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Multiple Settings Kawashima's RP Search | Plots, Pairings & Cravings ((Revamped & Reopened)) (Ignore Post Count)

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Kawashima Lightning

Creative Writer
Avatar and Content have both been updated in original posts. Previously unavailable plots are now available and vice versa. Always looking for partners, don't be shy!

Dynasty Girl

Even those without Hearts can love
Hmm the only thing we match in is Harry Potter. If you'd be up for Canon x Canon I actually have a plot that could end up in pregnancy down the line

Kawashima Lightning

Creative Writer
I don't really do modern settings it just isn't my cup of tea,if you're open for Medieval Fantasy or a historical romance then we could possibly still RP
Medieval Fantasy...I may have something for that actually! Especially if Romance is involved. I actually have a few characters for that. Though they're all...women. ^^"

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