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    I got a serious jonesing for doing my own  take on the genre. Tonally this will be played pretty straight, but that's not to say it won't tongue in cheek or be playing with certain elements. So definitely expect some number of the various well worn cliches and tropes like crystal macguffins, ancient evils, the overworld traversing airship earned in the penultimate stage of the game, etc to appear.

    Setting wise I have not yet seriously started writing much definite details but due to the nature of the game it's something could madlib up and get a bunch of things right. That being said it's a big world with a bunch of different areas with diverse and obligatory biomes to visit.  Tech-wise it is more advanced the sort of usual vaguely medieval setting with fantastical elements and some anachronisms, but it's not gonna be like Final Fantasy XV  where it's  a contemporary setting but with monsters and weird looking modern technology. Tech levels will be sort of inconsistent for both the sake of whimsy and or because rule of cool much like in a handful of games where they do that. 

    In terms of races, you got humans but I'm also thinking of things that scale from humanoid to non-human critters. It'll mostly be cosmetic save for maybe a few mandatory abilities and weaknesses exclusive to the races.

    -I was thinking you got cat people who are like mithra in term of human to animal ration and they can interbreed with humans producing what looks like a person with animal ears. Alternatively it can be various ethnic groups of different animals for the race. 

    -An aquatic race based of salamanders who make rad underwater cities and are skilled in making artifical lakes for their settlements and some magic engineering of plants . 

    -Feathered raptors that are are fluffy, athletic, and clever and probably either nomads or forest dwellers.

    -A cute mascot type race of hovering jellyfish based off the healslime from dragon quest.


    For the game rules I'm going to be using the new edition of OVA which came out a while ago, because it's easy to read and set-up as well as the fact that it allows you to make your own special moves/spells which reminds of the artes from the Tales series which is cool and fun.

    For character generation we're using a point buy method which I'll outline along with some houserules.  You get 16 points and an extra 4 from hindrances which should give enough to make your character concept but still have room to grow, this is subject to change if it proves a bit underpowered.  Please note that the hindrances go sharply up in severity also you may take extra for  the roleplay aspect but you don't get extra points. Feel free to spitball character ideas to me, I'm more than willing to help you out on your character both mechanically and also in terms of fitting in the with setting.  So like if you had a concept for like some sort of martial artist we could work together on defining finer details like the school's location, what rivals it has, the people who are part of it.

    Anyway here's the char gen rules:

    • Abilities cost 1 point per rank except knowledge which is half a point
    • You have a softcap of 3, although I am willing to make exceptions for certain things
    • You get three special moves and you can learn more & improve existing moves later
    • Magic, arcane and Magic, witchcraft are rolled into one ability simply known as magic.
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    I'm interested, do you have links for the OVA rules, as well as a list of plots, you're thinking of?
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    I am curious. Please contact me once you get things decided.  
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    You can it find at Drivethru.

    Anyways regarding the  plot it's probably gonna involve an evil empire and or an ancient evil hunting after some relics of an ancient precursor civ which if all are acquired will prove to be a very bad thing. This of course will prompt an adventure not only across the world but also in exotic locales like not Atlantis, the moon, an alien planet, as you try and recover or even steal back the relics before it is too late. 

    Also as interesting wrinkle I was thinking of working with you guys to create characters within a very loose guidelines and then building the world around them so as to have them better integrated into the setting. However if that's too weird then just give me some time to come up with a loose writeup of the scenario and world.
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    I don't mind waiting to hear your ideas. Why don't we see a rough draft of what you want, so we can add our ideas, while telling you what ideas we agree with and disagree with from your scenario/world? @Ixacise
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    Sure. I'll get something whipped up some time tomorrow.
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    I don't mind doing a mix of both, where you provide a basic outline of the world, and then an open discussion of our character ideas and elements we would like to see in the world that come about. I like cont ibuting to the world design, once I have some handle on what is going on. 

    Anime is very loose, from feudal worlds, to star rangers, to boomers in NeoTokyo, and modern police against super-science robots. 
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    Apologies on the delay I was working another thing. I'm working on the write-up now.

    Do you guys mind if tonally it's informal and cheeky since we're dealing with tropes and cliches?
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    Yeah that's fine.
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    As long as it's not all tropes and cliché. I don't watch enough to understand all of them. 
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    Well wouldn't that be good since it means you won't be bored by being able to predict everything?

    That being said I intend to be more cliched and tropey for the general plot direction and to a certain extent the world, and by world I mean the requisite areas to visit. 

    Everything else is much more freer to be whatever I want to fill in the rest of the space.
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    It's almost done. 
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    Alvira is a world not quite our own filled with wondrous magic, beauty, and ruins. It is like earth in that it has varied cultures which are semi-analogous to our own as well as varied biomes such as green rolling pastoral hills, archipelagos that are also a vacation spot, forests galore, deserts of the sandy and western movie type and so on and so forth. 

    Technologically and culturally speaking it is rather schizophrenic. Magictech is semi-proliferate. Thus a great deal of many gadgets similar to our own exist as well as certain similar concepts to ours but not all things like say communication devices, malls, a gift giving winter holiday.  But on the other hand there’s no developed spaceflight, internet, and the world isn’t terribly urbanized with a great deal of uncharted wilderness yet there are forms of mass travel like rad looking trains and airships.  You got some nice metropolitan areas with plenty of backwater/ rustic spots and things in-between.

    The planet is rich in magic and some of the very planets material has some special magic to it which research by leading scholars seems to hint at some ties to the ruins as well as some vague hints that man might not be native to this land. The legends talk of the stars and a mythic land that some believe is the realm of the gods who inhabited this land and were worshipped in those ancient cities before leaving.

    Among many other legends and myths speak of items made with a very special material that grant great power to do incredible things. These items shall be the macguffins and be the thing that drives part of the plot forward.

    Alvira contains some other races of various degrees of humanoidness.

    The Sharaabee kameenon or Sharaabee for short are  race of humanoids with animalistic characteristics read: catgirls.  They are very diverse as their ethnicities are various other mammals like: cats, foxes, bear, panda, sheep,

    The Axolotl a race of salamander people who despite being amphibious prefer to make their cities in deep lakes either artificially made or natural. They are skilled in well besides underwater construction a magic involving plant engineering and crystals.

    The Bleem which are sapient slimes with a superficial resemblance to jellyfish. They are naturally magical which is demonstrated by their ability to hover despite having no physical appendage to do so.

    The Remmix are basically feathered raptors with a knack for machines, flying machines in particular. It is said the reason they focus so much on flight is that amongst their own legends that they were descended from a glorious race that reigned as kings of the sky and although their might look like they have wings, they cannot do anything but a mockery of the graceful wing motions used in flight.

    Player stuff:

    Players are gonna be a motley crew that obviously, band together as they get swept up in a conspiracy involving these relics and trying to stop them from getting into the wrong hands.  I’m thinking that you’re all just conveniently in the starter town when shit gets real or you’re part of some mercenary/adventurer group doing something and then the plot happens. Alternatively I make fun of Elder Scrolls and have you all in a prison.

    Half of the chase will be involving the macguffins and the obligatory conspiracy behind the shadowy evil group nabbing them all and what their plans are and the other will be basically the sightseeing that comes with the journey and some subplots tied to the main point and whatever you, the players want to bring into this.

    @solyrflair @Ultraman

    It's here
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    Looks good. Can you develop a hosted project, so we have a thread to discuss stuff in? @Ixacise
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    You'll need to invite us in, and anyone else that has shown interest. 

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