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Fandom Kemii’s Fandom Search-A-Roo

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Action, Adventure, Anime, LGTBQ, Multiverse, Romance

Kemii Lu

Junior Member

I honestly just thought it was a cool gif. XD Anyhoo, I’m Kemii and welcome to my search thread! I’m not going to waste too much of your time, just lay down some ground rules and throw out there what I’m looking for in the hopes of finding similarly interested partners to create some awesome role plays with and hopefully have a little bit of fun a long the way. And hey, if we get to know each other a bit too, all the merrier.

For the basics though, I’m 24, just moved to Texas and I work part time in retail while also going to school. ( :

  1. I just recently moved, and during that move I didn’t have any time at all to role play. If we’ve ever spoken in the past, feel free to message me again if I haven’t already reached out to you, things have settled down quite a bit.
  2. I use an iPad as my main computing device, so while I do my best to type correctly and send decent sized responses — please understand typos, and while I will focus on quality over quantity, my posts may not be huge. Probably 2-3 goodsized paragraphs on average.
  3. I’m one of those insufferable fanboys who enjoys making original characters and throwing them into fandom verses. Lmao. But I do try and make all my characters just that, original, and I’d appreciate if you do the same. I’m not judgmental, promise, I just want to see some effort put into your lovely characters. ( :
  4. That means I’ll happily either double up for you, if you’d like, and play any character of your choice (that I’m confident in playing or learning to play) or we can just use original characters in the fandom verse and do our own thing.
  5. Oh, and I do prefer mxm for obvious reasons — if we’re doubling up though, I’ll happily play a character of any gender for you.
  6. I’ll happily role play over threads or conversations, but I won’t roleplay off-site. Sorry, I don’t use discord or any other instant messaging applications.
I think that’s all for now, or until I think of something else to add. Feel free to ask questions though!


Movies & Television
- Riverdale
- Teen Wolf
- Supernatural
- Shadowhunters
- Voltron ♥
- Elite (Netflix) ♥
- Maze Runners
- Hunger Games
- Game of Thrones
- BBC Merlin
- The Avengers / Marvel
- Legend of Korra
- Twilight Series
- The 100 ♥
- True Blood
- Pacific Rim
- Star Trek (Movie verse only.)
- Jurassic World/Park
- The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ♥
- Stranger Things
- Jessica Jones
- 13 Reasons Why ♥
- The Order ♥
- The Society ♥

Anime & Manga
- Blue Exorcist
- Yuri On Ice!
- Food Wars!Shogukei No Soma
- Attack on Titan
- Naruto
- Bleach
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Fairy Tail
- Fate Zero: UBW
- Sword Art Online

Video Games / Other
- Overwatch
- Mass Effect
- Uncharted ♥
- Detroit: Become Human ♥
- Youtube
- Celebrities
- Bundesligia / MLS
Perhaps I’ll post pairings and such later, but for now, just ask. There’s also plenty of things I probably forgot to include, so don’t hesitate to ask about that as well. ( :

fruit soup

i'm bout to jikan desu this man's whole career
Hi there! I'd be interested in either doing Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or Attack on Titan with you if you're interested! : )

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