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Fandom just a few things.

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hi! i'm nova. new to the site, but not new to roleplaying. it's been a while since i've posted anything, but i'm back with a new craving, so if anything catches your interest, just let me know!

about me;
- female, over 18.
- super laid back.
- dog (and cat) mom.
- 3rd person, literate.
- canon x oc for fandoms.
- loves to double (we don't have to though)
- can respond anywhere from once a week/muiltiple times a week.

(love interests in parenthesis.)

DCEU/Suicide Squad: this is all i'm looking to do right now. specifically, i'm really looking for someone to play the joker against an oc of mine. i'm looking for letos version of the joker more than anything, but other versions are totally cool too! i can play anyone for you, or we could do something else for you. just let me know man.

Star wars: looking for kylo Ren, and can play anyone for you in return.

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