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Fandom kind of niche (m// & f// ↝ anime, vidya games, etc...)


probably playing animal crossing
hail & well met, traveler! thanks for clicking my thread!
you can call me cherie or aaron, either is fine! :3

↝ introduction
i'll start with a bit of an introduction, just so we can get the interpersonal stuff out of the way, lol.
i'm a 20 year old full-time employee, which means i'm pretty busy during the day, but i operate
primarily on the EST second shift schedule and am a habitual night owl. i've been roleplaying for
about seven years on and off, and my reasoning for joining is honestly that i'm too embarrassed
to ask my cool roleplay partner of three years to breach the carefully cultivated universe we've
been building together, haha. i'm an awkward and shy conversationalist, but if my lazy syntax and
nonsensical rambling hasn't thrown you off yet, i'm sure we'll be a good fit. (needless to say, i can
properly format the roleplay itself. ooc i'm just not a capital letter kind of guy!)

i haven't been regularly roleplaying for quite some time, so i hesitate to give an estimate for how
long my replies will be, but i promise if i'm passionate about whatever it is we both enjoy, i'll have
no problem writing a novel for you! i hesitate to call my writing literate, for fear of disappointing
someone with a lackluster reply someday, but i like to write and i promise i'm competent! i primarily
roleplay through emails or discord.

↝ partner specification
ideally, i'd like to find someone of relatively the same age that doesn't mind an irregular replying
schedule and is passionate about their half of the craft. i'm kind of awkward, but i would like to
become friends so we can plot without that super weird 'who is in charge of this business' kinda
feeling. plus, i think it would be nice to make a long-term roleplaying friend out of all this!

i myself am gay, so i'd prefer someone who is also some form of lgbt, but it definitely isn't a requirement,
just a hopeful shot in the dark!

↝ fandoms
the italicized character is who i'd like to play.

if there's an asterisk (*) beside it, it's something i will always want to do, and
if you'd prefer the one i have chosen, i will play either character.

sailor moon
  • kunzite / zoisite
  • makoto kino / usagi tsukino
tiger & bunny
  • kotetsu t. kaburagi / barnaby brooks jr *
hetalia let's just get it out of the way, lads
  • france / england ***
  • n. italy / germany **
  • america / japan
  • russia / china
boku no hero academia
  • present mic / eraserhead ***
devilman (familiar with the original & crybaby)
  • akira fudo / ryo asuka
yuri!!! on ice
  • yuuri katsuki / viktor nikiforov
ouran hs host club
  • tamaki suoh / kyouya ootori *
  • hikaru kusakabe / rihito sajou *
fallout: new vegas
  • arcade gannon / craig boone
grand theft auto v
  • trevor philips / michael de santa *
hotline miami 2: wrong number
  • jacket / soldier (beard)
dangan ronpa & super dangan ronpa 2
  • yasuhiro hagakure / byakuya togami
  • hajime hinata / nagito komaeda *** (i prefer hinata, but i'm okay with either)
  • nagito komaeda / izuru kamukura
  • kiyotaka ishimaru / mondo oowada
x-men (familiar with the new & old trilogies)
  • charles xavier / erik lehnsherr
  • pietro maximoff / remy lebeau (this one is solely based on their relationship in all new x-factor)
  • alex summers / armando muñoz
bill & ted's excellent adventure
  • bill s. preston, esq. / ted theodore logan
the adventure zone: balance
  • taako taaco / magnus burnsides
  • taako taaco / kravitz

↝ inspirations
when it comes to plotting ideas, all manners of au or canon are loved and accepted. plot with me, talk
to me about your gooey guilty pleasures and most well-loved cliches! below is a list of a few things that
inspire me, interest me, and just plain scratch my itches.

  • soulmates
  • met on a plane
  • childhood friends
  • enemies to lovers
  • stoners (haha)
  • reincarnated lovers
  • groundhog day
  • vampires
  • 1960s, 1970s, 1980s
  • modern fantasy
  • robots
& here's my 8tracks for a taste of some music that i love!
again, thanks for reading! comment here or pm me if you're interested!
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