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Fandom Just a simple search for fandoms (mxm)

Pando Pox

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💫 Current Cravings: Stranger Things, The Boys, Shameless, Winx Saga (Fate), Celebrities 💫 Pairings & more info listed below.

⚡️I enjoy world & character building over smut, but tasteful romance is great too and even better with proper buildup. 😌 Feel free to share any limits and/or things you /do/ want included with me, and I’ll make sure to do the same.
✨Original & Fandom ideas both fine, ask for a further list of fandoms if none of my cravings below pique your interest… Or send me yours. Same with original plots… got one you’re just dying to try out? Shoot your shot. Worst I can say is no. OR if you’ve got a pairing but no plot… let’s come up with something together. 🤷🏻‍♂️
⚡️My preference is for mxm, but will double with any orientation or gender identity.
✨I consider myself capable of ‘advanced lit’ but personally don’t want to write a novella for /every/ post. I average around 1k for an intro and 300-400 words per post, but can do more or less depending on what’s going on in the rp. I’ll happily match any partner who’s giving me enough to respond to~ Samples also available upon request. ( :
⚡️Ask for my Discord. Willing to role play over this rp nation, but may be slower responses. Discord is absolutely preferred.

⭐️Stranger Things
Looking for: Jason, Dmitri, Will (Aged up, HS or preferably College au)
Can play: Literally almost anyone. Billy, Steve, Jonathan, Robin +

🌟The Boys
Looking for: Frenchie, Homelander
Can play: Almost anyone. Billy, Hughie, Soldier Boy, +

Looking for: Lip, Carl
Can play: Literally anyone ~ Fiona, Ian, Lip, Carl, Mickey, Kevin, Veronica, +

🌟Winx Saga (Fate)
Looking for: Riven, Andreas
Can play: Sky, Dane, Bloom, Musa, +

Looking for: Simu Liu, Ryan Reynolds, Timothee Chalamet, Noah Schnapp (18+), Jensen Ackles
Can play: Literally almost anyone. This will obviously 100% be our own alternate universe (au) version of these celebs, so I’m down to try my hand at almost anyone.

*Updated as of 09/23/22, with the extra free time I’ll have this winter (❄️☃️) I’d love to find some compatible role play partners. Even if we’ve done one in the past I’d be more than happy to start another… Just lmk.
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