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Realistic or Modern Killer Maids&Butlers (lore)

Nekoda: Nekoda is a café situated in Chatan, Okinawa which is a popular tourist destination for young and old. It is pretty busy for almost year-round. The interior is definitely based on the coast, containing some exotic plants to give even more of a vacation feel. The waiters/waitresses wear distinct costumes: male & female. The mascot of the café is Nekoda himself.

Menu Card: The menu consists of sandwiches, salads and sweets mainly accompanied with some nice drinks.
> BLT: bacon / lettuce / tomato
> The Meat Head: turkey & pastrami turkey / jalapeno / white cheddar
> Honey Mustard Chicken: roasted chicken / marble / hennessy honey mustard
> Tuna Melt: tuna / olive / provolone
> Vegetarian: avocado / marble / seasonal vegi
> Hungry Neko: turkey / honey glazed ham / provolone / avocado / BBQ sauce

> BLVD: asian pears / roasted beets / arugula / shaved fennel / candied walnuts / drunk cherries / goat cheese / sherry vinaigrette
> Fattoush: cucumbers / cherry tomatoes / red bell peppers / red onions / kalamata olives / feta / mint / leaf lettuce / crispy flatbread / sumac vinaigrette
> Wedge: baby iceberg / crispy bacon / chives jalapeno ranch / smokehaus blue cheese / grilled corn salsa / pickled green tomatoes
> Kale Caesar: curly kale / smoked cherry tomatoes / shaved red onions / shredded carrots / croutons / parmesan / house caesar dressing
> Antipasto Quinoa: red quinoa / salami / chickpeas radicchio / arugula / artichokes / piquillo peppers / red onions provolone / parmesan / red wine vinaigrette

> Acai Berry Parfait: frozen banana / honey / pumpkin / pomegranate seeds / crunchy granola
> Strawberry Crème Parfaits: strawberries / whipped cream / melted marshmallows / crumbled meringue cookies
> Citrus Parfait: lemon crisps / blueberries / whipped cream / tangy lime curd
> Stracciatella Gelato
> Mint Gelato
> Pistachio Gelato
> Chocolate with Chili Gelato
> Hazelnut Gelato
> Mango Gelato
> Strawberry Shortcake
> Cinnamon Coffee Cake
> Peach Pie
> Homemade Chocolate Pudding
> Banana Cream Cheesecake

Soft Drinks
> Orange Juice
> Coca Cola
> Ginger Ale
> Carbonated Water
> Water
> Tomato Juice
> Coca Cola Zero
> Lemonade (strawberry / melon)
> Ice Coffee
> Ice Tea

Hot Drinks
> Coffee
> Tea
> Herbal Tea
> Cafe Latte
> Caramel Latte
> Green Tea Latte
> Hot Chocolate

> Old Fashioned
> Daiquiri
> Margarita
> Mojito
> Aperol Spritz

Side Jobs: The side jobs Nekoda takes on mainly focus on assassination, tracking, hacking, and that sort of stuff. The owner receives a request and he’ll assign those, who match the request the best, to the job. Sometimes the entire group is required for the more dangerous ones.
Yuto Kimura: The owner of Nekoda. He works behind the scenes both in the café as well as for the side jobs. He’s the one that assigns jobs to people and give tips/guidelines to the employees. This is his appearance: x.

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