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Realistic or Modern ''Just help her please...?'' {Sucidal rp So just be prepared}

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“I used to believe things when I was a kid”-homer
Hello, Yes this is a very serious Rp I get that you might not want to do it but if you do here's the back story.

Sibha`n O'Neill was a 17year old who transferred from a different schhool,not popular,not known by alot of people until the day her sleeve rolled up showing a couple of scars then she became known as
''The girl Who cuts..'' She now is even more silent sitting in the back, being stared at continuously by others, That's until A teacher asks you too Be friends with her at first your reluctent until you get to know her finding out she's so much more.

So all I need to know is
A little bit of back story:
Yeah so if you are interested just reply to this thread and we'll go from there.
P.S I'll give you her description and all that once were ready to go :)

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