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Realistic or Modern ~It's Time for a Vacation!~ (Character Thread)


Definitely a Wine Aunt


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Home town:
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You, along with 9 other people, have won an all-expenses-paid trip to Kaua'i, Hawaii for the ENTIRE SUMMER!

The only catch? You have to live with these 9 strangers in a five-bedroom condo on the beach. You may be only 20 yards from the ocean, but you'll sleep 10 feet from your roommate every night. You can room with whoever you like, and yes, co-ed rooming is allowed! Just be careful ;)


1. Roxanna Marie Hayes (@Eternal-Weekend)
2. Riley Summers (@neverbackdown)
3. Sophia Rivers (@BishPlz)
4. Marnie Bridger (@Rocket)
5. Skylar Hansen (@ariellenicolle)
6. Isaac Luis Silvergate (@Noivian)
7. Walter B'Brien (@Connor6279)
8. Wesley John Scott (@Flash100yarddash)
9. Dante Reyes (@zeroinspo)
10. Leo Adair (@Shadow Alpha)

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"That's nice"

Riley Summers





November 25th


Riley is a sweet friendly girl who seems to make friends wherever she goes. She is the a great listener and will always be there when a friend needs her. She gives good advice and can be described as a sort of agony aunt. Riley hates to see anyone upset or left out and will do her best to make everyone feel welcomed. She has a great sense of humour and while she is not overly funny she tries to be, she is never seen without a smile. On the other hand Riley is spontaneous, sarcastic and very stubborn once she gets an idea in her head it is hard to talk her out of it, in this sense she can be described as reckless, she tends to dive into problems and ideas headfirst and ignores the consequences until they arrive. She is a fun loving girl and is always up for a party or an adventure. She loves exploring new places and seeing new things. She can get quite restless and prefers to be doing something rather than just sitting around staring at the wall.


The rain

Enclosed/tight spaces
Total Darkness
Insects especially spiders
Bullies/Mean people
Being bored/ Having nothing to do
Being told what to do

She has a habit of biting her lip when she's thinking
She'll mess with her hair or tie it up if she's nervous

Theme song


Riley was born on the 25th of November in Dublin, Ireland. Riley was the youngest of the family with two older brothers. She had a pretty normal childhood in Ireland but when she was ten her fathers job relocated him to LA, California. The family moved and left all their family, friends and memories behind. Riley absolutely loved California, she wanted to become an actress when she was older so moving here was the best thing that could happen as far as she was concerned. Riley started school mid-term and when her first year there she managed to get on the bad side of the Queen Bee of the school who made the rest of the year a living hell for her. Luckily the following year, the Queen Bee moved and Riley managed to make a good group of friends. She hated how she had felt that year and promised herself that she'd never let anyone feel the way that she did.

Home town
Dublin, Ireland (previously)
LA, California

Waitress in a small Diner

Anything Extra
She smokes
She can sing

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Definitely a Wine Aunt

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Full Name: Roxanna Marie Hayes
Nickname(s): Roxie
Age: 21
Gender: Cis-female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthday: September 6th


Roxie is really a super sweet person when you get to know her. She just has a trouble past that keeps her from getting to close to other people. She's is incredibly brave, always willing to try new things, especially anything that causes an adrenaline rush. She is loyal to her friends and the people she cares about, and would do absolutely anything for them. Sometimes, however, her selflessness is actually detrimental to herself as she always puts others above herself. Roxie is dependable in this way, and would gladly take a hit for someone she cares about. On the other hand, Roxie does have a few flaws that can put other people off. She has a panic disorder with unknown triggers, and because of her past, she is unwilling to trust right away. This can make her seem cold or hostile when first met. Roxie smokes and drinks a little too much. Her quiet nature can make her seem a bit intimidating. She rarely talks about her feelings or what happened to her in the past.
Quirk(s): Twirls hair around finger when bored, bites lip when nervous or thinking
5 Likes: Animals (duh), playing guitar, singing, motorcycles, drawing in her sketchpad, writing music
5 Dislikes: Rude people, broccoli, meat (vegetarian), her stepmother, people criticizing her or her friends, hunting
Theme Song: "Banner" by Lights


Roxanna grew up on a farm in eastern Kansas. Her mother died in childbirth, so it was always just her father and herself. She grew up very close with her small family. Roxanna spent most of her childhood running around on the farm, being a typical kid. She played in the mud, rode horses, and swam in the pond. Her father taught her how to grow her own food, raise animals, fix tractors, and do pretty much anything that needed to be done around the farm. When she was eight years old, her father remarried to a woman who hated children and didn't want Roxanna to get in the way of her marriage. While she treated her father and grandmother like royalty, she both mentally and physically abuse Roxie every day. Roxanna took a job at the local diner at the age of 16 to become a waitress. She told her story to some of the regulars and a few close friends, whom always tipped over 20% when they visited her.

Roxie's father died of cancer recently, leaving her to feel like it was somehow her fault she couldn't protect him from her stepmother. The stepmother got everything: the farm, the livestock, and the estate. And she refused to give anything to her stepdaughter. Roxanna was forced out of the house with only the things in her bedroom. Currently, she's living wit her cat Clementine in a small studio apartment near a college campus where she studies zoology, and works for a local club as a bartender. Roxanna thinks of herself as a useless waste of space. She feels at fault for not telling her dad about her stepmother, she feels that he should've known what that woman was doing to her. She blames herself for his cancer, and for the lack of care her stepmother gave him when he was diagnosed and dying. She blames herself for his death. Roxanna was told her almost entire life by her stepmother that she wasn't important and worth anything. She ended up believing it. When she found out about this trip, she decided to go and relax, maybe help get her mind off of her daily life and her past. Roxanna hopes to make new friends and meet some new people that understand her.

Hometown: Winfield, KS (but now lives in Los Angeles, CA for school)

Anything extra:

Roxanna "Roxie" Hayes

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Drinker of coffees
Name: Isaac Luis Silvergate
Nickname (optional): Luis
Age (21-29): 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual Panromantic
Birthday: March 25th

Personality: Luis is very easygoing and chill, to the point where it seems like he isn't even present in the current moment. The other appropriate titles for this guy would be 'the Hippie' and 'the Druggie', as he tends to either be high or getting high as a very poor coping mechanism. He can often be hedonistic or enabling to those around him, encouraging them to not only do what they want, but sometimes pushing them to test their limits. Despite this, he doesn't consciously pressure people into doing things they shouldn't do. Luis is more of a 'go with the flow' and 'always say yes' kind of guy, meaning he'll do just about what anyone wants to do. When high, he'll often talk about the weirdest things or lay on some very profound philosophy.
Likes: Playing guitar, sweets, cooking, his little brother, parties, drugs, alcohol
Dislikes: Fighting, his parents, being sober, sour foods, bitter foods
Quirks: Is usually smoking, or fidgeting somehow
Theme song:

History:Isaac, or as he prefers to go by Luis, was born to two unidentified Chinese parents, and quickly abandoned at an American-run orphanage in China. He lived there, learning English, Mandarin Chinese, math and science until the age of fifteen when he was adopted into the upper class American Silvergate family. On the surface, the adoption seemed like a work of charity, a point that Luis despised. After going through the process of changing Luis' name to what is is now, Luis started to get accustomed to life in the states. He acclimated to the culture well, and even got to attend a normal high school.

However, all was not well at home. His adoptive brother, Jonah, was adamantly against their parents, and the more Luis looked, the more Luis realized that his adoption wasn't an act of charity or pity. It was an effort to replace Jonah as the heir to the family wealth and company. Jonah was anything but the perfect child the Silvergates wanted, with his physical deformities and promiscuous behavior. As such, Jonah often got into heated verbal debates with their father. The arguing would often turn violent, curses and strikes carrying through the house along with their mother's crying. Around the age of seventeen, Luis turned to drugs to drown out the sounds of the dysfunctional family downstairs, and an overwhelming feeling that he didn't belong here. He'd often sneak out at nights to go smoke in the local grocery store parking lot with his clique.

When Jonah was fifteen, he was shipped off to their grandparents' farm for a kind of reformation effort started by Jonah's dad. Meanwhile, Luis was alone and the sole attention of his adoptive parents. It didn't take long for them to find out about his smoking habits, and often Luis would fall victim to his adoptive father's wrath. A year later, Jonah got in touch with Luis and had him move out to New York City with him after running away from his grandparents on his uncle's money. They've been living as roommates in an apartment in NYC ever since.
Home town: Unknown
Occupation: Drug dealer/college student
Anything Extra: None

Monster Lady Gay-Gay

GenderFluid Gay Bitch
Name: Walter B'Brien
Nickname (optional): Walt Whiskey
Age (21-29): 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Birthday: July 26th

Personality: Walter is a sweet kind gentle person. He will be there for anyone and everyone. He never gets angry, unless you provoke him. In the odd chance you catch him in a bad mood, he doesn't actually lash out at anyone. Walter likes to smoke, helps him stay calm, he doesn't smoke regularly, but does smoke when he's angry. So don't talk to him when he's smoking.
Likes: Chicken, Swimming, guns, warmth, Gaming, pop
Dislikes: Rock, Pizza, Walking, biking, exercise in general
Quirks: Likes to bite his nails
Theme song: Symphony, Clean Bandit Ft Zara Larson

History: Walter was born in Cork Ireland, before moving to the British Virgin Islands, then to London, New Jersey, San Fransisco, Sydney, before settling down in Auckland New Zealand. His mother, father, and sister died in a car crash when he was 19. He's been distraught ever since. Ever since he was a child, he wanted to move back to London. But couldn't because he had no family living in London. After his family's death, he was been known across New Zealand for road safety, and because of this, he has been giving the role of Head of New Zealand Road Safety or HNZRS.
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Occupation: Flight Attendant/HNZRS
Anything Extra: Has a CCW

P.S Unfortanlly, I have been unable to get a photo of my character. But look at my profile picture and you have your image, please do understand that I have tried to get a photo.
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Sophia Rivers

Name: Sophia Rivers
Nickname: Soph
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Birthday: November 7

Personality: Sophia is a fun, lovable person. She is very friendly and is never quick to judge. Sophia is cheerful and loves to make others smile. She is definitely a hard worker and is very ambitious. She absolutely loves an adventure especially with friends.

- Dancing
- Partying
- Food
- Music
- Adventures

- Being told what to do
- Know it alls
- People who are fake
- Talking about her dad
- Drugs

- Flares her nostrils when she lies
- Bites her lip when nervous

Theme song: Glorious by Macklemore ft Skylar Grey

History: Sophia was brought up poor. It was basically her mother who raised her. Her father was too hooked on drugs to care for his family. When Sophia was 14 she grew a love for dance. She'd save her money to go to dance shows. But her family was too poor to afford classes. One day Sophia walked to her local dance studio and tried to get dance classes. After begging the dance teacher offered classes in exchange for Sophia cleaning up the studio.

That was the best day of Sophia's life. Dance was an escape from her life. When she danced, she forgot about her troubles. When Sophia got into university she completely cut her dad out of her life. Ever since she's been so happy. Her job has been paying her well, but she needed more exitment in her life. Therefore she went on the vacation.

Home town: London, England

Occupation: Dance choreographer

Anything Extra:

Stuffy stuffy stuff
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flames within

dante reyez;

Dante is your typical beach boy. But then not the cocky version, which some people link to that nickname. Anything that involves nature or animals is something he's interested in and knows a lot about. Besides that, he's someone who won't say no to a challenge. He likes the kick and thrill of rather dangerous situations and isn't afraid easily. But, Dante is always careful. Overprotective is a good and bad trait of him, it makes him jealous easily but also loyal to the people who stand close to him. He can be slightly aggressive which can lead to fights. But those happen rarely. Don't worry talking to him, he wouldn't harm a fly normally.
(this is the worst description ever but it's v late)

Tropical countries
Scuba diving
Exploring new area's

Overly outgoing people
Huge crowds
Fake people
Spreading bullshit

Cracks fingers and knuckles

Theme song:


Dante was originally born in Casares, Spain, but has been living in places all over the world since he was around four. The job of his father, Manuel Reyez, moved the main office quite a few times which made the family move also. It's part of the deal right? Dante didn't mind it that much, only the first time. The times after that he knew the situation he would end up into and how to deal with them. Because of the frequent changes, he didn't really have the time to make long lasting friends. Only one of the many 'friends' he made is still in touch with him over the internet. But the good side of this story is, is that Dante had plenty of time to develop himself into different types of hobbies. Scuba diving is one of the many things he learned to do. He picked this up during his time in Indonesia and eventually made his job of it. At the end of the day, was all the moving that bad? Yes it had bad sides, but also many good ones.

Casares, Spain

Scuba Diver (guide)

crafted by purity.
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Five Thousand Club

Wesley John Scott
May 18

Wes is very head strong and will stick by his thoughts and feelings to the bitter end. He is pretty spiteful if you ever push his buttons to far. Other then that he is has that southern respect and charm his parents taught him. Always hold the door open for someone else and always be humble and kind. Yet he does suffer from mild to hard anxiety since he was little as he was a middle child and always felt like second bet even in his own accomplishments.

Rock and country
Rough housing
Shooting the bull

Not being able to nap
Pointless arguments
Unreasonable people
Hates Jazz with a passion
Unsweetened tea

Bounces his right leg rapidly if he's nervous or experiencing anxiety
Has a huge sweet tooth

Theme song:

Wes grew up in his little town in Alabama hardly being able to go farther then Panama City Beach in Florida. He grew up with both his parents and his older brother and sister. He was the biggest out of the group but he felt the littlest a lot by comparison to his siblings. Even though their parents loved them equally Wes always felt like he never had his own accomplishments that equaled his sibling. This lead him to prove to himself after he graduated Highschool that he'd do better and live more than his siblings even if he wasn't quite sure how to yet, but with the trip he finally was able to go out and live a little. So it's goodbye for now to his modest apartment in Chatanoga and hello to the beaches of Hawaii.


Constructive worker

Has a tattoo of the word a Viribus or strength in Latin on his chest over his heart.
He also has a concealed weapon permit for his revolver he carries. He had a mugging incident when he first moved out and wasn't going to have that happen again.​

Wonder Woman

Rpns Heroic Father Figure
Delicate Dancer

Marnie Bridger
"My feelings are too loud for words and too shy for the world."

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthday: July 24th

View attachment 322227
View attachment 322230 Personality: Marnie is famously shy and quiet not being having the easiest time talking to people, but once you do talk to her she's extremely gently and quite kind. She's ambitious and has great loyalty to her friends especially since there aren't usually many of them. Being so shy has also caused the girl to be quite meek and come off a bit nervous in social situations. Her shyness also causes her to be a bit of a heavy drinker in party situations which helps her come out of her shell. The blonde is also quite the athletic health nut despite her love for sweets, keeping her body in tip top shape.
- Dancing
- Tea
- Books
- Running
- Cooking
- Candy

- Large Groups
- Sitting around
- Bitter Foods
- Conflict
- Being put on the spot
Quirks: Marnie has always had a bit of a stutter when she's first talking to new people due to her nerves, she also bites the inside of her cheek and picks her nails if her nerves get really bad. When she's not nervous though she taps her fingers off whatever surface her hand is on.

Theme song:
Additonal Info
History: Marnie grew up in what was basically a trailer with her mom and 3 older brothers after her dad died in the military. Now her three older brothers loved their little sister but because the family was tight on money they often weren't home when she was going through school, working whatever jobs they could find so she spent a lot of time with their drunk of a mother and her many asshole boyfriends. The men would always be drunk or high and would either throw themselves at the young girl or throw her around, leaving the many faint scars she has on her body. In all this time of abuse and heartbreak the only place the quiet girl discovered dancing. Being on stage and using her body to create art became her world and it was the one place where she felt safe and felt brave. Since she spent so much time practicing and practicing to stay away from her life at home she ended up getting noticed by a dance school in New York, where she then moved to live out her dreams of dancing. New York is expensive but it's away from her mother and her terrible boyfriends so the shy girl picked up a job as a dance teacher to help pay for her classes as well as living in a cheap ampartment in Hells Kitchen.
Home town: St.Petes Beach, Florida (Previously), New York, New York (Currently)
Occupation: Dance teacher and hopeful professional dancer
Anything Extra: She has a small tattoo that her and her brothers all got together before she left home, a small Viking symbol that means "create your own reality"
View attachment 322240

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Full-time Protection Squad Member
Name: Skylar Hansen
Nickname (optional): Sky
Age (21-29): 22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Birthday: April 17th

Personality: Skylar's personality changes depending on her mood. Similarly, her personality is different depending on who she is around; if she likes a person or feels comfortable with them she'll be her bubbly, fun-loving, and friendly self. Her emotions are written on her sleeve, as she is usually a very open and honest person; she'll be stand-offish or straight up ignore anyone she doesn't like. She loves to adventure and will take anyone who is willing to have fun along with her. However, her stubbornness can get her into trouble often. In her book, it doesn't matter whether something is illegal or not, as long as it's fun and thrilling at the time.

Likes: adventure, beaches, nature in general, photography, cozy blankets, movies, parties
Dislikes: selfishness, routines, working, rudeness, being bored
Quirks: She tends to fidget with things she finds interesting and blurt out English slang when she's angry
Theme song: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2

History: Skylar was born and raised in London, England. She often spent her time studying other areas of the world in awe of what she'd never experience personally. Even though the city of London had its perks, she wanted to explore her options. Her love for travel landed her a chance to go oversees to finish her studies in America. The American life she experienced was completely different than the life she had led in England. Sure, journalism studies were great, but the parties and people she met really made it worthwhile. The only thing she could complain about was her current occupation in America.
Hometown: London, England
Occupation: Receptionist/College Student
Anything Extra: none

*I hope you don't mind if I join. The plot seems fun!*
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Shadow Alpha

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Leo Adair


Name: Leo Adair
Nickname (optional): N/A
Age (21-29): 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Birthday: March 22

Leo has always been quite free spirited and prone to going off on wild adventures without caring about the consequences. He's quite optimistic and is usually a bright ball of energy that can lighten up any situation. He is often quite stubborn and hard-headed which has been known to one of his major flaws. Backing down is the equivalent of losing to him and nothing bothers him more than losing. Just because Leo is positive most of the time, it doesn't mean that he is a pushover in any way nor will he tolerate rude individuals. As long you're honest and upfront with him, there shouldn't be any problems

Likes (at least 5): Animals, swimming, martial arts, music, sleeping in late, drinking, stormy weather, fruit, and competition
Dislikes (at least 5): Losing, birds, two-faced people, unnecessary violence, and ham
Quirks: Direct eye contact with anyone he talks to or meets, plays with his own hair when zoned out
Theme song: Miso - Take Me
History: Leo was raised on the Coyote Valley reservation located in California and he was raised to appreciate the nature around him. There were no complications in his life which resulted in him leaving the reserve to pursue his interest in Veterinary Medicine. He'd always been an animal lover at heart besides his major dislike of birds due to multiple incidents involving the feathered demons. Leo came to love his new life at college and easily made plenty of friends since he was basically a giant harmless bear that enjoyed having a good time. More time went by and he had begun to wish for some more excitement in his life and was happy when the chance to win a trip to Hawaii appeared. He quickly jumped at the opportunity and was happy to see how it would be to live with random strangers.
Home town: Redwood Valley, California
Occupation: Barista/College Student for Veterinary Medicine
Anything Extra: Has been a martial arts student for almost 14 years. Studied Muay Tai and Capoeira

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