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Digital KiKi's Alright Art Attempts

KiKi Kitsune

The Fire Panda Fairy
Yeah so I've been drawing stuff but I don't post regularly... here or anywhere to be frank. So it's likely just going to be sporadic dumps of a bunch of random stuff.

I might make a table of contents of sorts to keep it somewhat neat but AHHH who knows. That requires coding and thought before I post stuff which is not my forte.
Some pictures may have a story behind them which you can read if ya want, but I tend to ramble so I understand if ya just want to look at my mediocre art.

If you have any requests, check out this thread heeereee where I look for characters and stuff to draw for occasional warm ups.
If you want to commission me, I'm almost always open so feel free to PM me.

Old thread here, haven't posted here in like 2 years tho.

Welcome to the shit show. Let's have some fun.
dabbitty dabness.png

KiKi Kitsune

The Fire Panda Fairy
ALRIGHT let's get this show on the road.
After like... 10 minutes of consideration, I still don't know how I'm going to organise these things so imma just start with the oldest stuff first.

Last year my laptop got stolen so I was unable to do any digital art for quite some time. When I finally got a working PC, it took some getting used to the tablet again. To help myself out and not have to stress too much about what to draw, I doodled the character I almost always doodle thanks to his sassy personality and general simple look. Jax mah boi.
He's blue, has 6 eyes, and sharp chompers.
jax sketch page.png
Created Jan 20, 2019

Enjoying the sketches, I posted on a discord server I'm on calling for some random characters to warm up with a bit more. Got a few pretty cool looking ones that I made headshots for (note this moment, because it gets worse)
warmup sketches.png
Created Jan 20. 2019

So, wanting to make an actual piece that is lined and coloured neatly at very least, I decide to draw - drum roll please - Jax! Of course, how original of me. His design is simple yet fun, alright? Sue me.
Anywaaay~ I was still trying to get comfortable with digital again at this point, resetting all my brush presets, etc. So I kept it pretty simple and just did a headshot.

One of the factors about his design that I love is his eyes. He has 6 and they glow, but he also has super long, shaggy hair, which hides it. Most pieces which I commission of him then hide his eyes, so I wanted to make sure that was shown off here.
Jax headshot.png
Created Jan 22, 2019

The story shall continue at a later date~

I hope you enjoyed it so far. Feedback is always appreciated!

KiKi Kitsune

The Fire Panda Fairy
Aaaand we're back with the next instalment.

So those little headshot sketches? Yeah I got more requests for them. Some were even little commissions - like 50c or Amino points. Thankfully they weren't all super basic canines and I got to draw some variations which is always good.
Created Jan 29, 2019

I was looking for a soft boi, so in my search I found one and they were willing to give him to me in exchange for some art. Since I hadn't drawn chibi in a while, it took me a bit longer than before to make sure it was of decent quality. Even so, I was actually super happy with the result. Still am, thinking about it.
Mochi Chibi.png
Created Feb 1, 2019

So I got a new bean and I instantly loved him and gaaaah. He's my sweet little cinnamon roll. So, feeling pretty confident about my chibis, I drew the new bean who was named Aaron cause why da fuck not?
Aaron chibi.png
Created Feb 2, 2019

So that's it for now, see y'all later, byee~

KiKi Kitsune

The Fire Panda Fairy
And~ we continue... Sorry in advance

So with Aaron having his own chibi (and a lot of art of Jax already done) I realised my other characters need some love too. So, the second fluffball I ever made, Erastus, got a chibi. Te be frank, not 100% happy with it. Even when making it felt like something was off, but I pushed through. Still don't know why it's so off putting to me... Something about the face. Maybe it's too small *shrug*
Created Feb 3, 2019

I try to get commissioned when I can... Mostly so I can then spend that money on buying art from other people. So here's a com I did. I like how cute and chubby I got their bodies, but the poses are kinda weak.
Created Feb 3, 2019

Another commission, but was a bit weird for me. I don't usually do... furries that aren't furry. Was a bit of a strange request too, but hey. Customer is a customer.
Created Feb 6, 2019

You can probably see by now, I have a thing for the "sticker" look. I dunno, the clean white just makes it feel so much better. Sue me.

In the next issue, there will be HUMANS! WHAAAAT?! A mainly furry artist can draw people too? Hint: It's cause furries like spending money.
Until next time, mah dudes~

KiKi Kitsune

The Fire Panda Fairy
On to the next one.

So a discord server I'm part of had a Valentines Day event. Basically you needed to Secret Santa something. Draw or write or... I dunno. I just saw that I had to draw someone's character and was like "cool, I can do that." So I went and put a lot of actual effort in. Got a result I was pretty happy with too. I even made a speedpaint that you can see HERE.
Was kinda bummed that the person who had me made a generic poem that didn't even fit me since I'm not particularly active on the server, but hey.
Created Feb 10, 2019

On the subject of youtube videos, I was following a couple of indie game devs pretty regularly. One in particular was really pleasant to watch, Raymond Cripps and his game Project: Feline. It's really cool watching him make a game he wants to make the way he wants to make it. As someone who wants to study game dev, it's pretty inspiring.
You can see his channel HERE.
The game itself is sorta a free-run platformer. Looks similar to mirrors edge with the way it encourages movement, so I tried to simulate that with the pose. I think I did an alright job all in all.
Created Feb 10. 2019

Then there was a request from a friend that I took on. It has not been completed to this day and I don't think it will. It was meant to be pixel art, but I'm just... not there yet.
Created Feb 15, 2019

Thank you for the kind words~
Until next time

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