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"Kaiju Enthusiast"

[ Inspired by the original Kaiju War Chronicles by Toho KIngdom. ]

Hey you! Yeah, you! Do you like kaiju? What about Mecha? And do you wish there was a RP that can fulfill your kaiju battling desires by pitting your favorite monsters from fiction against one another: like Godzilla against Gamera or Ultraman versus Gipsy Danger? Then wish no more! Partake in epic battles of colossal proportions in “Kaiju War Legacy” to see who will come on top as the true “King/Queen of the Monsters”!

Premise is straight-forward: Pick an appropriate kaiju and/or mech combatant from fiction and fight against each other in a collaborative arena-based match up! There’s no overarching plot other than the ones you forge yourself!

1). Kaiju and mecha characters must have originally come from an existing piece of media (ie: Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, etc). No OC creations allowed (only OCs you may see are NPC entities by me, depending on the scenario at hand). However, feel free to redesign and reimagine your kaiju combatants if you like by altering their backstory or adding any additional powers to their arsenal as long as they stay true to the character and are within reason - which would be considered as a "Legacy" character.
  • 1a). Multiple versions of the same character are currently discouraged (ie: two King Ghidorahs) unless they are distinctly different enough (ie: Showa (alien) Mechagodzilla and Mechagodzilla III Kiryu). However, if you feel like one should be included for any reason, DM me your case and we'll see if it can work.
  • 1b). If you want to make an OC and have it fight other kaiju, feel free to check out Kaiju War Legacy's sister RP - Kaiju War Chronicles.

2). Plot is not the dominating factor in this particular RP (albeit subject to change). This is more of a way to flex your writing skills and have fun through kaiju combat. I will not assign any overarching or secret plots, however if you want to have some kind of continuity or “fighting” plot with other fighters, then feel free to discuss it with me. "Event Matches" is one example I had in mind regarding one of multiple player entities going up against a "boss" character. (Also if things kick off and lean more towards plot-heavy elements, I may create a separate “plot-driven” RP or simply remove this rule from the list).

3). I highly encourage posts to be at minimum 1 - 2 paragraphs. Try not to simply make one simple sentence and call it a post - make it more engaging and detailed!

4). 1v1 fights are standard, however more players and fighters can join both prior and during the battle provided everyone involved in the battle is fine with it. Do not invade other players’ battles without their permission first.

5). In every battle, your fighter has a chance to be slain in battle (at your discretion). This, of course, can be arranged with your partner if you both decide who should die - whether it be they want to retire it, announce that they are leaving the RP, or if they think it’s fitting that it should die in that conflict. Of course, being that this is (currently) a truly battle-based RP, this character can be revived for the next fight, whether it's acknowledged as a form of “continuity” or not. (If plot becomes more of a thing, this rule will also be modified to fit that portion)
  • 5a). If your opponent becomes inactive during a battle for an extended period of time, and has not notified you or the GM about their situation, then you have the option to either leave the battlefield through a fair excuse, or be able to defeat the kaiju in your own way (with GM permission). If you chose the latter option, do NOT kill the fighter - rather have it retreat so that it can be picked up again by the player if he/she decides to return.

6). Obligatory and standard RP rules - no metagaming, godmodding, mary-sues, etc. Every fighter has a weakness, no exceptions. Failure to comply with these rules repeatedly will have you banned from combat.

7). And as always, have fun!

If you have any questions, requests, or comments, feel free to ask me for details.

Also I highly recommend to take a look at the original Kaiju War Chronicles page and read on some of the glorious fan matchups! Most of the stories there are pretty good! They might even help you become inspired when writing or just in general to get the feel of battle.

Below are the sheets if you'll like to start making your character now (before the RP can begin):

  • [image]

    Name: (Self explanatory; Also add in nicknames/titles if your character has any)

    Appearance: (Describe what your kaiju looks like in words. Mention anything that is not seen in the picture, such as additional constructs, armor, etc)

    Universe: (What universe franchise did your kaiju originate from? Ie: Godzilla, Gamera, Pacific Rim, etc)

    Gender: (Male, female, or something else?)

    Size: (Both meters and feet are permitted; include height, length, and weight)

    Alignment: (Refer to the alignment chart: IE: Chaotic Evil, Lawful Good, true neutral, etc)

    Personality: (How does your kaiju act?)

    Biography: (Where and how did your kaiju originate?).

    Powers/Abilities: (List your fighter’s powers and abilities, even extra forms if it has any)

    Weakness: (Every fighter must have a potentially exploitable weakness)

    Wins: (List your wins and losses here after every battle; Otherwise keep blank)
    Losses: (And here)
    Draws: (Also here)

    Parameters: (see sheet)

    Misc: (Add any other additional info to your kaiju, including trivia and theme songs!)
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"Kaiju Enthusiast"
Also just to claim my first 4 fighters, here's whom I will be starting with:

- Godzilla (Monsterverse-based)
- Custom Mechagodzilla (in response to Godzilla: Room for Alien MG and other existing MG units like MGII and Kiryu)
- Evangelion Unit-02
- King Ghidorah (Monsterverse-based)
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Shooting Star Asuka

Small Knaifu Waifu

Infernal Dinosaur
The King

Universe From:
The Legend of Zelda


60 Meters tall
100 Meters long
30,000 Tons


King Dodongo is his species Alpha. A giant from a parralell universe that came to earth via light speed travel, though the creature itself is not Lightspeed. He yeilds to no one, and fights to continue his species propogation. He is unable to speak, yet his mind is primitive enough to be bossed around by a stronger being.

The last surviving member of his species from a distant land called Hyrule. The land was destroyed by an unknown evil, which sent the infernal dinosaur to earth.

King Dodongo has a few abilities similar to Anguirus, being able to curl into a ball and roll around to smash stuff, and have a body as hard as diamond covered Titanium plating. However, a big difference is that King Dodongo can shoot balls of extreme heat at a target, and these can be shot in succession. As far as healing goes, it's somewhat slow, but the king can recover within a week.

Explosives shot into its mouth can kill it if enough force is exerted from it.


All Around attacker
Power: C
Speed: D, B if rolling in a ball.
Range: C
Constitution: A against everything. F if said attack was shot into the mouth.
Intelligence: D


Shooting Star Asuka

Small Knaifu Waifu
Super MechaGodzilla

Universe: Godzilla

120 Meters
150,000 Tons

Faction: GDF

In the year 20xx, the increased threat of Godzilla and other kaiju that exist to terrorize mankind has resulted in the start of a project to eliminate them once and for all. Using the head of a destroyed battle mech from the future as a design base, Super MechaGodzilla was born. Piloted by the best fighter pilots known to man, this machine, formed of three separate vehicles, is humanity's last line of defense.

Docking Formation - Using the land tank Gundalva & Ocean sub Naga, They become MechaGodzilla! However, Garuda is needed to become Super MechaGodzilla, and fight at full power. Separately, the Gundalva makes the arms and head, as the Naga forms the legs. The Garuda is used for flight and aerial maneuverability.


The Torso of Mechagodzilla, The Gundalva is the very essence of a futuristic battle tank. The cannons are installed with paralyzer missiles, designed to stop a kaiju from moving once the target is struck by them. Howrver, the missiles must strike into the flesh of the kaiju to take effect, meaning multiple shots may need to be fired to do so. The tank can also hover in air to dock with Naga.

A Submarine type machine designed for underwater combat, yet it can drive around on land as well. It also has Paralyzer missiles, as well as two auto turrets designed to be anti air support in the case any opposing assaults are made from the sky. The plasma grenade is located where the Maser cannon is placed at. The Naga can also hover.


The third part to create MechaGodzilla. The head is located here, as well as possessing a twin maser gun on the head of it.

This is a list of the abilities gained when Gundalva, Garuda, and Naga combine:

Mega Buster - A beam weapon is fired from MechaGodzilla's mouth. It is able to damage the organic tissue of most kaiju.

Laser Cannons - Gun emplacements located in the eyes of MechaGodzilla. The lasers utilize maser technology to inflict damage to enemy kaiju.

Plasma Grenade - The ultimate technique of MechaGodzilla, which fires a high energy beam at the target.

Diamond Coat - On all three machines, Synthetic diamond coating covers the machine and protects it from energy based attacks, and redirects all the energy to the plasma grenade when in combined form.

Shock Anchor - Instaled on the arms, electromagnetic anchors pierce the hide of the opposing kaiju, and zaps it full of electricity to fry it from the inside.

Flight at mach 1 for Gundalva and Naga. Flight at mach 2 for Garuda. Mach 3 flight for when all three combine.

Weakness: Mechagodzilla is not nimble enough to handle CQC combat with the swiftest of kaiju.

Alignment: Neutral


Long Range attacker
Power: A
Speed: C for Gundalva and Naga. B for Garuda and MechaGodzilla
Range: A
Constitution: B. D if against Solar level heat.
Intelligence: N/A (Cause Robot.)​
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All according to my Scenario
Name: Ymir Fritz, Queen of Paradis, Khaleesi of the Great Eldian Empire, Mother of Titans, The Unburnt, Breaker of Chains, Queen of the Eldians and the Marleyans and all races of Men, Protector of the Nine Titans, Lady of Eldia, Founder of Nations and Ender of Empires

(I jest, I jest.)

Founding Titan, Goddess Ymir, The Girl in the Paths, Girl with a Pail, Krista


Universe: Attack on Titan

Gender: Female

Size: 270 meters in Titan form, ~two meters in human form

Alignment: True Neutral

Personality: Ymir Fritz is an enigmatic, silent girl. Little is known about her, save for that she is devoted to defending mankind from kaiju. She is not, however, fond of working with humanity’s mechas. She has an affinity for a certain, rare ethnicity from Europe, the Eldians.

One day, a little girl fell into a deep and water-filled pit. She then made contact with the Source of all Organic Matter, and acquired the Power of the Titans as a result.

Titan Transformation: If Ymir’s blood is drawn, and she has a clear goal in mind, she can create a Titan body around herself. The explosion of her transformation is great enough to devastate an entire harbor.

Hardening: Ymir can harden her body with bluish crystal, and use this power to create weapons or structures from the ground (like spikes).

Endurance: Ymir can remain transformed for months at a time.

Speed: Ymir is fast for her size.

Heat Generation: Ymir can evaporate parts of her body to create waves of heat, and her body is searingly hot.

Regeneration: Ymir can heal virtually any wound as long as she has a will to survive. Small injuries are healed in seconds, severed limbs require about 2 minutes, and a destroyed head or torso 3-4 minutes. Severed limbs evaporate, producing dense steam, as do wounds.

Biological Self-Manipulation: Ymir has near-unlimited power over her own biology, and can create new Titans as mooks from her flesh if she desires.

Weakness: If her nape is destroyed, she will die.

Wins: (List your wins and losses here after every battle; Otherwise keep blank)
Losses: (And here)
Draws: (Also here)

Type: Physical Goddess
Power: A
Speed: B
Range: C
Constitution: A
Intelligence: C
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Tis the season of padoru

"Larger than life to crush like a machine"
{[Breaking Mammoth]}
Giant Waking

Appearance: (Describe what your mech looks in words. Mention anything that is not seen in the picture, such as additional constructs, armor, etc)

Pilot/Creator: Aruto Hiden//Kamen Rider Zero-One/Zero-Two
-The current president of Hiden Intelligence and Hiden Manufacturing. He's once a comedian who inherited the company due to the wishes of his grandfather. He fights to bring peace between Humans and AI, although he lacks the business prowess to run the company.

Universe: Kamen Rider Zero-One

Size: 7.68 Meters(about as tall as a 2 story building) in height. 6920 kg in weight

Hiden Intelligence ~ A Company that specializes in making AI operated robots known as Humagears.

Biography: When the Zea Satellite was built, there was a mecha that was installed as a part of it intended to be used as a means to rescue people in large scale natural disasters. It went unused as they focused more and more towards developing modern humagears. During the conflict that arose because of the cyber terrorist group, Metsuboujinrai.Net, the President's Secretary, Izu, took note of the Blueprints which were similar to the large mechas that were being manufactured by government anti-cyber terrorist agency AIMS and tech company ZAIA known as Gigers, which aimed to stop Humagears from being hacked by providing its own secure network. By a string of irony, the Gigers that was developed by ZAIA and AIMS were hacked after a raid at their headquarters by Metsuboujinrai.Net, causing Yua to turn to Hiden in hopes of developing something to help stop the Gigers.

Ater developing the Breaking Mammoth key from the Mammoth Zetsumerise Key, the mecha that was attached on the satellite can now be utilized by Kamen Rider Zero-One.

Part enlargement - Specifically, the large, buckler-like plates covering the mecha's arms. Utilizing the Breaking Impact finisher, after ejecting one of the plates, it grows larger, allowing the mecha to use it as a stomping board to flatten/crush its opponents. The bucklers are now outfitted with thrusters so that it would return to Breaking Mammoth's wrists

Progrise Booster Unit - When Aruto switches Progrise Keys while in Breaking Mammoth, it no longer forces him out of the mecha. Instead, the form's powers is added onto Breaking Mammoth's capabilities. Aruto's Progrise Keys are as follows:
Rising Hopper - Default Form Aruto assumes when entering Breaking Mammoth. Nothing is added at that point.
Flying Falcon - Breaking Mammoths gains pink, metal wings in its humanoid form. In addition to flight, Breaking Mammoth could now shoot metal shards towards it opponent. In jet form, it also shoots these pink metal shards.
Flaming Tiger - Breaking Mammoth can now shoot hot fireballs or flamethrowers measuring around 1000 degrees Celsius, almost enough to melt steel. Its fists also heat up to that amount. In jet form, it could shoot small fireballs or flamethrowers with heat measuring around 800 degrees Celsius
Freezing Bear - Breaking Mammoth can now blow liquid nitrogen from its trunk at the chest directly from its cooling systems. However, due to the fact that it comes directly from the cooling systems, its also a weakness. If Aruto manages to use up at 60% of the nitrogen in the mecha, the trunk would automatically lock up, preserving it until it finishes fighting. In jet form, it shoots freezing beams.
Biting Shark - Breaking Mammoth's horns will now turn blue. Additionally, it would now be able to function under water. Its jet form could function as a submarine.

Shining Assault Booster Unit - When Aruto switches forms to Shining Assault Hopper while inside Breaking Mammoth, it gains access to the SHINE System. The Shine System are comprised of large crystals that shoot and protect its user. Its silver plating becomes blue when this unit is activated.

Metal Cluster Booter Unit - When Aruto switches forms to Metal Cluster Hopper, Breaking Mammoth will now be protected with an extra layer of metallic armor known as Cluster Cells present in Metal Cluster Hopper. These cells are bonded together, creating a tough shell. However, these cells can be commanded to either create spikes or barriers which would protect the mecha from fatal damage. While it does so, the Cluster Cells will expose the part its protecting when used. In this form, Breaking Mammoth turns fully grey, its eyes turning green.

Zero-Two Booster Unit - When Breaking Mammoth is utilized while Aruto uses the Zero-Two Driver, Breaking Mammoth gains an increase in speed. Due to Zero-Two's increased processing power AND being able to utilize its predictive capabilities, it becomes exponentially faster, almost as fast as its pilot on the ground. There's also an increase in its power, strong enough to break through titanium . Breaking Mammoth's overall stats remain the same save for its speed and power. Its fists, horns, and antennae turn red when this unit becomes active.

Flight - As a jet, it is capable of flight.

Transformation - As noted, Breaking Mammoth can transform into a large battle jet. It is armed with lasers potent enough to destroy a satellite core.

Weakness: The Breaking Mammoth mecha is controlled via the pilot's thought which is stored in the mecha's chest. Take it out, and Breaking Mammoth is inoperable. It is also noted that strong laser beams can effectively force Breaking Mammoth to eject its pilot. Due to this, if a fatal decapitation were to occur(say, removing the head), Breaking Mammoth would force its pilot out before it is completed. There is at most a minute delay if the Pilot decides to utilize the Booster Units as Aruto would have to insert the Progrise Key onto a slot on the Cockpit to ensure that the Mecha is still operable. Even after the initial form switch, the delay persists. This is to prevent form spamming.

Alignment: Lawful Good(due to its pilot)

(List your wins and losses here after every battle; Otherwise keep blank)
Losses: (And here)
Draws: (Also here)

Close Quarters Brawler(Normal/Zero-Two Booster)/All-Rounder(Progrise/Shine/Metal Cluster Booster)
Power: B(Can destroy similar mechas)/A(Shining Assault's SHINE SYSTEM/Metal Cluster's Cluster Cells/Zero-Two Driver)
Speed: C(Can perform swift movements despite how big it is.)/ A(Zero-Two Driver)
Range: C/A(When using the Flying Falcon, Flaming Tiger Progrise, Shining Assault and Metal Cluster Booster Units)
Constitution: C(Can withstand similar mechas, yet can be deactivated by a single, powerful laser arrow fired from a prototype weapon.)/A(Metal Cluster Booster Unit's Cluster Cells)
F(relies on the pilot to move)

(Combat Overview)
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"Kaiju Enthusiast"
Can I be yog sothoth? Does that count as a kaiju?
Straight to Lovecraftian entities I see ~

While yes it's "technically" a kaiju in a sense... I feel that these characters can be pretty complicated to manage due to their "reputation" let's say. They are more on broad "constructs" in tone rather than "physical" entities - dare I saw potentially a bit too OP, especially in Yog-Sothoth's case. I would recommend, at least for now, restraining from those particular creatures for something more "comprehensible" if you get my drift. However if you still want to utilize such characters, best I can do is allow a balanced-out Cthulhu for now.

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