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Once upon a time, a King ruled over a kingdom called Zaranfar. The kingdom was weak, and vulnerable, as any Kingdom that lost its beautiful Queen would be. The King was left with two strong sons and a strong beautiful daughter who looked like the Queen. The King was named Lancelot, his eldest son named Timber, his second born named Isaac and his beautiful daughter named Ganalina. As the three grew older each became bolder and stronger in their talents. Each differing in their intentions for the kingdom.

The oldest Timber wanting to make the kingdom lush, and healthy. Whilst he was forced to learn everything he could to become king, fighting, horseback riding and nobility. He also wanted to encourage everyone to be fed well and the riches of the kingdom to be spread throughout the kingdom so everyone could enjoy it.

The second born was interesting in learning all about the sciences, how he could heal the sick and assisting his older brother with his plans to fix the breaking down kingdom. He was learned and soon increased his learning by becoming more and more intelligent in his upkeep and healing of the sick and wounded.

The youngest the beautiful Ganalina had no interest in joining her brothers on their quest. She knew she was the youngest and she wanted nothing more than to become the leader of the kingdom. She knew this would never happen due to her two brothers ahead of her. This made her angry and hateful towards them.

When the king was on his deathbed the sneaky Ganalina convinced her father that it would be cruel if he didn’t give her a piece of the kingdom for herself. So the king decided to dutifully split the Kingdom into three parts. It hurt Timber that his sister hated him so, for he loved her with all his heart in the most brotherly and heartfelt way possible.

The brothers both moved onto their pieces, The eldest brother received Zaranfar itself, whilst the other two were given kingdoms to protect and name themselves. The Princess and the second prince set out to their kingdoms. But along the journey, the princess used sorcery to murder her brother. His body would never be found. Once the eldest brother had heard of his brother's death he was distraught but he immediately set out to wage war against his sister to avenge his brother's death. He achieved it, but in his noble and kind heart, he allowed his sister to keep her portion. Timber laid claim to two/thirds of his father's kingdom, altogether it became what was known today as Zaranfar. A lush beautiful kingdom full of trees, villages and happy people. King Timber had long since died and as had the beautiful Ganalina. But Ganalina had a great-granddaughter who swore that her Great Grandmother would be avenged and that she would take back the kingdom that should rightfully belong to her.

Now the king of Zaranfar today is noble and righteous much like Timber of old was. The king had a handsome son named Isaac after the deceased prince. Isaac loves to ride horseback out in the woods for as long and far as he could. The Queen of the ⅓ kingdom has discovered many things about Isaac and also knows how much Isaac means to the King of Zaranfar.

Hello! :) I'm a high school student :) I'm usually open almost always for a roleplay! I can normally write 2-12 paragraphs of 4-7 lines sometimes more sometimes less depending on how much you give me :) and how I'm feeling. Lol! I'm normally on a lot! I will give you at least one reply every two days! :) I prefer Rp in pms here. For my character sheets I do realistic name claims, and a fun list I created! But I don't do personality or background! I like to discover most of the rest as we go! I'm looking for someone who doesn't do one liners! We all can be lowered to them but I'm looking for someone who can really help me keep it going. I would appreciate at least two paragraphs per post, at miniumum one. I love to talk! So please don't be afraid to talk to me! We will follow all of the site rules throughout this rp! Now about this idea! I think that the Queen has decided to kidnap the prince and force him to marry her own daughter. I would like to play the prince whereas I think you would play the daughter of the furious Queen! There are so many possibilities here but I think this could be a really fun one!

Another idea that I like is the Queen just simply kidnapping him, maybe she tortures him as a way to take her anger out? While she waits for the King of Zaranfar to make up his mind on which is more important. His son, or his kingdom. And the Queens daughter feels sorry for him?

Or maybe we could do your idea for the plot?

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