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I'm not sure where to post this but this place makes the most sense, Hello I am planning on putting together a D20 Campaign for Kancolle/Strikewitchs (mostly the same universe laws, I'm not gonna limit you to little girls you can be dudes :p) If anyone wants to join please feel free to contact me or ask questions here. It is preferred if you use discord for voice communication.


The Pun Tyrant
How would this work exactly? I haven't seen those anime yet, though I've been meaning to, but.... How would you make a campaign of that? What kind of campaign and system are we talking about?
So In either or the units have the mobility platforms, for strike witchs it's the two leg engines they typically use LMGs and what abilitys that are they have(all have this sheild they use and others are more specific like lighting bolts or super speed or strength) where in kancolle they're platforms carry smaller versions of naval cannons. In terms oh system take the D20 sheet it'll take some modifications to the system it'll take some getting used to and work put into it for a while between all of us

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