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Fandom ☾☁♡Just stay home♡☁☽ - A 1x1 roleplay


Pov: You simp for Bob Vasleb
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Hello! My name is Alex, I'd prefer Al, Lex, or Xel! I don't really share my age unless I trust someone enough to actually say it. I'm looking for a 1x1 rp partner for a fandom that wants to do CannonxOc or OcXOc roleplays! MAYBE double-ups!
1. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
I will be Kakyoin, but you'll have to be Jotaro.
2. My Hero Academia
I will be Ochaco or Toga, but you'll have to be Bakugo
3. Yandere simulator
No cannon characters for this one! Sorry!
4. Minecraft
No cannon characters for this one!
5. Wii Deleted You
I don't really know who'll I'll be, but you'll have to be Eteled
6. Fnf
I can be GF!
7. Eddsworld
Tom, please!
8. Bendy and The Ink Machine
I want to torture myself so Bendy, please!
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