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Fandom Kingdom Of Carantania Lore (W.I.P)



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The Rottingflayer-
The Rottingflayer is a disgusting and massive creature, standing at 11 meters. It gets its name from the way it smells, like rotting flesh. That’s exactly what it looks like as well. It has no eyes at all, the main way of sight is through its master. Without him, the Rottingflayer goes on blind rampage. It has very thin fingers, multiple mouths, what seems to be skulls on his knuckles and bones sticking out from his body. The creature doesn’t have to eat, but it enjoys to. Most of the mouths on its body are nonfunctional, besides the one on the back of its head. It has no powers, it’s just extremely powerful. The Rottenflayer does have a weakness, it’s heart. To get to its heart, you must go inside of it… Without dying on your way there of course.

The Serpent-
The Serpent is a giant snake like creature, over 60 feet long. Though it can live on either land or water, it prefers to stay under large bodies of water. It might be on the slow side, but it’s extremely powerful. The Serpent is able to dislocate its jaw, preferring to eat its meal whole and digest it slowly. As of now, there is no record of there being another Serpent out there. They’re unsure if it’s able to have offsprings. The giant creature is hard to miss. It’s bright green with black stripes going all the way down it’s down. It’s spine sticking out, sharp enough to slice. The Serpent’s weakness is cutting off its head, and stabbing it in its brain. If you don’t, it’ll just attach its head back onto its body once more.

This is the King’s second in command. She was born as a dragon, but given the ability to change into a human form. She prefers being in her natural form because it’s her stronger one. In her dragon form, she’s a black dragon, almost as dark as nightfall. Her blood is bright purple, can been seen flowing through her. She stands at 10 feet with large, deformed wings. Her claws are sharp enough to cut down almost to the bone. Her screeches are similar to the sound of thunder. In her dragon form, she’s able to breathe purple fire.

Diabolos is weaker in her human form. She stands at 5’7 with ash gray skin and deformed wings. She’s able to fly when she’s in her human form, but it’s only for 10 to 15 minutes and she’s not able to fly more than 15 feet off the ground. Her eyes are bright purple, being able to glow when she’s in the dark. Diabolos also has scales all around the lower half of her arms and legs, making them extremely hard to slice through.
Diabolos isn’t able to touch anything that is real sliver, it burns her skin. The only way to kill her is either slicing her head clean off or stabbing her heart.

Andras is a humanoid beast, standing at 7’3. He has sharp, ruby like scales that covers most of his upper body. The scales cover his eyes, which makes him completely blind, but all his other senses are heightened. Andras is able to throw grown men without hardly breaking a sweat. He’s known for using his horns to ram into people, like a bull. He doesn’t have any known weaknesses, but you’re able to kill him if he takes enough damage.
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Peaceful Creatures~

Golden Cockatrice-

This is a tiny bee like creature. It’s furry with yellow fur and black strips. It has the same features of a cat, but it also has wings and antennas. They’re harmless creatures that fits in the palm of your hands. The Golden Cockatrice can be found near any fields of flowers. They are most seen during summer and spring.

The Koibra is a very peaceful being, they’re found near large ponds or peaceful rivers. They are able to breathe both air and water, but prefer to stay in the water where they view the safest. They come in many different colors, but most seem to be white and orange. The Koibra tends to run away or avoid other creatures, but if they are continuously annoyed, that’s when they get violent. Don’t let them bite you, their fangs are extremely toxic.

These are bat like creatures. Their fur is extremely soft and white, the faces are a light pink color. Puffins are normally spotted during the night, as they tend to sleep through the day. They mind their own business, until you get too close to them. They have a very long and hard tail that is their preferred way to fight off anyone who gets too close to their comfort. They also collect air, which goes directly into their neck, to blow strong gusts of wind to push things away. Once they start, they will follow you. Don’t worry though, they’ll lose interest once you’re far enough. The Puffins are scared of fires and won’t come anywhere near them.

Micro Griffins-
The Micro Griffins are one of the most calm and peaceful being you can run into. They’re smaller than actual griffins and seem more cat like. They’re still much larger than the average birds. They’re furry with long, pointed ears. If you see one, and you act rude to them then they will tell all of the other Micro Griffins not to be friendly towards you. If you’re kind and you give them a treat, they’ll reward you with something, that’s normally shiny, that they’ve found.

The Felynes are friendly creatures that resembles cats. They come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Though they understand the human language, they only speaks in meows. Felynes are most known for being companions to the people who they naturally click with. They have to choose you. They help find important things, or even take up jobs to help their own. You might even see a Felyne working at a tavern. These creatures are fine with wearing clothing, tending to match what their own has on. If their owner is wearing armor, they’re probably wearing it as well. They’ll help as much as they can during a battle, but if it starts to look bad, they’ll dig a hole to travel somewhere safe.
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Kingdom Of Carantania-

Carantania is one of the most diverse and populated kingdom. They accept just about any race, even the ones who people might deem as evil. The kingdom has great, big walls surrounding it in hopes to keep any threat outside. Guards can be found each entrance, day or night to check who or what is coming in and out. Before the attack, they use to throw massive festivals during fall to celebrate the death of Arioch. The kingdom is now more quiet than it was before. A couple of buildings are still destroyed or in the progress of being rebuilt.

Before the attack happened, their king was Reuel. He had been ruling the kingdom for over 100 years with his wife and daughter by his side. He was always known as a kind and gentle man, ready to lay down his life for the people in his kingdom if needed. Reuel died saving the people he loved. The next ruler was supposed to be his wife, but nobody knows where she went. There was never a body to be found. The next one in line was their daughter, who is currently ruling to this day.

Kingdom Of Zaewelan-
Zaewelan would be described as ‘Hell on Earth”. The kingdom is surrounded by mountains and dead bodies. Leading up to the castle are dead trees with heads of his enemies hanging down from each one. There is no water here. Instead, they have rivers of lava flowing through. The main races that can be found here are Orcs, Dark Elves, Demons and the Undead.


Their king is a very cruel man named Arioch. He’s a dark elf, who some might call a genius for all the wrong reasons. He’s incredibly smart when it comes to the art of dark magic. He loves ripping things up and putting them back together in a new way. Most of the humanoid beast you might see wondering around Zaewelan are his creations. His second in command is his queen, who is unknown at this point in time.
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Dangerous Creatures~


If you ever see a chicken, you might want to be careful. Cockatoos and chickens look just alike, you most likely won’t be able to tell them apart until it’s too late. These creatures will chase you down and try to kill you if they spot you. The reasons as to why they do this, nobody knows. Their eyes will start to glow a strange blue color. Cockatoos are able to breathe fire, which is what makes them so dangerous. The part that is the most creepy about them is that they speak English and have extremely deep voices. You’ve been warned.

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