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Fantasy Justiciars Rite (Interest Check)

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Justiciars Rite is a fantasy roleplay based in the Realm of Icharus. Your character and everyone else's characters will be a Justiciar. What is a Justiciar you ask? A Justiciar is a human that has the favor of the Athair Mhaith and the Athair Olc, Gods of Icharus. When the time is right a small number of Justiciar are born into the world with exceptional strength and power. When they turn 12 they are to pledge themselves to the Good Father, Athair Mhaith or the Bad Father, Athair Olc. This roleplay will be the journey of all the Justiciars starting from when they choose who to turn to.

The Realm of Icharus is a massive place. Full of danger and turmoil. Cults against those who wish to kill Justiciars, some who want to hold them under lock and key. Lords and scum alike wish to use them for their own gain. But sometimes you shouldn't play with fire. Even if you are familiar with it, it can come out and incinerate you.
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