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Fantasy Kingdoms of Cardiah: Falling stars. (You scurred)

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
The world of Cardiah is home to five kingdoms, with humans making up most of the world's population.
A long time ago. The humans of Cardiah forged miracles on the foundation of dangerous lands, with effort and time aswell as a bit of guidance. Humans created kingdoms that even the gods above would grow jealous of.
The Heart Kingdom, said to be the strongest nation of humans. The bravery and courage of the Heartland Knights is known and feared in all kingdoms. "The Heart's power comes from the passion and love of its people."
The Diamond Kingdom, Known for magical artefacts and high tier sorcerers. The smallest of the human kingdoms is in no way weak. The Diamonland is a place overflowing with Mana meaning various types of crystals grow in nature much like the runes that form inside powerful monsters capable of magic. "They say a Diamond forged from heat and pressure never cracks."
The club kingdom, Easily the largest human kingdom with territory that even stretches across the seas. The humans of the Club-lands are the most diverse, many different styles merged creating a melting pot of culture and ideas. Named after a simple yet effective weapon as they understand the importance of tools and inventions, pressing forward with ingenuity and creativity. "A weapon is dangerous and a tool is useful but both require practice to be true"
But what of the other kingdoms? They stand true and proud to this day but they were not created by humans...

The Spade kingdom, from deep underground the Demons of Cardiah dug to the surface. For the horned race considered monstrous from apperance alone, the Spade represents the work and effort of those past in finding a home on the surface.
It also represents the effort and work of future demons working towards a better Cardiah.
"Most say the demons of the Spade lands fight for equality or power. I believe they want both"

The Clover kingdom, it's said only the Elfen can enter the Cloven-lands. A mysterious kingdom hidden in nature adored by flora and fauna both. The Clover kingdom is a legend created from truth, where else do elves come from?
Many elves are out and about in the world of Cardiah but it's believed they originate from a magical land hidden from the horror that is humanity. "if the Elfen came from such a gorgeous place why come live in shit like the rest of man?"
For now it's easier to ignore the Spade and the clover kingdoms. It's only been mentioned as Demans and Elvans are present across Cardiah, some even work to join the armies of other kingdoms. It's not impossible for a foreigner to become a knight or a warrior with a title...
Each kingdom has a hierarchy and ranks.
The King and Queen being the rulers of a kingdom, the rank of Ace or Jack are given to individuals chosen by royalty themselves.
One has surely heard the phrase "a Ace in the sleeve" or "A jack of all trades"
Both Aces and Jacks are chosen by the king or queen in regard to their skills and loyalty. Skills honed by years of practice and loyalty established from years of trust.

Interesting shit, but the title says "the falling stars" so what's that all about?
Don't worry I'll tell ya but it requires a bit more reading.

You see the guidance provided way back in history some time ago, the push that brought about the world of Cardiah today...
That came from a being who fell from the sky, A being which looked like a man but claimed to be energy found within the vast deep in the night sky that he called a "different galaxy."
This being was remembered as Shen Anigans the Starman.

The Starman brought about many changes where ever he went. Though all believe the starman shared energy with the beings of Cardiah which became the magic they know and use to this day.
The biggest changes that came to the world was done so in secrecy.
Shen Anigans created a purple moon to rival the natural moon of Cardiah. Shen Anigans also created a invisible barrier around the planet, a barrier that prevented anything from entering or exiting Cardiahs atmosphere.

In present days Shen is a incredibly aged man living like a mortal god in the blessed castle, holy ground within the heartland... Though sadly old age finally caught up to the most powerful being in the galaxy which brought about the tragedy that was Shen Anigans death. With Shen dead his barrier started to disappear and all sorts of beings and monsters fell from the sky.
Beasts and creatures none could imagine or comprehend and humanoid beings that came to be known as Starmen.

These aliens are the falling stars and while some are confused yet peaceful beings, most are dangerous and cruel.
With the stars falling all across Cardiah, most believe the heart Kingdom is responsible in some way. After all Shen Anigans the starman made the Heartland his home. Surely the Heart kingdom stole Shen's power which is how they became the most powerful kingdom in the world!
But that's just speculation, probably.
Heyo this RP is a medieval fantasy with magic monsters and alien invasion.
If you want to play you would be making a character who serves in the Heart kingdom's army. You would make a Ace or a Jack or even a regular knight or a recently arrived but still loyal Starmen.

Each kingdom uses different magic with the heart Kingdom ripping off the Avatar. Born able to harness the elements,
Earth water wind and fire.

The humans of the diamond kingdom rip off glintstone sorcery, but in this fiction we call it Star mana. Basically offensive blue energy in different forms.
The humans of the Club kingdom have little chance of being born with magic, those who do have mana are often born with magic considered powerful and evil. Most from the Club kingdom make magic weapons of various effects from monsters and different matierals/runes.
The Demans of the Spade kingdom have random often oddly specific magic that results in physical transformations or a strange ability.

The Elfans of the clover kingdom have incredible magic, used to control flora and fauna like a extension of themselves.
A elf could make the grass grow into weeds that bind, or communicate with and coerce animals.

Starmen have the chance of any magical ability but generally they mess about with gravity or star mana.

I'm hoping for four or five players who can make posts twice a week.
Post length being two paragraphs or more.

I'm happy for people to make their characters from elsewhere, can be someone other than a heartlander...
Main point is they are loyal to the heart Kingdom.
Be a starman, be a deman or elf it doesn't matter so long as you follow the rules and said character starts as apart of the group.
For general simplicity elves are the beautiful pointed ear humanoids,
Demans are the demonic looking sort but can just as easily be a human with tiny horns.

The story of this rp is about a party sent out from the heart Kingdom to combat the hostile stars that fell to the planet and convince the other kingdoms that they aren't responsible for the invasion from beyond the skies.

Ask questions or show enthusiasm below.

Cs page is here
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Lucius Cypher

Delicious Friend
Tentative interest. I'd be interested in making a Club Kingdom warrior, a strong fighter who lacks magic, but he's really good with making magic gear. A gadgeteer type who relies on mundane battle skill, with the occasional tricky tool to mix things up.

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
Tentative interest. I'd be interested in making a Club Kingdom warrior, a strong fighter who lacks magic, but he's really good with making magic gear. A gadgeteer type who relies on mundane battle skill, with the occasional tricky tool to mix things up.
That's the idea behind most of their warriors, its fine for someone from the clublands to be apart of the heartland army and by extension the party sent out on a mission

Lucius Cypher

Delicious Friend
Dope. What exactly is the limits of our inventions? I'm guessing I can't just cobble together a magic fantasy LMG and gun down goblins, though that would be dope.

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
I'll go into more detail on the cs page but to try and answer that briefly, the inventors and blacksmiths from the club took inspiration from the wizards magical Artefacts.

They make weapons and tools using crystals or runes found in strong monsters and nature.

So if you craft a sword from a dragons bone it will have a fire effect of some sort, but using the dragons rune in the process would make something more versatile capable of actual magic.

They make guns and cannons but for simplicity it won't be like modern day real life firearms.
Not to say a machine gun like burst of magic is impossible but generally think more medieval/middle age fantasy.
melee weapons and rifles, or a bow with a string of magic that can rapid fire bolts or something

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
I'd rather everyone have just one but if no players rock up and I start it with the bare minimum required (three players lol)
I won't be as fussed about two each

Lucius Cypher

Delicious Friend
Aight, I got an idea for a second, a sort of squire to my character, but I'll leave em as an NPC until I get the clear to flesh em out.

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
Cs page is on the first post but its also here

If you wanna make a character feel free to post there. Rp starts when I have 3 or 4 acceptable sheets

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
Bit o lore cause I'm bored.

Xiao Zazumoku is a magesmith from the Horzo mountains within the Clublands. Considered to be one of the greatest smiths in decades Xiao became a legend known throughout Cardiah because of the weapons and tools he has created.
Skyveil, a Spear that can slice the heavens...
Clotburn and Yukifrost, matching swords with fire and ice imbued in each...
Keycut, a blade fashioned into the shape of a key that can unlock anything...

The man made so many amazing weapons in his time that the phrase "like it was made by Xiao"
Is high praise for a Smith to hear. However while many regard Xiao as a master of his craft, almost just as many curse his name for creating the evil weapons that came to be known as
The thirteen Xiaoza blades.

Thirteen swords imbued with rare magic only those born in the Clublands have the slightest chance of having.
Void mana, Shadow mana, the dark flames, necromancy...
Who these weapons were forged for are long forgotten but the Xiaoza blades will never be. They turn up all over Cardiah wielded by heroes and criminals alike.
Xiao was tortured and killed sixty years ago in a failed effort to recover or remake the blades, the Zazumoku clan changed their name and fled the Horzo mountains soon after to avoid the hatred directed at Xiao and constant invaders searching for magic weapons.
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