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  1. Did we get the bondage, rocking? Everyone do their bonds?

    So, to start, I'm going to through you in the middle of a situation. I'll give you guys options on what kind as it might color a good portion of the game. Options are:
    1. Standing outside a cave or dungeon before you step in to meet... We'll determine what and why in-game, of course.
    2. In the council chambers during a heated debate being asked for your first-hand account of... We'll determine what in-game, of course.
    3. Protecting the village when it's attacked by hordes of... We'll determine what in-game, of course.
    4. At the negotiation table trying to make peaceful terms with... We'll determine who and why in-game, of course.

    @Tardy Grade, @Cthulhu_Wakes, @Skrakes, @Teh Frixz
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  2. We could make a poll?
    Or I'll just put my vote in a spoiler window.
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  3. number 2!
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  4. I guess I could have just made it a poll. Ah well. This works.

    We have one vote for 2 and one for 3. Anyone else?
  5. I rather like the Rashomon potential for option 2!
  6. Number 2.
  7. #2 it is. I'm thinking we'll incorporate #3 in the game at another point since there was interest.
  8. Should have a post this evening. Sorry for the wait. Had a crazy weekend.
  9. I LOVE where you guys are taking this. So good.
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  10. Still here, guys. This weekend has been crazy with sick babies and Mother's Day. I'm hoping to have something tonight or tomorrow on lunch. Thanks for the patience.
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  11. No worries.
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  12. Hey, @Tardy Grade, I know my post was a crazy block of text. Sorry. This was in there:
    Do you want to change your post? Not that I want to pass up a 6. :D
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  13. I'll edit it to be ... compensation for the improper treatment of guests?
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  14. @Cthulhu_Wakes

    Explain that post to me, is he suggesting Panelophi would grow a moss beard because I love that actually.
  15. Yes! That is automatically what he assumes.
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  16. I've been putting this up in all my games:
    "Holy crap. I made it out alive. The whole family got what the baby had. It put me down hard. Sorry for the delay. Let's keep this moving."

    Anyway, let's play.
  17. I've been there so many times, Wlf. One person gets it, everybody gets it.
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  18. ^ We can useth that for rolls from now on.
  19. Holy crap!!1!!!

    I forgot to include Akka's answer for the "Who are you?" question. Sorry @Cthulhu_Wakes!
  20. Wait, you got your one question from your roll of 8. Did I miss something...?
  21. That's internal monologue. I usually just italicize it. To avoid future confusion, I can sort those questions into spoilers.
  22. Good call. Sorry. Thanks.
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