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World Building Kaizoic Prequel

Da Doofus

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Hello, I and another on this site have been joyfully continuing a storyline started all the way in January 1st and it's still going strong.
If you're curious, look for Kaizoic: Earth Reborn on my works. It's the only active one I have, but I'm wanting to expand the universe in a prequel RP.
The world before the main Kaizoic story is a scifi world in the 2200's and I'm wanting it to be a cyberpunk setting with cultural homages to the 20's and pseudo-50's.
So far all I've got is Electro-Swing, energy weapon toting gangsters, police robots, and a scifi Wild West thing going in some parts.

I'm reaching out to you all for some ideas on flavoring this Old World since scifi human societies are still sort of new in my creative spectrum.

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