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Whatever you are doing weld, I hope you have a wonderful time and thank you for sharing your creativity and talent with us! <3
<3 <3 <3
Its sad to see your shop closed but i loved all of your freebies. Keep being the star you are <3

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thank you love <3 ^.^

Dissa all so mindblastingly amazing O_______O I Just want to say you have wonderful brain ^3^!
jahsdihasdjha thank you so much. this 'wonderful brain' is so big empty lol

All of your stuff is so gorgeous! It's insane!

I've been using your codes (and seeing them all around) since I came here, and it just inspires me so much when I see them!

You're truly an inspiration! ❀ ❀ ❀
T.T thank you so much! i've been watching your thread also and love seeing how you're growing as a coder!

Hello weldherwings weldherwings my most glorious coding goddess...I have a request do I PM you or post here?
hey hey hey! so i'm not taking any requests atm because uni and work is being extremely crazy atm that im barely even on rpn T.T but the amazing Uxie Uxie has her shop open that you could always ask her!

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