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Fandom kite's fandoms: spn, criminal minds, twd (UPDATED 9/14)

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how unpleasant.

(( please pm me if you’re interested! ))

hello, i’m kite n here are all my fandom-only ideas, minus my mha ones (since i already have a thread for them)!!
please don’t hesitate to share your own plots with me if you’re not interested in anything i’ve shared!!
this is basically just canon x oc only (doubling optional) atm, as i have no oc x oc plots in mind for these universes; however, if you happen to have an idea, feel free to share it w me n i’ll let you know what i think/if i want to do it w ya! also, any idea can be combined with another to make it more interesting n developed!
anyhoo, onto the interesting stuff!:

  • my pronouns are she/they and i’m 20 years old atm.
  • i usually prefer to type more than a paragraph for my replies, but ultimately my reply length depends on yours. i also use third person POV in my replies.
  • i write normally (like proper uppercase n whatnot haha) when roleplaying, i promise. i only type in all lowercase when ooc.
  • i don’t really have many limits. i don’t do smut tho so please, for the love of everything holy, don’t ask me to.
  • i usually only play female characters, but will try to attempt playing a male character ONLY if we double up in a canon x oc rp. that being said though, i’d very much prefer doing MxF with me as the female, but FxF is fine if we double up as well! nothing against MxM, i’m just not the best at it. ((‘:
  • romance is a must!
  • i’m okay with most types of AUs! feel free to suggest some. :]
  • discord is preferred, but i could attempt to rp in pms on here if you’d like. i just can’t guarantee how frequently i’d reply if it is through pms. please just let me know what you’d prefer!
  • i tend to have low energy due to multiple health issues, so my replies might be inconsistent/scattered. i apologize in advance if i do become absent, and i’ll try my best to reply back as often as i can, whenever i can! :]

  • be 18 or above in age, preferably; however my absolute cut-off is 15 and below.
  • at least be a little talkative OOC. i tend to be really talkative ooc once i’m comfortable with my rp partner so,,, x’))
  • let me know your triggers beforehand or at some point in the beginning process so i can avoid mentioning things related to them, especially since a majority of my ocs have some form of mental health issue and/or heavier backstory.
  • use third person POV and type at least a paragraph in length for replies, preferably.
  • be willing to rp as multiple characters if the plot calls for it.
  • be communicative about how the rp will go. tell me ideas you have when you get them, please don’t leave me in the unknown. i really don’t want to be the sole controller of it, as much as i may enjoy the rp.
  • when you send me a pm asking to do a rp, please include a little bit about yourself in the message and state what you’d like to do right off the bat! i’ve had bad experiences otherwise n plus it kind of irks me when people only message me a tiny oneliner, haha. :’>
  • looking for: dean winchester
  • could play: sam, cas, ask about others
    • The Winchesters plan to use M/C as bait to get her former captor, a powerful demon, to show himself again; however, the more time they spend with her, the closer they get to her and the more they start to regret their original plan.
    • One random day, M/C shows up at the Winchesters’ motel room door, claiming they sent her a letter saying they’d help her figure out the reason behind her mother’s mysterious death... which they never actually sent. After lots of begging and a bit of pouting too, the brothers reluctantly agree to help her, but mostly so they can figure out who actually sent the letter and the actual motives behind it.
    • During a hunt, the Winchesters happen to come across M/C, an old friend of Dean’s whom he lost contact with long ago. The only problem is she’s badly injured and barely breathing, having been attacked by whatever monster they were just hunting.
    • M/C has no idea the supernatural exists... until, of course, she happens to cross paths with the Winchesters.
    • AU where there’s another nephilim in existence: M/C.
    • M/C is an angel who helps Castiel save Dean from hell.
    • A while back, Bobby adopted M/C after her parents - who were a friend of Bobby’s - were murdered. For years he has raised her in secret from the Winchester brothers, but one day, they discover her.
    • M/C is Castiel’s younger angel sister (or only angel friend).
    • M/C was a human soul tortured by Dean during his time in hell. One day M/C is miraculously brought back by an unknown angel and tries to go about her life as ordinarily as she can, but soon enough the unthinkable happens - she meets Dean Winchester again.

  • looking for: daryl dixon or glenn rhee (depends tbh; i ultimately prefer daryl more, but i could maybe go for glenn if you’d prefer daryl)
  • could play: not too sure, so just ask about someone and i’ll see if i can play them
    • M/C ends up getting badly injured and seeks safety in a random old house, only to soon be found bleeding out by Y/C.
    • Y/C and M/C were very close childhood friends, but were eventually separated when M/C moved away without warning. They meet again due to certain circumstances some time after the apocalypse begins.
    • M/C is a prisoner of a random group of evil survivors and has been since shortly after the apocalypse began, but is later saved when Y/C happens to show up while out scavenging and eliminates the bad people. He then (albeit a bit reluctantly at first) takes her back to camp so she can have her wounds/needs tended to; however, upon realizing she probably wouldn’t be able to survive by herself if she were to be released, Y/C and the others decide to let her stay, all while Y/C secretly keeps a close eye on her. (M/C could instead be a prisoner of the Saviors or somethin, if you’d prefer)
    • AU where Rick - or a different canon character - has a younger sister, M/C.
    • M/C is about to end it all, but Y/C happens to show up and stops her. (Bonus if they already know each other from before the apocalypse!)

  • looking for: spencer reid
  • could play: probably anyone, so just ask
    • M/C is the BAU’s newest - and youngest - agent, having joined to start new and escape her past.
    • Penelope attempts to set Spencer up with a friend of hers, M/C.
    • A relative of Hotch happens to join the BAU as a new agent, much to his dismay.
    • M/C happens to move into the apartment across from Spencer’s.
    • Penelope gets a new assistant, M/C.
    • AU where Spencer never joined the BAU and instead works elsewhere, where he meets M/C.
    • M/C was friends with Spencer when they were little, but the two were separated when she moved away. Years later they meet again, but the circumstances aren’t what they expected.
    • M/C is the sole survivor of an unsub attack. While spending time in the hospital, she tries to help the team capture the unsub with her memories. She gets very close with Spencer during this time period.
    • AU where Spencer actually gets to live his life as a cowboy who lives in a small town, and eventually meets the town newcomer, M/C. (based on the convo at the end of 15x07 & a fanfic i’ve read)

(( my mha thread is here & my originals only thread is here! ))
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how unpleasant.
👉👈 I got a blind oc who travels with a feral gremlin oc for TWD
oooo that sounds interesting! can you pm me so we can discuss this further? (if it doesn’t work/let you, i can pm you - just lmk) c:
also, bump! craving twd & spn especially atm (:

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