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John Doe

This story is set in the far future; a future where cloning has become a reality, but only for a certain man named John Doe. Each of the player's characters will be a clone of this John Doe, with the only discernible difference between them being internal: they each possess only a single memory of the original John Doe's life. Out of necessity they will form their identity around this single memory in a process that will occur after they are released from their incubator. Fortunately, there is a great deal of possibility as John was a determined renaissance man of all life's experiences since that moment he somewhat ironically decided that one life just wasn't enough.

The RP will start a few moments after the clones are released from their pods, and the original shooting himself. Jane brings clothes for the men, instructing that they promptly head to the next room for the debriefing to occur.

Character sheet:
Memory:( what your character got from John Doe)

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