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Just looking for a campaign for my depressed boi

Dice System
D&D 5e


Hey! I'm experienced in Text-Based Rps, but newer to the DnD scene, I was hoping to find a campaign for my 128 yr old Eladrin Elf, he's stuck in mourning over his wife as she was killed by the Wild Hunt. He is associated with the White Fox Society as the one who does their dirty work (murderhobo), and can receive letters from them for assignments (this will be for the DM to decide, I'm not gonna magic my own letters).

He needs a good ol' upbeat campaign for his character arc, so that he can emotionally move on. I already have a sheet ready on DnD Beyond that I made first, a druid with elemental(water/wind)/healing build.

Anybody willing to play/dm?
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