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Fandom just a few fandoms (craving Danganronpa)

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local smol bean
hello there! i'm honeymilk and i have some specific fandom cravings for a 1x1 roleplay! uhm,,, i honestly don't really know what else to put right here so let's just get on with it.

-- you can feel free to call me honey, pastel, or jess. whatever floats your boat.
-- I am 19 years old
-- I'm trans with he/him pronouns
-- I live in the US and my timezone is EST
-- currently writing a book series!
-- i am ghost friendly!
-- will happily provide some writing samples if asked.
-- i do have adhd, anxiety, depression, and i will often think i have replied when i actually have not.
-- i absolutely love making headcanons, pinterest boards, playlists, and little doodles for our characters.
-- my reply time fluctuates, so please don't bump me if i bump this thread and i haven't responded to you.
-- i try my absolute best not to ghost my rp partners.

-- doubling up is an absolute must.
-- Please be at least 17+ of age for my comfort.
-- I heavily prefer mxm or fxf for my side of the rp, i will do any gender pairing of your choice for your side.
-- canon x oc only please!
-- i can put out at least 6 paragraphs, though i can write more or less when needed.
-- romance is an absolute must for me, i can do slow burn or fast burn. but i don't want the slow burn to be dragged out for too long. i also like to mix romance up with some action and that kind of stuff.
-- please put enough effort into both of our sides. don't put out like,,, 6 paragraphs for your oc and only 2 paragraphs for the canon you're playing as for me.
-- that being said, try to give me enough to work with!
-- OOC chatter is a must! I'm awkward but I love it. If we're not chatting while roleplaying then I'll feel really awkward.
-- I would greatly prefer if you PM me your interest but you can comment down below if you prefer, just know i'll be deleting messages posted here to keep the thread clean.

if you have read all of this, make sure to tell me your favorite book or video game so that i know you've read everything.


looking for;; teruteru, mondo, nekomaru, leon, twogami, byakuya, mikan, miu, hiyoko, kaito, touko, kiibo, hifumi, kazuichi, gundham, komaru, celestia, gonta, korekiyo, sakura, yasuhiro, sayaka, tenko, hajime makunouchi, syobai, shinji, emma, kanade, yuri

can play for you;; kokichi, shuichi, kyoko, touko, rantaro, maki, tsumugi, angie, ryoma, teruteru, kazuichi, peko, fuyuhiko, mahiru, aoi, mukuro, akane, kirumi, kaede, leon, kaito, kiyotaka, makoto, byakuya, himiko, tenko, hibiki, sora, setsuka, yuki, kokoro

(for comfort reasons, i will only play kokichi in m/m pairings.)

Black Butler;;

looking for;; sebastian, william, claude

can play for you;; ronald, grell, agni

(i use she/her pronouns for grell)

Stardew Valley;;

looking for;; shane, alex, sam, haley, elliot

can play for you;; sebastian, maru, emily, harvey, leah

The Walking Dead;;

looking for;; negan, rick, shane, abraham, michonne

can play for you;; beth, daryl, maggie, glenn, carl


looking for;; edward, jasper, carlisle, jacob

can play for you;; alice, rosalie, jasper, seth

Harry Potter;;

looking for;; sirius black, draco malfoy, george weasley, cedric diggory, neville longbottom, severus snape

can play for you;; harry potter, luna lovegood, hermione granger, fred weasley, remus lupin, ginny weasley

Attack on Titan;;

looking for;; erwin, eren, jean, reiner, mikasa, oruo, miche

can play for you;; levi, hange, petra, annie, sasha, marco, bertholdt

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