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Fandom Justice Soul (searching for canon characters)

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Disclaimer: I am seeking an Undertale role play.

Post length: I typically write between one and five full paragraphs, often more during particularly exciting parts of a role play. During heavy dialogue portions, I am more than happy to dial down to simply writing what's being said between characters. After all, there's only so much you can do during a talk.

I will be leading the story with my human character who has a justice soul. I will also role play canon characters and other monsters as necessary. I am primarily looking for someone to role play as Sans as he's likely to be the biggest pain in my character's ass, considering the story line. Gaster will most definitely be involved, and I promise you he's not going to be the nice "Dadster" headcanon.

The story will begin in Snowdin after my character has fully explored the underground after who knows how many resets. The story will start off with my character performing a secretive nefarious act with no obvious purpose. Once they are heading back to their home in Snowdin with potential evidence of said nefarious act, that is when they will brush past Sans, in whatever scenario he is currently in.

Mistakes have been made since she's arrived. Upon realization of these mistakes, she's taken it upon herself to reverse them, or at the very least, patch them over. After exhausting every sensible route, there was one passage left unknown. To escape the horror that awaits the undermountain, Alex uses what little cryptic information available to reach into depths not meant to see light. Risking it all, Alex could provide all of Mount Ebott their happily ever after, or she could plunge everyone she loves into the void.

Please message if you're interested. Message here or private message me, whatever floats your boat. I'll happily answer any questions you may have.

P.s. The tag list sucks ass


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Whoa geez, I hadn't realized how many new postings are made in this section daily. With how many new postings there are, and how many people who just type "bump" to see their thread at the top again, it feels like I'm invisible. It's a little bit discouraging. For any who see this, do you have any suggestions on how to attract an RP partner?


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(I've decided I'm just going to post my starter here. Maybe I'll attract more interest that way.)

-Today was the day, the day she would finally find the last secret stowed away within Mt. Ebott. Every area had been discovered and all but one monster had been battled and befriended. These were her friends. Yeah, some of them were a bit weird, some she liked more than others, but they are all as one. To save one, she must save them all.

Since she's realized this, it had become her duty to serve the monsters of Mt. Ebott. Those with an outside perspective may see a path clearly deemed as the 'true ending', but Alex knew only despair awaited everyone there. She had to take a more unorthodox approach. Everyone seems to have an idea what's best for them, but in some circumstances, those thoughts turn out to be completely wrong. No, they don't know what's best. No one here knows what's best for the underground, let alone themselves... but Alex does. Alex knows what's best for everyone, and she's willing to die for it.-

THUD! THUD! THUD! Alex pounded her fist on the ancient doorway leading to the ruins.- "What happens when two snails get into a fight?"
"They SLUG it out!"

-Soft laughter sounds audible past the stone passage. Then, a kindly voice returns the favor.- "Why is the snail the strongest animal?"
"I don't know, why?"
"Because he carries a house on his back!"

-The shadow of a smile teases Alex's expression.- "Why didn't I think of that?"
-Briefly, she peers over to where she's hidden the flowers.- "So ya gonna let me in or what?"
-The ruined gateway grinds to an opening Alex swiftly steps through, then the passages drudges back to its original state as though it had never opened in the first place.-
"It has been so long since I've last seen you. Where ever have you been? If it weren't for hearing your voice on the phone, I would have thought..."
"Ah it's all right, ma. All the monsters of the underground just had to have a piece of me. After I put them in their place, we all became friends. They don't hassle me anymore. Sorry I didn't come to see you any sooner. It's been quite the adventure for the past few weeks. Your shield has saved me from countless sketchy encounters."

-The worry that looked to have plagued Toriel for the past few weeks seemed to all but melt away after hearing the news. Had the monsters really come to accept her dear child?-
"I'm so proud of you... Friends? You've really made that many friends?"
-No one could have stopped that smile on Toriel's face. Alex just smiled and winked at her.- "You know it. Feels like... A certain peace had come over the underground. I do my best to keep everyone's morale up. I think... I think I could live the rest of my life down here."
-It was almost too good to be true. The monsters had come to accept this dear child, and it sounds like she'll never face Asgore. Please allow this to be it. No more painful decisions, just please let this be.
For the rest of the day, Toriel and her child would spend it catching up on each other's business. Alex told wild stories of her battles and Toriel showed off personal projects and what she's done with the place since Alex's absence. The two bonded well and Alex took every opportunity to indulge Toriel's talking points and interests. When the day began winding down, Alex decided to take the lead on cooking dinner. Considering most of Toriel's food consisted of snails... yeah.- "You know, on the surface, humans don't typically eat snails. They think they're gross, but! There are a few good recipes out their that do snails justice."
"Oh yeah, and you have the french to thank for that. It's easy to overcook the snails, make them too rubbery. That's not good. But! The french made a dish called escargot. Something about boiling snails in a garlicky butter sauce?"

-Alex shrugged and put into action her best estimation of what an escargot recipe would be. Even if it was incorrect, it'd most definitely be better than Toriel's... snail... pie. EUGH!

When the dish was complete, Alex plated it and arranged it all nice like how she's seen it on Hell's Kitchen. Then, she served the dish and it was time to give it a taste... It wasn't the worst, but Alex had to hold back a couple of urges to gag. Toriel loved it, so that's what really matters. As long as she's happy.
As dinner was polished off, Alex went up to hug the mother figure who has always treated her so kindly.- "I missed you..."
"I missed you too, child... Promise me you'll stay?"

-Alex broke off from the hug and smiled.- "Already got a home in Snowdin."
-Toriel faintly gasped.- "Oh you must show me!"
"I'll send you pictures, don't worry... But if you want to see it yourself, you gotta come out of these ruins."

-Toriel gave that signature scrutinizing look she gives and Alex just chuckles it off.- "Maybe sometime, right? Heh... But right now, I think I'mma go to bed."
"But it's so early!"
"Yeah, yeah I know, but I hadn't really gotten any good rest since I've, uh... Been 'befriending' all the monsters. I'm beat. Gotta head back out soon again, too, but I promise I'll come back."

-Toriel's features softened.- "I understand, but I insist you stay for breakfast."
"Wouldn't miss it for the world."

-It was going to be a long night. A silent alarm awoke the human around the time she figured Toriel would be sleeping. An hour later and she was out on business. Out the front door and corrupted justice was backtracking through the ruins to where this journey began. Pushing a wheelbarrow stacked with some tools and a few carpets of bright yellow flowers on top, the spot came to view.

Spade strikes soil and she's digging her grave. The patch of flowers directly over were moved as best as could be managed, but she was on borrowed time. Shoveling away with aggressive determination, shovel strikes something hollow sooner than you'd think. Clearing off the rest of the dirt and out came the axe. Wood splintered, but every piece found its way into that wheelbarrow. Buried underneath those splinters is the desecrated body of the child. Taken by gloved hands, there is no remorse, no sorrow, no pity... but plenty of LOVE.

This dirty deed has been done. Time to cover up the evidence. Shoveling dirt back in, and enough to compensate for the absence of a coffin, the sojourner carefully cropped the few carpets of flowers she had been hiding from Toriel since the beginning. Looks good enough, and with a little bit of dusting away the loose soil, it looks like nothing out of the ordinary took place here.

ossing the tools on top and pulling burlap over that, the wheelbarrow certainly didn't strike any red flags of having a dead body in it. It looked like any ordinary wheelbarrow just full of junk. Trash. FILTH. Moving it to and carefully down Toriel's stairs, the sojourner positioned it right at the exist, but not beyond. She had to borrow the wheelbarrow and tools from Toriel, but they will be returned soon enough. She just had to bring the axe.

Feeling her sins crawling on her back, she takes to the shower to wash off the filth. Evidence erased. As long as Toriel doesn't check the basement, and she won't, it will be as if nothing happened. Her body may now be clean, but her soul still carries the weight of the burden. It will have to do. Relieved, our sojourner finally takes to her bed to once more plunge into that abyss which consumes all thoughts.

Morning came sooner than she wanted, but that was expected. Considering her story earlier, Toriel let her sleep in before she went to wake her. That was much appreciated, but her body still aches from last night's endeavors. Shrugging it off as if she were just a groggy waker, Alex gets ready and follows Toriel into the kitchen to a familiar smell. Oh Toriel... You're so kindly predictable. Alex had a genuine smile on her face. Toriel... Oh Toriel. If only you could have been my mother from the start, Alex thought. Toriel held a special place in her heart. Of all the monsters to find out what she's done, she'd want Toriel to be last. There's no telling exactly how the motherly figure would react, but Alex knew she'd never want to find out.

Breakfast was nice, the talk was pleasant, and when it was time to go, Alex gave her adoptive mother a snug hug and departed upon sweet promises. Escorting herself through the basement alone, she'd pick the wheelbarrow up where she left it and headed out. Now came the trek back home. Home, where she may continue her dirty deeds in private. It was cold. Snow crunched beneath her feet and the wheel of the wheel barrow. Her home was not within Snowdin, but an outlying property not far off. Winding up the trail to Snowdin, she couldn't wait for this to be over with.-

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