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Realistic or Modern Kill Me Softly

Sub Genres
Action, Anime, LGTBQ, Mystery, Platonic, Romance, Slice of Life
A group of mercenaries were betrayed by those they thought of as their allies, some even friends. They were taken into custody by the police force soon after as they didn’t have the time to plan out their escape route on time. The whole hideout got swarmed by the police. Brought to a highly secured prison, separated from each other so they couldn’t communicate, they were stuck for an unknown amount of time. The loneliness would slowly creep into some while others were getting more determined to get out of there. Little did they know they were to be released on one condition only which was to switch over to a normal life which was easier said than done.

These people never had a chance on living a so-called normal life, neither did they know how that got into its work, only knowing bits and pieces from having observed people in their working environment. They were truly outcasts. Eventually after deliberating about it, they agreed with it and were sent to a small city called Weston, situated at the sea and surrounded by forests all around. It wasn’t odd either for the population to be at the lower side, only having a mere 5300 inhabitants. However, it was oddly popular with tourists year-round as the weather was good most of the time and the city offered quite some “attractions”.

Secret agents were put in as well by blending into society, keeping an eye on these “villains” and record on if they would actually change for the better or not. Only time could tell.


As you might have guessed, this story will revolve about blending into society (character-driven). But no worries, there will be events taking place, mysteries to be solved and maybe even a vacation scene here and there where they will be allowed to get out of town. Anything is possible!


> I am looking for mercenaries, secret agents and normal civilians for this RP.

> You can have as many characters as you can handle.

> At least one juicy paragraph (no one or two-liners).

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