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Juncture (ALT Files) Voting / Discussion / OOC

Read Juncture here!

Hello! Welcome to the Juncture voting/discussion/OOC thread! Here is where all discussion about Juncture takes place, from OOC chatter, to voting, and, in the spirit of the Quest Log, throwing around conspiracy theories about the world of Juncture.

Voting How-To
Voting is very simple! Just say which option you vote for! The majority of the vote will affect Owen's decision. In the rare event of a tie (which might be unlikely considering we'll be giving 2-4 options each update), @Yappi and I will be breaking the tie based off of a coin flip.

Make sure to get in votes within 1-3 days of the update so we have time to write the next one! If you can't think of a vote, feel free to write "0" or just say you won't vote.

Voting is great, since you can change the tides in which way the story goes! We'll still be trying to keep the "story" aspect going for Juncture, so you can always subscribe just for reading it and discussing it here. But consider voting! Seriously! Voters are awesome!

Basic Rules? I mean, we don't need these...
I know you all aren't unruly people, but be civil in here and respect each other! The nature of the story might lead to some strong opinions, but don't cram them down others' throats.

Where are the posts?
Check the main thread, first post. It has the full Table of Contents with clickable links and stuff!

Well, that's about it for voting! And without further ado, enjoy Juncture!

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The Omen of Death

My presence has marked your eventual demise.
It's a shame to see you go @Yappi thank you for your contributions to this story!

Anywho in terms of voting, Chlora definitely seems to be acting up, but we need to play this smartly, picking a fight or trying to incite her to attack us isn't a very tact move on our part. And will only cause more problems than solve or move things forward. Arguing semantics with her right this second isn't going to get us anywhere either as she is pretty set in her ways and is stubborn.

Right now let's just get out of her way and leave this be, we don't need to start trouble with the heroes of the city. Since she could always twist the story in her favor and depending on her standing in it may end up painting us as the bad guy either way. However, we shouldn't leave this completely behind, this could be something bigger so when a time is right maybe doing a bit of prodding and investigating later on may expose something.

Either way confronting and making the situation worse is not going to be in our favor.

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