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JOJOSapiens - Introduction


The Purple Soul
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The town of Pickwick, Wisconsin is ninety miles out from Milwaukee, and doesn't get much traffic. The most activity from the outside world comes from travelers stopping for road trips, taking a rest at the motel, or grabbing some gas and leaving. Many of the buildings were built in the early 80's and 90's, and have only been modernized slightly, with there only be three main locations where the small number of population stay and live, with most satisfied with there lives and status. The kids usually take the bus into the neighboring town, another small town that's slightly bigger, to attend K-12 school, though at the time of this story, a scandal has caused school's to shut down for a bit, estimated for around a month. While parents would usually be worried, homework was distributed, and many trust their children to be as responsible as they were at their age.

The year is an alternate 2022 where life remained as it normally would, and only a month ago the hit manga and anime series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure reached it's 100th Anniversary. Unsurprisingly, most of the youth in town follow the series very closely.

On the night before the sudden break from school, a small bright spot appears in the starry night sky, which quickly closes. From afar, many would say that it appeared golden rain had quickly fallen over Pickwick. However, when the small town would awaken the next morning, some would find that they do not feel themselves, and find a small wound somewhere on the body, similar to that of an arrow.

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In Jojosapiens, a spacial-time rift grants Stand Abilities to various residents of a small Wisconsin town, who are given freedom with such abilities. There will be a loose plot to to follow, though character battles and interactions will of course be center-focus.
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Notes of Interest

  • I will give most story through either NPCs or Narration Posts, including the after-effects of some Stand abilities if that is required.
  • The Stands used by the characters will all be from official canon, though the user's may utilize their abilities in different manners for their own use. Sentience of the Stands may also differ depending on the user.
  • No one will know the other's abilities initially. When the story begins, before anyone posts, I will privately DM each person the events that occur where they discover their own Stand. They can choose to reveal this whenever they'd like to whomever, but keep in mind that other characters who are not around will not know this information.
  • You will not get to choose your Stand, sadly. After you create a character, based on the personality and background will a Stand be awarded to you (if that's what you'd like for the character, though).
  • As I just mentioned, you can choose *not* to have a Stand (or at least not yet), and instead be given The Sight of a User instead.
  • Death is important in the Jojosapiens universe. You are allowed and encouraged to create multiple characters with different origins and stories who will get different abilities, as long as they are thought-out and not easily manufactured. Remember, in a battle, if someone has any intention to kill, one or more may die.
  • The most important rule: If someone offensively uses a Stand Ability, unless there is a logical line of events that will make it happen no matter what, the other combatant must be able to be allowed to react (unless they are literally unable to). Because of this, be sure to leave open-ended attacks open-ended in your posts.
    • However, if you believe the attack to be acceptable, you may easily say 'I was hit,' or something similar
    • This rule also applies to extremely OP Stands. Endgame Abilities will be included, but toned down a bit.
  • There will be a time system, though it is extremely loose, and will be heavily exaggerated in Narration Posts as to alert all players.
  • Everyone will have one Introduction Post, and afterwards there will be no Post Order, per-say, as long as no one is hogging the thread and the posts are evenly spaced.
  • Do not despair: Other concepts from the Jojo Canon may appear within the story as well, including aspects from all parts.
  • Keep in mind that you're character is a fan of the series. How far they've read or what they remember will be up to you.
  • If you have any further questions, please use the OOC thread I am setting up, or DM directly.
Gundam Watcher's Answer
You have my attention, but one small question before I make my CS,

Can I get a stone mask beforehand so I can be a vampire?
It might not be immediate, but the option of vampirism is definitely in the cards. All of those kind of concepts will be involved, and I can try and work something out to get you there earlier.
We’ve got a good four people so far! I’ll start on some extra pages, but this will remain open for maybe, 2 more participants?
I think I'll pause it there for now, so we can start getting characters and such ready, everyone!

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