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Multiple Settings Just a Spark . . . . (1x1 Search)(New Plot 8)


The Last Unicorn
Just a Spark . . . . Of DESIRE HOPE CREATIVITY


Necessities first . .

Just don't want to waste your time or mine. Alright then ,
I'm an adult so 18 + is must
I prefer female roles, but will play side characters of varying genders and sexualities.
Contributions, it can get a tad boring when one person creates the entire plot and moves it forward, I love collaboration.
Some OOC chatter, I've found those roleplays last far longer than those with radio silence.
I do try to be open and flexible but confess i can be picky and fickle at times
Exhibit A - I made this thread because I realized the old one i remade was a cluttered ugly mess which lacked personality.

Alright then moving along to the juicy bits

Although not listed, I am not opposed to working with fandoms, so feel free to mention the ones you'd like to mash up if you'd like.
I prefer a message with an idea to one which just says HI and provides no information , Thank you Kindly

Opportunity 1

I would like to do a roleplay in which the person perceived as a catch walks in confidently to claim the partner they admire only to be comedically rejected in a realistic way vs how it occurs in the kitschy romance content.

A: Will you marry me ?

B: No.

A: What do you mean no ?

B: No I will not marry you, I barely no you.

A: But before I left for the war we had a moment, I helped to win the war, I have my own estate, I'm a noble for gods sake !

B: Exactly a moment , a moments not enough to know someone. To me your still a stranger. Just the kind of stranger whose got some shiny metal on his chest and a little more he keeps in a safe somewhere.

Opportunity 2

I like the idea of someone hiring someone to kill a powerful person, to kill someone. Only to find out they know one another and lost each other in the past. Instead of fixing their problem they've now doubled it.

A lords lands have been taken over by a witch, the neighboring lord wants to have her removed so he can double his holdings. He hires a mercenary mythic passing through to do the job. The mercenary accepts but when they both arrive at the manor he realizes the witch is the one he's been looking for. His long lost creator . . . . ( A twist could be that they hate their creator and attempt to kill them and their client gets killed during their skirmish where they are getting reacquainted. ) the one who left them behind some years ago without a note of reason, they've had questions for ages and now they plan to get answers and closure.

Think, bold of you to assume I'd want to stop them not join them . . .

Opportunity 3

I want to play around with fakes and stollen credit. In which one person has become the poster child for pulling off something unthinkable and amazing, however, they did no such thing and simply stole the thunder of someone else. They've now been called to do something by a benefactor and they realize they won't be able to unless they get the person they've robbed of glory on board.

A swordsman goes to slay a mighty foe on the field of battle with their partner the mage. But the swordsman is convinced they can handle the enemy alone, not to mention if they succeed they won't have to share credit after all. So they go ahead alone only to be knocked unconscious from the first blow. The mage shows up just in time to save the swordsman and slay the enemy but fighting them alone takes so much of their energy that they fall unconscious. As one falls the other awakens. With the towns people approaching the swordsman can't bring themselves to admit what happened. So they create the lie that they were the savior and the mage the fool. Unfortunately when the mage wakes up a few days later no one is willing to believe their story and thinks them insane. So they give up. . . . . and accept their new role as laughing stock of the mage guild bitter toward their old partner.

Opportunity 4

Always thought the concept of two people struggling to come together because they're both overthinking a situation is somewhat amusing.

Bit of a mash up with another plot concept I've had , picture two samurai, a man and a woman masquerading as a man. Both have feelings for one another, He is surprised to find himself having feelings for another man as this is a new realization. He doesn't want to confess his feelings as he worries B would reject him because they aren't approving of him liking both men and women. Believing a samurai who is known to follow a rigorous code shouldn't be so indecisive of what lover they desire. She believes his attraction to her is the belief that she is a man. Her hesitation is that she believes when confessing her feelings she must also confess she is in disguise and when she does the attraction will falter leaving her empty handed and embarrassed. This is a bit rough as one character would need to confess before the other and possibly retract or be very indirect about this confession, these would also be characters who come together by chance as having history together would make their ignorance and inability to communicate unlikely. Ironically this came to mind when thinking of Mulan and Shang's situation (Well aware they're Chinese not Japanese).

* P.S. do not have a problem with bi or pan individuals, simply a plot for all the overthinkers out there who think themselves right out of a wonderful occasion and this is a scenario I thought might fit for the time/setting.

Opportunity 5

Simple, Someone whose been in the business and is finally on their way out, just to fall for the person whose on their way in gritting their teeth after they've just made such a big effort to escape.

A Mercenary whose been through hell and back again including the scars to prove it, and the newbie whose just secured their first big job and can't picture life without doing this occupation

The Old it star who was so famous they couldn't sneeze without a picture, they amassed a fortune and started fading out so they could enjoy their privacy again and the newbie whose first viral hit just gained speed.

Opportunity 6

Strangers who meet by chance one night and within the week they are completely wrapped up in each others lives as if they were childhood friends.

Disaster survival with the stranger as they're the only person they remotely know. Think someone on vacation who can't contact their family and a natural disaster has just occurred or an outbreak.

There's also the more common route, someone needs a place to stay and the lonely people pleaser is all too happy to oblige no matter how much trouble this may bring into their life.

Also a mythic trying to make head way on their first day in an integrated city with both humans and mythics. They were against the idea in the first place but this little interaction just might change their tune.

concept inspired by these pictures. Not my art, unfortunately I thought I got a screen shot of their name but then now it's missing T,T perhaps I'll find it later.

Opportunity 7

A situation in which each side is very sure of their decision but then a single event changes everything they thought they knew

they have been arranged to be married for years. She had been head over heels sending letters and favors from the very beginning. He can't stand the idea of her, he hardly ever reads the letters. Those he does receive a response written by a friend. She believes they're destined to wed and he believes his life will end the day they meet. Soon enough they're wedding date is set and they are due to meet for the first time. When they do they immediately have a change of heart, she wants nothing to do with him and wants to run away home and he wished he'd paid attention more and is regretting his lack of effort before.

Opportunity 8

a reluctant guardian, who realizes this job they didn't sign up for has given them purpose and they quite enjoy it.

An heiress has grown sick of the life she is now being told to need. She doesn't have the power to say no. But if she goes into the forbidden forest where the beast is said to live no one will follow. Finally she has freedom. The beast on the other hand now has a head ache of random Knights and mercenaries harassing him to return an heiress he doesn't have. He sends them packing each time , but is rather annoyed by the random visitors. So he decides to hunt down the stow away in his woods and confront her to tell her he will no longer be offering refuge and she needs to go home and leave him out of her business.


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Mi-Stier Ei

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Good morning!

I’d really like to get something going with you, if you’d have me.

I’m not picky by any means, so we can do whatever plot/mix you are currently craving the most. I’m just interested in getting back into rp.

I mostly play male characters of all kinds and can make multiple characters for the game if needed.

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