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Fandom KinnPorsche the series craving (KimChay)


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Lately I've been unhappy and uncomfortable in the fandom, but I still love the characters and would love to enjoy them and create things about them together with someone, so I'm looking for a KinnPorsche the series RP!

I'd particularly like to roleplay KimChay, with myself writing as Kim against an 18+ Porchay. As a sidenote to that, I headcanon him and Kim to be 17 and 20 during canon respectively, which is why:
I'm looking for someone who's cool setting up a plot post-canon, possibly with canon-divergence. I'm not averse to AUs either, just don't really have any ideas of my own that I'm feeling in that department for now.

Some info crammed into tabs for your convenience:

  • - 21+
    - average word count ranges from 250 to 2000+ depending on scene
    - longer starters, shorter posts
    - 3rd person POV
    - preference for present tense, but no issue writing in past tense either
    - no doubling (one main POV per person, side characters are great!)
    - needs at least occasional OOC to stay motivated
    - not fond of overly flowery writing styles, I can't follow them well
    - no set reply frequency and not interested in pressure and a set schedule
    - will generally be transparent about loss of interest or things not working out instead of ghosting

I'm pretty much open to anything when it comes to plot specifics, but I do have a particular craving for something darker where Kim goes off the rails post-canon, involving themes of drug abuse and self-destruction.
This is just one of many possible ideas though, in general themes I like for them are: hurt/comfort, reconciliation, getting back together, mystery, suspense, angst with happy ending.

If any of that interests you, please shoot me a PM, I tend to delete replies on threads to keep things neat. Introduce yourself a little and let me know what you'd be interested in in terms of plots!
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You have no idea how happy I was seeing your post! I love KimChay and lately the fandom and "authors" was really not the best place to be mentally (if you know what I mean :D)

About me:
  • 21 +
  • Can do 1st, 3rd person (no real preferance)
  • present tense, past tense both works fine
  • love creating dramatic plots with dark themes (trauma, drug use & abuse, violance etc)
  • Been roleplaying for 4+ years (on off)
  • relaxed reply fequencies, and open about losing interest or inability to reply for a longer period
  • semi-lit to lit replys depending on the stuff I'm working with
My limits:
- graphic descriptions broken bones, skat (feces related), or vimiting
- romantic or sexual relationships involving underage characters, especially not minor x adult
- age play, de-aging
- mental asylums/insane asylums etc.
- terminal illness

I was thinking maybe we can start either at the canon ending of their relatioship (with the cringy video of Chey XD) and go from there maybe exploring how Kim tired to get back with Chey OR ho Chey just doesn't give up on Kim.

Or maybe after the whole Bar scene but some managed to hurt Chey and Kim chases after them. Thats when he decided that its to dangerous for Chey to be around him so he goes off the grid to "deal with them on his own" and Chey feels abandoned and falls in a hole, mentally but slowly starts to move on and finds someone new just when Kim is ready to come back.

Just a few ideas :) let me know what you think.
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