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sharks are love, sharks are life
hi everyone! this is an updated partner search thread for mostly original ideas/pairings but there is Harry Potter thrown in the mix for some oc/oc!

About Me
β€’ Hey everyone! I'm Juniper
β€’ you're free to call me Juju/Juni for short! You can also call me Pastel!
β€’ I'm a 21-year-old trans guy and my pronouns are he/purr/fox, other neopronouns are definitely welcome!
β€’My timezone is EST. I am autistic and I have ADHD and anxiety as well, I love rambling to my partners about my special interests and hyperfixations!
β€’ I adore fluffy slice of life but I'm also a huge fan of angst! I usually do around 500+ words but if I’m really feeling it I can do 1000+ words.
β€’I’ve been roleplaying since I was 10 years old.

β€” Homophobia/Transphobia/Racism/Bigotry β€” I do not want any of this in the roleplay. And if you yourself show that you are any of these things then I won’t interact with you.
β€” 1st person POV β€” I write in 3rd person POV and would like for you to do the same
β€” Rushing for Replies β€” I am not a fast replier. In fact, I take my time. Please do not pester or rush me for replies whether it be OOC or IC. I’m a slow replier. Be patient with me and I’ll be patient with you. I will tell my roleplay partners if I will be unable to reply for a while or if I’m taking a mental health break.
β€” Uncomfortable with OOC chatter β€” so, I absolutely love chatting with my roleplay partners! I love making memes, headcanons, Pinterest boards, playlists, etc with my partners. And I love gushing about OCs. So if we’re not talking outside of roleplay, I’m gonna be uncomfortable and awkward.
β€” Just saying 'Hi' 'Hello' etc. Just... no. When you contact me, you have to tell me a bit about yourself as well as what you're interested in. If you contact me just saying 'Hi' then I'm not going to interact with you.

About You/About the Roleplay
β€” Be LGBTQ+ friendly!

β€” No one liners please. You don’t have to match my length but please try to do at least 3+ paragraphs.

β€” Be comfortable with OOC chatter. I can do OOC chatter on discord or in a PM!

β€” Be 18+ of age please!

β€” Help with plotting please! You tell me your ideas, i'll tell you mine.

β€” Realistic faceclaims only please!

β€” I can RP in threads or in a PM

β€” Slowburn romance is an absolute must. Platonic roleplays are not my cup of tea.

β€” I love doubling up and doing multiple gender pairings! But it’s not required.

Ghosting Policy
I am 100% ghost friendly! If you’re not feeling the roleplay anymore, you don’t have to tell me. You’re free to leave the roleplay without having to tell me that you have lost interest.

Gender Pairings
I will do any gender pairing out there! MxM, FxF, MxF, MxNB, FxNB, NBxNB, etc! I can also play any gender! I am also going to state that all of my OCs are LGBTQ+.

key for pairings β€”

bolded role I would like this role
! I am craving this idea/pairing
strikethrough I have received plenty of interest for this idea/pairing
* means i have an idea in mind

I am open to combining pairings and ideas!

survivors in a zombie apocalypse !*
ghost hunters solving hauntings and mysteries !*
something addams family/morticia and gomez inspired !
something stardew valley inspired
florist x gang leader
vampire x werewolf
x gang leader *
knight x prince(ss)
x prince (ss) *
social media influencer x barista
x regular
villain x hero
human x demigod
partier x studier
x open
celebrity x single parent
soulmate aus *
harry potter universe
roommates (oh my god they were roommates.)
hacker x detective *
hall monitor x rebel
pet shop owner
x librarian
x author
florist x librarian
sunshine bookstore owner x grumpy restaraunt owner
pirate captain x surgeon
camp counselors dealing with mysteries
prince(ss) x messenger
prince(ss) x commoner
chef x baker

That’s all! I will most likely add some more pairings and if you’re interested then please send me a DM! All replies on this thread will be deleted to keep the thread clean.
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