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Multiple Settings Knights Chivalry

Knight boi

“Sir Greatsworth, we need you to be prepared for your speech, there is going to be a new enlistments of students to your academy, your not even outside yet! They need motivation before they start the new year here! We’re not called Hell knights for nothing! They’re litterlay going to have to go through hell for years! They will break! We need you to motivate them as the creator of the school! What are they going think of the falculty if the headmaster! No- Creator of the school doesn’t even show up to his own announcements! Get up!”

“Olivia….you know how damn long I’ve been in this world? Exactly a thousand years….you really think I’m going to be impressed by these diet bags? Your a fool to think that woman.”

“Well I impressed you when I attended here didn’t I? Aren’t I one of your favriote apprentinces? Your the one who wanted to mentor me.”

“Yeah I regret that.”

“Oh shut it old man.”


“Sir you fully aware that these knights have to be the strongest? And they’re only going to be here for around a short time! Our kingdom is in a war! Against multiple Nations! Troops are dying as we speak! Even if we did have all of the 12 powerful knights that you taught, we would still be in war with

“I’m aware of that, we would win this war if I was king but I’m too lazy to be in charge.”

“Yeah I can tell. You know the both of us are expected to destroy the kingdoms right? Your named the god slayer of all things! You’ve killed the gods! All of them! And you act like this!”


“By the lords Greatsworrh get your act together,I’ll let you out of your quarters….”

“Ughhhhhh fine.”


And just like that the woman stepped out of the great lords quarters, the sound of metal clinging to the floor as the noise got further and further away.


The Story
Greetings there and welcome to Knights Chivalry!

This Storyline is about a academy for the Knights of Eldrith, a kingdom that has caught its self as a main target in a war, in desperation the kingdom has relied on them to train soldiers fast and quickly wanting enough reinforcements as possible, though the characters will have to go through rigorous training and quickly mature into adults when called for the Great War that will go down for generations, and their teachers will be the most well known knights of history, most popular amongst them is the head of the school and creator of Hell’s Knights, The godslayer themselves, Greatsworth.

Though they will not be alone, they are the last stand before the kingdoms fall, and their teachers will be joining them in battle, they are the kingdoms new enlisted soldiers. And many seek their help, it isn’t easy fighting a war with no Allies nor when the kingdoms of the land are all targeting the strongest kingdom, in desperation of materials and better lives in general.

Before anything happens I’ll require you to read through the rules first!

1. Please do not post any one liners! They get me very annoyed and I don’t appreciate them! They’re just extremely lazy!

2. Please do not disrespect one another in ooc! I don’t want anything targeting any group!

3. OOC will be held in rpnation! I sadly don’t trust discord with personal issues with the site it’s self

4. No God-Modding/Over powered characters, for example don’t expect for a student to beat a Teacher in combat, they’re far more exprinced than enliste’s.

5. I don’t want this role play to take months to get over the first week, I want people to post every week at least, though daily is highly appreciated also. After two weeks without posting I’ll ask if your still interested.

6. The rp will start in their last week of training, I want things to mostly be focused on the war and how the enliste’s mature over time and how war affects them.

7. Remember to have fun and be creative when you have characters or posts!

8. Though I love a variety of characters, I would appreciate it if you have a maximum of 2-3, I don’t like it when people make characters daily and forgett that they have other characters.

9. I’ll have a maximum of 10 players into the group, though if 10 is reached I’ll most likely keep it open for 1-2 people who still want in.

10. Remember to keep close to the setting and what era this takes place in, it sucks having a character that doesn’t fit the setting at all.

11. The role play will most likely be held in a private pm most likely so be prepared.

12. This role play will be slightly different, I will allow a few of these things;
Blood, Language (Nothing targeting groups), Violence, Gore. (Though please warn the group ahead of time if that’s in your spot.)

13. When I post lore, I expect people to read it though all of it will not have to be read, I’ll put a specific symbol in it if it needs to be read.

That’s about it! I’ll post lore in a bit!
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Aw maaaan, I was interested until the rule about the rp being held in a private PM. Well, good luck and I hope you the best for finding players!

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