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Fandom Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Supīdowagon no Haisha (Speedwagon's Losers)

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, Magical, Mystery, Super Powers, Supernatural


The Purple Soul
st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f8f8f8.jpgThe year is 2011. After the defeat of one of the biggest Italian mob boss in history, the Speedwagon Foundation has become allies with the Italian mob, and every arrow that could create a Stand User has been found and kept safe. All that remains now are the remnants of a bygone era, one where rogue Users and stand-based artifacts run rare across the globe, being recruited or extinguished by the Foundation to keep the world safe from cases such as DIO or Diavolo. However, the ones being recruited aren't always the best, and some missions aren't always the easiest. Something had to be done about this, after all. Thus, the Wildcard Initiative was formed.

As an experiment, the users who barely finished the practice exam were taken into this initiative, as the Foundation had never had an organized team of Stand users drafted, contracted, and used as field agents in the proper manner. Currently, this is the first run of said initiative, with many members (user and non-user alike) believing it to fail since its conception. After all, these lowly Stand users would never work with such dignity, would they? Surely they would high-tail it and run, or perhaps use their Stands to infiltrate the organization itself, and become the next big bad of the century? But for all of this doubt, the group of Stand users who have been chosen wish for none of it. Though their loyalties may lie in other places, they are truly good at heart, even if they do not yet realize it.

America has changed since the age of Joseph Joestar, and the remnants of the Age of Arrows have almost all come to the land of the free to hide their true selves from the Foundation and any other enemies. It's the wild west of combat beneath a façade of normalcy, and the Wildcard Initiatives first task will be to take care of business in the states. But can such a chaotic and unorganized group of characters really stop users spanning the whole of USA?

In a story fit for 3-4 players taking place after Vento Aureo, you are one of these special people chosen for the Initiative, like it or not. You were either selected, or threatened to have your ability removed otherwise. You must prove your worth in a group full of people who see you as less than what you really are, and shine through the haze of doubt to show how noble low-life's like you can really be.


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I swear i was in this game and then it died...but if its starting again/im mistaken and its a different one I'm up for it

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