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hihi!! i'm cherry, and i am 18 years old and an experienced roleplayer. ive been roleplaying for roughly 7+ years, and also have about 4+ years of fanfic writing under my belt... anymore i mainly roleplay on discord however, i decided to open it back up to here as well. so I'm able to work with whatever is most convenient for my future writing partner.

i write ocxcanon double ups , however, if you wish to split the story for whatever reason we can do that too , however i will not write canon/canon or oc/oc! and i will not solely write a canon for your oc, i like to have the same done for me in return!

anyways, on to the good stuff!! i would like to roleplay jurassic park and or jurassic world

please keep note it has been ages since i have watched the second jurassic world movie, and i have not yet watched the third. i plan to do so soon, however i still require you refrain from spoiling anything, and that if we choose jurassic world, we start with the first film.

i ask to write my oc against ian malcolm.

i can write anyone for you! please let me know youre interested by commenting here or messaging me, and if you'd like to write on discord, send me your tag and I'll add you.

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