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Fandom JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Tainted Lineage CS (PRIVATE)



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I'm just a busy bat
Name: Evelyn Blackwood
Gender: Female
Time Period:
Phantom Blood

Evelyn is a rather tall and curvy young woman. The use of a corset certain helps to make her already small waist appear even smaller. Evelyn is gifted to have very pale and soft skin. However, she does have a small mole at the left side corner of her mouth. Evelyn's hair is a deep black. She keeps her hair long, went let down from her meticulous braided bun it reaches to about her waist in length. Evelyn has rather doe like coal eyes with full lashes that pair with her plump lips. She likes to keep her lips painted a scandalous scarlet.

Evelyn is extremely manipulative. She's not afraid to use anything in her power to get what she wants. Be that her charms, tears, or sexuality. There's nothing she won't do if it means getting what she wants. In public she presents herself as the perfect lady. Sweet, submissive and quite. Evelyn is thought by many higher members of society to be a nice, charming young woman. She's been shown to be a great guest at tea parties as she tends to have the best gossip for the other ladies. Evelyn has used her standing to push other women down with just a few words. Ladies who put trust in her and told their dirty little secrets to end up being snubbed and ruined as she'll spread it around for her own gain mercilessly.

Backstory: Evelyn Blackwood was born into one of the most dangerous and poverty stricken slums in all of England. Her mother, Meredith, a once prominent socialite was brought down and forced to live in this area after being found she was pregnant with Evelyn out of wedlock. Disowned and cut off, Meredith went on to marry a timid mouse of a man who could at least keep s small shack for her and newborn Evelyn. Meredith made sure to let Evelyn always know that she ruined her in body, status, and life. It was Meredith's goal to make Evelyn into the perfect lady so that she might marry a wealthy, prominent man and return Meredith into high society. Evelyn's mother took it upon herself to make sure she was as well educated as she could be, could sew, cook, clean, dance, knew proper etiquette and how to act. She was an extremely strict teacher and when Evelyn would fail to preform properly, Meredith wasn't afraid to beat her with a wooden spoon and berate her. Meredith had even started having Evelyn wearing corsets when she was nine, having forced her mousey husband to spend a large portion of his money on corsets for Evelyn. Evelyn's mother however would never get to return to high society. When Evelyn was eleven, Meredith would die from tuberculosis.

Even after Meredith's death, Evelyn continued to make sure she was keeping up the daily regiment her mother had forced her to do all her life. While she despised her mother, Evelyn had made it her mission to become a lady of high status. She wanted to live a life of luxury like her mother had told her she used to live. Evelyn wanted to have riches surrounding her, fineries she could dream about adorning her, people groveling at her feet for a second of her time, she wanted power. Evelyn made it her life's mission to obtain this lofty goal through any means possible.

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