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Fandom JoJo RP?

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Super Powers


The black queen chants the funeral march.
I love OCxOC but I'm fine with playing some canon characters, though I might not be so good at them.

As for shipping, MxM or FxF please if I'm doing a female character. I'm fine with trans/nonbinary and will consider a hetero romantic relationship but if our characters are to do the horizontal tango, I'd rather the relationship not be heterosexual due to personal issues.

Give me all your fanmade stands. You can be your own JoJo, my OC isn't one or a Brando.

Plotwise, I'm up for anything.

So, hit me up?


~Daughter of God and Satan~
I have two OC's, one Stardust Crusader and the sister of our favorite mom Bruno?

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