return you promise to mine and do anything I say mmmm." he said keeping his creepish grin and laying his hand on top of Corrinas.

Manus with a monotone disgust in his voice finally speaks, "Okay that's enough." and grabs the mayor by the throat and chucks him into the bar breaking bottles, glasses, and more. Manus stood up from his seat, " Alright you shit for bodyguards are we just gonna sit around or are you going defend your boss! " he roared with rage and fury in his voice.
Corrina watches the mayor go flying impassively. “Mm, I’d been planning to do that myself, but I’d rather not touch him.” She says simply, turning, and grinning, claws forming from her hands. “Ahh… rather have some more quality blood anyway…” she chuckles, observing the crowd of screaming people.

“Hopefully the bodyguards aren’t too drunk. A little fine, but too much just sours it.” She spreads her arms wide, laughing as black smoke gathers around her hands. “Well? Where am I starting my meal, boys?!” Her grin is manic, scarlet eyes glowing in the dim light of the tavern. “I haven’t had a good old fashioned brawl in ages!”
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Suddenly a young girl flew towards Manus and kicked him with enough force, he flew through the front door and tumbled on the ground outside," Now while I don't blame you for hitting the old man, he is my employer so I can't exactly let you just kill him outright. A girls gotta eat after all, You two handle the girl, I got this guy. " she said as she made her way out of the front.

"Goddammit Karliya did you have to make such a big scene!" "Yeah! I wanted to fight him, you always pick the guys to fight, oh well this girl will have to do. Just let me have some fun at least Jamie." " Hahaha I was gonna say the same thing to you Gregory." The two men said as they readied their weapons and charged at Corrina.

Karliya Demonahtra

Jaime Exaelttab

Gregory Kos

Corrina laughs, leaping up onto the counter to keep her distance. “Ooh, this should be fun! Don’t worry boys, there’s more than enough of this to go around!” She crows, the smoke moving like serpents from her hands, toxic to the lungs and painful to the touch.

“Mm, you both smell amazing! Do I go to the dark one, might have some flicker of darkness, or do I go for the young, handsome one? Such choices!”
AnthonyWrath AnthonyWrath
Nora watched the commotion from the corner for a few moments. Usually things like this were already over, even if the mayor was a drunk, he was rich enough and smart enough to hire talented guards. She sighed.

“I get that you’re excited to fight,” she stood abruptly, “But pretty boy with the axe is mine. I don’t like his attitude.” Then she disappeared, only between dimensions for a moment, but long enough to displace herself next to Jaime.

She took a swipe at him with her blades, a favored weapon. Years of use and crossing dimensions with her had corrupted the metal until it retained poisonous properties. Although her mask hid most of her face, she was obviously excited for the thrill of the fight.
DecayHexerei DecayHexerei

(!) Jaime was surprised at the mysterious girl appearing right next to him, though he snickered when he saw her dagger lunging at him, " Sorry sweetheart but you won't be able to touch me with such a punny blade." he said with a cocky glee as her stopped abruptly mere inches away from him. He kicked her away into the table behind her, " No my lovely no mattter how much you try, your metal will never touch me!" he roared as he charged after her axes drawn and aimed right for her.(!)

Eliasdagood Eliasdagood

(!) Gregory kept his devious grin as he looked towards Corrina, " I guess you're all mine my sweet." he then used his bone pike to stab into her foot and slam her onto the ground dismissing her black fog which only grazed his armor and face mask. " I'll make you pay for harming our kind and benevolent mayor with your life muhahahahaha!" he screeched raising his pike ready to crash down onto her heart. (!)
She cries out, falling to the ground, but as soon as the weapon is no longer embedded in her foot, she is rolling back up onto her feet, and ducking under his arms to try and tackle him, a surprising amount of force behind it for someone of her stature. “Oh, no, you have it all wrong. You are mine!” She crows, fangs unsheathing as she goes for his conveniently unarmored upper neck.
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The hour was about up, Faezell had all of his gear sharp and ready. Strapped up, he made his way with Bethethel to the meeting spot. Guess we beat her here. Sweeeeet. Or we're late. But it didnt seem like so long...

THIEEEF THIEEEEF!! Cried down the streets. Headed towards them, a masked rider and an ever growing crowd of furious townspeople. The two had to react quickly, Roxii was rolling right towards them. Faezell took the opposite side of Bethethel, hoping onto the the cloudy grey horse. Perfect. I'll call you storm. Yah!!

He and Bethethel caught up to Roxii and hastily rode to the exit. Their escape was on the horizon. THE GATES THE GATES!! Guards hollared. The two gatekeepers were still recruits in training, so their reaction was far too late. By the time they knew what was happening, the trio were out in the wild.

Shit if I knew we were stealing I wouldn't have paid that blacksmith for his services. Damn... looks like we cant return to that little city anymore. Theyll have wanted ads with our likeness up in no time. To the Zyn! Yah! Faezell's horse ran faster, keeping up right behind Roxii. But the direction they were going was being turned into the new home of a recently relocated beast.

Nora gasped for breath when he kicked her backwards. Now this was definitely going to be fun. She rolled quickly to her left, phasing between dimensions just quick enough to avoid his axe. The way her blade had stopped short was suspicious. And she didn’t fucking like it. She stashed her blades and phased back just enough to land a kick on the back of Jaime’s knee before backing away and fully phasing into the right dimension.

‘So he couldn’t do weird shit to weaponless attacks. Good.’ She thought.

“Don’t get cocky just cause you have a pretty face. The weapon is only as good as the person using it.” Purposefully, Nora took a few seconds with the safety of a few feet between them to eye him up. “You’re too slow. And you jumped straight to heavy attacks. At least put in some effort.”

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(!)Gregory was shocked at the girls strength, watching her get close to his weak point in a desperate attempt to save himself he headbutted her back his bone face cover giving her a large gash on her forehead. "phew...you almost had me there my sweet, i won't be so easily taken out like my brother behind the bar Hahaha. Now take this!" he said with his wicked cackle as he grabbed Corrina by the throat licking some of the blood from her head before slamming her to the ground, Gregory then lined his pike up to her neck and readied to swing her head from her shoulders. (!)
DecayHexerei DecayHexerei

(!) Jaime snickered cockily, "You want to see effort? You are not worthy of such a privilege from me. I shall let my weapons do so for me. " just then his axes few from his hands seemingly of their own accord and headed straight for Nora," As I said your blades will never touch me, but mine will always find there way to you. " Jaime said as he sat down in a chair to watch his weapons do their work. (!)
(!)Corrina growls in frustration as she’s pulled back, and forced to the ground again, but she’s amused that he took her blood. She wonders if it will affect him, but she doubts it. She’s no true vampire. She rolls out of the way of his strike, and kicks hard at his legs, aiming to snap them so she can have an easier meal. A black whip appears in her hand, and she snaps it at his neck, pulling him down to let her feed. (!)



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Fortunately, the wolf-elf didn't have to convince the duo further to mount the horses and race after her. The masses dove out of the way as they hurtled down the muddied roads and threw vocal and gestural obscenities after them as they passed. City guards were scrambling to apprehend the trio, but it was no use. They were caught unawares, and their training was sub par compared to other cities she had visited. One of the reasons she chose to settled down in Anestead for the past couple months. With guards as dumb as a sack of potatoes and hardly capable of maintaining their duties through physical means, Anestead turned out to be an easy place to complete jobs and never get caught. Anestead jobs were always low risk, high reward. However, it got boring after a while. The lack of challenge made the days redundant and mundane. The assassin supposed it was a blessing that the two idiots accompanying her gave her something better to do; she'd been looking for a reason to leave the confines of Anestead, but just never got around to finding a good reason to depart.

The northern gates appeared on the horizon, and she urged her horse faster. There was no doubt that the guards were scrambling to get the gates closed, but whether or not they could figure out how to raise and lower the gates was still to be discovered. Roxii didn't want to find out the answer to that question until after they had passed the threshold to the city. The guards' hollering and the crowds' screaming battered against her sensitive ears. Like the horse she rode, her wolf-like ears had flattened against her head. It didn't do much to quiet the roaring erupting around them, but it did save her from suffering from the shrill shrieks that came from women.

But a distant twang of a bowstring had her swiveling an ear towards it. A larger pulse of shadow revealed to her the cause: a guard was lowering his bow, nocking another arrow onto the string as his last arrow was soaring through the air. Towards her. There was no time to react towards the projectile as it came by. Poor aiming on his part caused the arrowhead to only nick her right calf. She hissed at the slight sting, but then ignored it wholly. It was no use to focus on such a minor injury. Having only broke the top layer of skin, it would prove to be no hindrance on her capabilities. Wasting her magic and energy on tending to it would be worthless, so Roxii continued on the path as she and her accomplices raced through the open gates. The guards were more idiotic than she had expected, then.

They had made it quite a ways out from the city walls before the male hybrid questioned, "
Was stealing horses necessary?" She could practically hear the disapproval dripping off his tongue. And it amused her.

Roxii threw a sinful smirk towards Bethethel. Her eyes would've been sparkling with amusement, if she still possessed them. "
Don't think of it as stealing," she drawled, "Think of it as a 'forced donation'." Her attention returned to the road ahead, continuing to survey their surroundings. The guards hadn't yet mounted their horses and chased after them yet, judging by the lack of pounding hooves traveling after them, but the hybrid didn't doubt that they would figure it out soon. But even without their guards after them, the wilds were a dangerous place. And not just because of the usual hungry or territorial predators or the low-living bandits. No, she knew far greater threats resided in these parts.

Lucamore caught up to her on his horse, whom she noted was now named Storm, and made a note of not returning to Anestead. The shadowy rogue shrugged. "
I was growing bored of Anestead, anyway," she admitted. "Either way, what's one more wanted poster on my record?" That sinful grin returned, but it was wiped away almost immediately. "We must keep moving, however," she continued, "The guards' stupidity won't keep them off their horses for much longer, and I'm not in the mood for wiping out an entire city's guards in the wilds of the forest in one go."

It's been a damn while since Aster started wandering. He lost track of time. It could have been days, months, years. He doesn't really age as a spirit so anything is believable. He found himself at the outskirts of a time. It's the first time he found civilization that hasn't been turn into ruins since his summoner was killed. Although curious, Aster wasn't interested in dropping by. Chances are he'll be met with some unwanted hostility. So, he decided to ignore the settlement with the intent to move on. Perhaps he'll encounter somebody or something along the way.

That idea was quick to change. A rumbling startled the ex-hunter. As he looked over, he noticed that the town had been demolished. "What in the Gods...." he mumbled as he drew his blade. The sight of civilization was nice while it lasted. Aster sighed as he noticed himself walking towards the settlement. "Oh Aster. What are you getting your undead ass into?" he mumbled again while approaching the commotion.

Once he found his way towards the commotion, the clashing of blades attracted him. "Oh? A fight? Haven't had one of those in a while." As he made his way to the rubble, he found figures currently fighting. By the looks of it, it was an unfair match. A three vs one. Aster stood on top of a pile of rubble, disappointed. "This is a bit unfair, ain't it?" he commented as he rested the blade of his longsword on his shoulder.
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Mutated Lifeform: Forest Lord

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The sound of human voices echoes through the forest, approaching too rapidly for the sleeping beast to respond properly. The pounding hooves of three horses shook the ground, disturbing the peaceful slumber. Before long, all three of the horses trotted over the creature's back, thinking he was only a hill in the earth. This infuriated the Forest Lord. He staggered to his feet and hollered a roar of anguish towards them.

Storm responded with a neigh of terror, running with all of her might to escape the creature, but it was so much faster. After a few dozen strides, the Forest Lord was right behind Bethethel. He slammed his fist down to knock out the horse, but missed, only startling him. The creature roared again, loud enough to force leaves to fall from the trees far ahead, attempting to block off their escape

Bethethel Sunbreaker
"Well whatever it was..." Bethethel said responding to her forced donation comment. "We can't go back now. But maybe bieng wanted won't be so bad. It'll definitly be more exciting." He said with a slight laugh As the continued to ride on. Not noticing the hill they were riding on was a forest monster Bethethel was startled by the monster's roar as it's fist almost caught Bethethel and his horse, lightning. Looking ahead Bethethel noticed the leaves as he pulled on the reigns making lighting stop to a halt. As lightning stopped, Bethethel quickly jumped off him and into the air as he casted a fire magic circle from his left hand in midair. fire_magic_circle_by_xyee_d1s47jm-fullview.jpg
"Fireball!" He yelled out as a gaint fire ball flew out of the magic circle and towards the monster's face. Hoping it would hit, Bethethel began to think of a plan on how to defeat the giant foe.
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