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Fandom Jujutsu Kaisen: The Dark Age

Neuro Vampire

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In 2020, the world is overflowing with curses to the point where sorcerers couldn’t keep up. Now the non sorcerer world has gone into quarantine believing the cause to be a global pandemic. All those deaths are actually due to the abundance of cursed spirits. Jujutsu Headquarters has deployed all resources but projections say it could take years to exorcise all these spirits. At least quarantine has made it so the streets are relatively clear for Jujutsu sorcerers to operate.

In this Dark Age of Jujutsu there will be many deaths sorcerer and non sorcerers alike. There will also be more powerful sorcerers forged in the crucible to rise to the challenge. All hands are deck as students and professionals alike have found themselves on the frontlines of this conflict. All of them fighting to free the world from pandemic and quarantine.
My current idea for a character is an Arabic themed sorceror whos main power is using the power of captured spirits called ‘Djinn’. Which would be interesting considering the Society of Sorcerers apparent traditionalist and anti-spirit mindset
For me my character is a guy whose parents broke a long standing generational curse his family had, but now both him and his siblings have access to a built up curse energy supply that they access in different ways like through the organs or a limb
mysteryxio mysteryxio americanCaeser americanCaeser sounds like dope ideas

The Special Grade Sorcerer our characters work for is a Zenin clan member who has the Ten Shadows technique but doesn’t have any shikigami. Instead they have a Heavenly Restriction that prevents them from ever casting Shikigami but they can freely use the other applications of the Ten Shadows such as storing cursed tools without dealing with the weight.

My character will be a Sorcerer that wields a sword and specializes in nullifying and countering cursed techniques. Barrier techniques and Reverse Curse Techniques is the sort of Jujutsu he utilizes.
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