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Keeping Yourself Safe


Gamer Girl
! Please note: This applies to everyone, as you could be a target or put yourself at risk no matter your age.

Below I've listed some tips to keep yourself safe on the internet. Please remember these and be cautious.
▶ Be aware of all info provided to you by the person. Be sure to ask and bring it up more than once - they could be lying.
▶ Keep in mind any age gaps. Typically if a 25 yr old chooses to constantly associate with a 13 yr old, it means bad news.
▶ If you haven't known this person for like, 2 years, don't meet up. Turn down any ideas and suggestions.
▶ Keep note of the things they want to talk about with you. If you're 13 and their 25 bringing up sex, then block them.
▶ Putting your phone number out there is no bueno. This could be used to track you.
▶ Don't share your full name, or the names of your family. They could use this info to find you.
▶ Do not reveal where you work or where you go to school.
▶ Never reveal more than the state you live in.
▶ Your gut won't lie to you. Be sure to listen to it, it might just save your life.
▶ Don't send nudes. Even if you're of age. It could spread around and ruin you.

! There may be SOME expectations but very rarely. I have been a target of multiple predators and lived through this myself. Please be careful out there everyone.

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