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Fantasy Jigoku Fūkei Online (FULL)


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Jigoku Fūkei Online

This is a very simple RP based off of the anime called Sword Art Online. The storyline will be similar in the idea of the various characters being trapped in a VR Video Game where death in the game means death in real life. The only way to escape is to find a way to beat the game and it’s many floors (the exact amount will be determined with all people interested). This is just an interest check for now. The system for class abilities, skills, and magic will be inboxed to you once you state which class you want you take up. For now, I have six classes below (one of which will be taken up by myself) which can be taken by anyone. First come first serve so be quick! When choosing which class you want, be sure to include an elemental form of magic you’ll want.

Classes (Roles):
Samurai @Juju: Will use a form of heavy weaponry (Greatswords, Battle Hammers, and Battle Axes)
Very High in Defense, Low in Speed and Stamina

Ninja: @Edgy Kitten This class uses a form of very light weaponry (Daggers, Throwing knives/stars, and short swords)
Low Defense, Very High Speed, and High Stamina.

Ronin: @Siren77 Uses a type of close range and moderate weight weaponry. (Swords, Dual blades, and Spears)
Moderate Defense, Speed, and Stamina.

Oni: @Danidify Magic Focused Tank, uses a form of gauntlets that heighten magic ability and make for devastating hits.
High Defense, Very Low Speed, High Stamina

Sorcerer: @LadyLuckTakeTheWheel Magic Focused Ranged Class, uses staffs that enhance magic ability.
Low Defense, High Speed, High Stamina.

Healer: @Hyelin Magic Focused Support Class. Uses spells, and although it is only support do not underestimate it as it’s spells can have devastating damage and effects.
Low Defense, Moderate Speed, Very High Stamina.

(Defense: How big of a hit you can take and keep moving. Speed: How fast you can move. Stamina: Scales how magically adept your character is)

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Edgy Kitten

Edgy German Emo Kitten
Well, im not sure if you remember her, but i´d gladly return to the ninja position, hoping that kusarigama are still an acceptable weapon choice.

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