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Realistic or Modern Jailhouse Blues: A Prison RP

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Welcome, prisoner! If you are reading this then you have been sentenced to a hefty amount of lockup inside the Blue County Men's Correctional Facility. Yes, men's. If you are heading to the Blue County Women's Correctional Facility, we may have mixed up this letter and will send the women's introductory letter shortly. Back to business; here is a list of things you should expect in our max security facility:

Minimum Security (Misdemeanors, minor offenses)
So you've dun goofed, made a mistake, and broke the law. Don't worry, we understand, and to help you get back into society, we have morning and afternoon work hours, exclusive for those who sign up for our work program. You could work in the laundry, the janitorial department, or even, if you have no violent offenses (which you should if you're in Min-Sec) and pass a mandatory safety course, you could even get a spot in the kitchen! Sounds fun right? Let's not forget the reform programs and cells that make you feel just at home. Don't forget, if you sign up for the raffle, you can win anything from shop credits to make luxuries cheaper to even shorter sentences! THE RAFFLE HAS BEEN REMOVED DUE TO SEVERAL INCIDENTS. DO NOT ASK ABOUT IT.

Medium Security (Robbery, Assault, basic felonies)
So you have quite the problem with authority, huh? Maybe you held up a local store and ran off with the cash register, maybe you beat up a person, or maybe you just ran from the cops with illegal stuff in your car and happened to resist arrest, punching one of the officers in the process. No matter how you landed in Med-Sec, don't feel bad. Just enjoy your standard cell, your two hours of yard time, and if you're lucky, you can join a reform program. We're a bit iffy on giving you guys jobs, there's been a shanking or two involving violent Med-Secs.

Maximum Security (Murder, Major felonies, etc)
Welcome to the big house, buddy. You've committed a heinous crime and you have been sentenced here to pay for it. Random searches? We got it. Escapes? We've stopped it. Inmate violence? We'll put it down and throw all parties in solitary. Not like you should fight against us, heck you guys got the special privilege of our indoor yards, straight to cell delivery, and if you are a very, very evil man, we might reserve you a spot on Death Row CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IS NO LONGER ALLOWED HERE AS PER STATE LAW.

Enjoy your stay! Don't forget, visitation hours are only on Saturdays, 8 AM-9 AM

Welcome to Jailhouse Blues, set in Blue County, USA. In this RP, we have staff characters, guard characters, and prisoner characters. The wall of the text above is the complimentary warden's message to all prisoners and can be used to help introduce your prisoner character through their reaction. Guard characters and staff characters will also have their intro material, and character sheet links will be made and posted below.

Prisoner Character Sheets

Staff Character Sheets

Have fun, everybody!
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Ahhh, I can't limit my number of RPs I participate in if you people keep making such interesting ones!!



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exactly how humanoid? i have a character who has broken a few laws regarding the internet. a few thousand, actually. however, he's 3ft tall
7ft tall at the highest, fur must cover at least 20% of the body and animal parts are an added bonus.


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7ft tall at the highest, fur must cover at least 20% of the body and animal parts are an added bonus.
alright these requirements are a bit weird but Program does fill them
3ft tall, as already stated, so below the maximum height
body is 100% covered in fur (except for places like the eyes), so above the minimum amount of fur needed


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Good morning bump! I will make the staff character sheets today so if you're interested, please leave a like or a post!


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For those who are sticking around, I will start the RP when there are at least 5-8 prisoner characters, two guard characters, 1-2 chef characters, and at least 4 administrative characters (CEO and Corrections supervisor already taken) There are NO character limits so get going on those character sheets!

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