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Fantasy Killing the Magic Snatchers - [CURRENTLY CLOSED]

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Architect of Worlds

As said in the title, this is a reboot on a role play I created a while back. I was even asked for it to be featured, but it had died all too quickly. I do believe it falling apart is on me due to lack of proper set up. This time I plan to have the entire set up established before characters are even made, this way you have a better wireframe to go from.


There are many creatures and monsters in this world. But there is one that everyone is afraid of, yet, not everyone knows it exists. Those who do know call them Snatches. These creatures feast on those who have magic inside them, also known as a Lillit. There are a few problems though. Snatches don’t know the difference between a normal human and a Lillit, so they often attack both. As well, Snatches appear to be human, they even go so far as doing human things. The more Lillits a Snatch eats, the stronger it gets.

What is a Lillit?

A Lillit is a human who has magic inside them. They are usually the ones who know Snatches exist because they are what a Snatch is looking for. (Some regular humans know that Snatches exist due to friends, family or run-ins.) Magic is located in the middle of the collarbone. Below are the different Lillit options roleplayers have. There can only be 2 of each role. Thus, I will be accepting 7 roleplayers for this. I will go no further for the sake of organization:

Detection – As the name would have one assume, these Lillits are fantastic at detecting Snatches. While some may be through touch, others could be through hearing or smell, though there is a limited range if it isn't direct. The further the range a Lillit has, the more desired they are.

Healer – Snatches give wounds that hospitals can't immediately treat, as they leave a special kind of poison in their swipes. Lillits with an acute ability to heal help mend the wounds caused by Snatches. It is rare and far in between to find someone who can entirely heal a large wound, but without them, the wound would never heal, as they're capable of removing the poison. (It is however common for a Healer to completely mend small wounds.)

Communication – Can temporary connect their mind with another Lillit and let them know of oncoming danger or if they are injured. This helps the Lillit community know what is happening, where the threat is and saves far more people in the end. Just like Detection Lillits, the further the range, the more desired they are. There are some who must be sitting right next to the Lillit they wish to communicate, while others can be across town.

Ripper – There is a short amount of time where one could retrieve magic back from a Snatch. (Know that removal of ALL magic will cause death.) A Ripper is able to rip into a Snatch and take back the magic before it is entirely devoured and return it to its original owner before owner dies. This kills the Snatch as well. But the time to do so is mere seconds. If a Ripper is on the other side of the ballroom, they most likely wouldn’t make it in time. Rippers tend to stay close to other Lillits at all times. (Rippers can rip magic out of Lillits.)

Magic Altogether -- Lillits have more powers than just the four above. Imagine those as a Lillit's nature. Your character will/should have more powers that branch from the four above. Some may have less magic than others and rely more on physical qualities. It is up to you.


There are many of these hidden mansions throughout the world. While many Lillits live in society, Lillits who have been hired by the Hallowed Council are made to stay in a mansion. Mansions are in a separate dimensional plane and are often located in the middle of cities through a secret entrance. If a member of the mansion leaves by the front door, they'll be met by a forest. If they leave through the secret entrance, they'll be in the middle of a city. The mansion provides butlers, maids and chefs, who tend to be either from Lillit families and never gained magic, or low-magic users. On site, in another building, there are blacksmiths who take care of weapons carried by the Lillit teams.

Who is the Hallowed Council?
Hallowed Council are those who rule over Lillits. They do, in some ways, care for normal humans as well. There have also been rebellious Lillits, mansion teams take care of those as well. They also take into account who needs help from monsters, creatures, and most importantly, snatches. The Hallowed Council sends messages through bats, and also send missions that need to be fulfilled by said team in message.

There are 45 rooms in total for teams. Each team consists of 8 people. So, as you would imagine, rooms 1-8 are a part of team one, 9-16 are team two, etc. This is why the Hallowed Council hates it when Lillits switch rooms, as it makes it difficult for bats, maids and butlers to navigate. The last 4 rooms 41-45, are not used for Lillits. They are occupied by administrators. (There will be one NPC administrator right off the back. We will keep it that way until/if we feel the need for another.)

Where can you find it?
This mansion, in the role play, is actually smack dab in a capital town. But, the only people who know that it exists are the ones who live it and Hallowed Council and administrators. To get inside, your character will need to go to Black Crow Tavern, walk to the back and tap on the wall twice, hold for a second and then once. A door will form and will disappear when your character enters. It leads out of a coat closet in the living room. (This will be seen better once I put up the starter.)

Who is in the mansion?
Just our team, as we are the first to start up the mansion.
One administrator.
Maids, butlers, cooks.
Blacksmiths onsite but in an adjacent building, not directly in the mansion.

This is set in a fantastical world. There are other creatures in here. Such as dragons, griffins, ogres etc. The age it is currently in is a "steampunk" age. Basically, it's a time where engines have been created, but no cars yet.

Our characters may fight things other than Snatches. It could be other Lillits or creatures that are a threat.

My starter will contain much of the plot and setting you need to know. It will be put up BEFORE I allow character skeletons.

Even though you won't be constructing characters right away, I do want to inform that I expect imaginative ideas. So start thinking out of the box.

1. Follow already established rules on RPnation
2. No overpowered characters. It's okay to get hurt, it's more interesting when characters aren't perfect.
3. No Godmodding. We all hate this, don't control characters that aren't yours.
4. (Not exactly a rule, but still important.) You do NOT need to force your character to always be somewhere. Sometimes it's fun to sit back and read a bit. So don't shove your character into conversations with no reason other than attention.
5. (Also not exactly a rule.) That being said with 4, do NOT let people push you away every single time you try to involve yourself. Let me know if there is conflict and people aren't letting your role play. I will try to pay attention to this.
6. Write at least one paragraph. It doesn't need to be huge, just something to work off of. (More is preferred, especially at your introduction.)
7. Tag those who need to read your post. That includes people in the conversation or those it could effect.
8. I'm okay with some cursing, but don't go overboard.


Architect of Worlds
With you three and myself, that's enough to make half a team. That's not to say you can't double up already, but would you guys be interested in starting soon, and perhaps other members come as they come?


Architect of Worlds
@THeLiLmOnster @Svisttt @Kabochamp @Iskolde @BlueJay1403 @ArcaneDreamer @Freddie

Character sheets are open to create. Be sure to read through ALL tabs before making character sheet and come to me for any questions.


Architect of Worlds
As announced in the OOC, we have stopped accepting female characters and will only receive males from this point on. This is nothing against female characters, we just need more males.


Architect of Worlds
I would love to take Communication.
Go ahead and check out the RP. Be sure to check everything as to make sure your character sheet is correct! We'd be happy to have you!


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