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Fandom Joker x OC [Phoenix & Ledger] // doubling friendly

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Action, AU, Platonic, Realistic, Romance


— jeez, stop
so, i've been obsessed with Joker for a while now (yep, it all started with the movie). i've instantly fallen in love with Phoenix's portrayal of Joker, and eventually started loving Ledger's Joker again as well.

• i've been roleplaying for 3 years.
• i recognize myself as something between a semi-lit and literate roleplayer, but the length of my responses depends on how the story goes on and how much material i'm given to work with.
• i can reply a few times a day, once a day, or once a few days since there might be times where I'm busy with schoolwork and such.
• english is NOT my mother tongue, so I apologize for my mistakes in advance!

Phoenix!Joker (Arthur Fleck) x fem!OC
Ledger!Joker x fem!OC

i'd prefer playing as my oc with P!Joker at the moment, so keep that in mind, please!
doubling or not, it's up to you!

i absolutely LIVE for angsty romance plots, pure sadness, heart-warming affection, tooth-rotting fluff and all of that stuff. i don't have any specific plot in mind, but have some scenarios in my head, so brainstorming is welcomed!

feel free to pm me if interested!
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