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Fandom Just trash being trash OPEN

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Anime, AU


I need to keep this simple and quick

Shasha or Vanitas | 20 | PST
I'm in college and work a part time job so my availability is limited and sporadic
Communication is best through discord, pms here is second best. I'll role-play over discord or pms, forums are not ideal. I've been role-playing for like 10 years now and my replies can be real chill around 300 all the way to 1000+ words.

I'm open to all genders and sexualities and I have a knack for angst.

Always up to double up

Prefer to rp with people 15 +, nothing personal, just a preference. If you're looking for anything mature, please be 18+

Main thing I'm looking for right now IS
My/ Boku no Hero Academia
looking for someone to either play Hawks or Dabi for me and still stay within character (make dabi an asshole, OK? I swear, I can take it)

Will play just about anyone for you, just ask ~

and these things too
All of mentioned refer to my OC. If doubling up, just consider me able to play any canon character unless stated otherwise.
will post characters i've played already

bungou stray dogs - oc x dazai / gogol / maybe Oda (exp w/ Chuuya)
devil may cry - oc x nero (exp w/ Dante and V)
kingdom hearts - oc x vanitas, venvan I play vanitas (exp w/ Sora)
hellpark au - creek (if you know, you know)

Post down below or pm me if you see anything that interests you!
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ranch dip

welcome to trash island
howdy, for some reason it's not letting me pm you here but i'd love to write villain izuku for bakudeku if you're still looking!

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